The 10 Best Accessory Brands from Los Angeles - 2024

The 10 Best Accessory Brands from Los Angeles - 2024

The-10 Best-Accessory-Brands-from-Los-Angeles

1. Keebos

Are you surprised? Of course we’re going to start with our sustainable phone case company! Based in Venice, California, Keebos phone cases are some of the best accessories from LA because they’re as helpful to our customers as they are to the environment. 

best accessories from los angeles

We offer several styles and colors, with your option of premium cords, thick jewelry-like chains, or industrial straps to keep your phone secure. Whether you’re looking for basic black, pink, green, or another color, we’ve got you covered. Keebos are beloved by celebrities, influencers, and people of all walks of life as they help you live hands-free and carefree. 


Our phone cases are compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones, and as part of our promise, we make sure a tree is planted with every purchase through our partner organization, One Tree Planted. We deliver our phone cases in recyclable packaging to do our part to reduce waste. 



If you’re looking for a fashionable solution that will make you look way cooler than you do when you drop and damage your phone, Keebos phone cases are the answer. You won’t drop your phone anymore - you won’t even lose it! Sound good? Then get your Keebos today!

2. Sophie Buhai

Sophie Buhai offers luxurious designer jewelry. We’re fans of their Nautilus collar (perfect for Little Mermaid fans who never really grew up) and their 1930 Collar (if you’re more into elegant sophistication).


They also have some amazing hair accessories, whether you want something sea-themed, throwback scrunchies and headbands, or accessories that are reminiscent of centuries ago. 


3. Staud

Staud is colorful and fun, with a lighthearted aesthetic. Their occasion dresses are to die for, whether you want retro style, citrus vibes, or something that you could wear on a seafaring adventure. 



Their beaded handbags are super cute, with fun fruit and floral patterns on them. If you love a theme, they even have a wedge with grapes, strawberries, etc. on it! 


4. Garrett Leight

If signature shades are what you’re after, Garrett Leight is an LA-based designer who offers a variety of unique eyewear. We personally dig their Navarre Sun option, which nails the cool aesthetic that everyone who visits California is after. 



If you’re after more of a Hollywood glamour look, you can pick up a GLCO X Clare V. Sun. The Coquelicot color is amazing for a statement pair of sunglasses while you’re out in the sun, but if you want a more subtle look, you can go with the Roux tortoiseshell design. 


Don’t forget a premium vegan leather Keebos Sunglass Strap to keep your glasses from being misplaced!

5. Gladys Tamez

Gladys Tamez offers a variety of hats in shapes that are distinctive from what you’ve come to expect from ordinary millinery shops. At first glance, their Patsy design may appear to be an ordinary cowboy hat, but on closer inspection, it’s covered in colorful geometric shapes. It’s also got a uniquely styled crown at the top.  


Prefer a more punk rock aesthetic? Check out their beanies and berets. Want something more glamorous? Try the Alexandria Fascinator. In summary, they’ve got a little bit of everything. 


6. The Great

Another Venice company made our list! The Great is located on Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice as well as on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood. They offer everything denim, patchwork, gingham, and floral patterns, with designs in-store for moms just in time for Mother’s Day. Their clothing is for men, women, and children, so you’re sure to find something for everyone.



They also have totes, pouches, shoes, socks, bags, hats, and bandanas. The Saddle Shoe is a classic design that The Great has breathed new life into, and the Boxcar Boot has a well-worn, vintage feel. If you prefer footwear that’s not restricting, you’ll love the Camel Scarf Tie Sandal




Tie your hair back with a Pink Rose Bandana if you want an elegant blast from the past. 

7. Von Holzhausen


Looking for a gorgeous purse with the right amount of structure, or a simple pair of ballet flats made from sustainable materials? Look no further than Von Holzhausen. The Knotted Hobo and Circle Crossbody are our personal favorite purses, and their ballet flats look as comfortable as they are luxurious. Their ballet flats come in several colors: black, latte, caramel, and patina, to name a few. 


8. Beatrice Valenzuela

Beatrice Valenzuela is a clothing line that also offers fun shoes in almost any color you can imagine. Whether you prefer Sandalias or Gardenia Babouche, the unconventional footwear will make you look polished, but not boring. Beatrice Valenzuela also has heels, boots, and wedges.


If you want some clothing to go with your cute new shoes, the Alcatraz linen dress is fun and flirty, without being so fancy you can’t take it through a romp in the woods. Top off the look with an ivory silk hair tie if you want to exude effortless elegance.  


9. Reformation

If you want more sustainable accessory brands from Los Angeles, Reformation is known for its commitment to the environment (in fact, they display an impressive sustainability report on their website to show that they take it seriously).



Their clothing is gorgeous, with colorful options and floral patterns that you won’t get enough of. The Corsage Andee dress is stunning against bronzed skin, and the Florist design is lovely on pale skin. Honestly though, there are too many beautiful dresses to name them all, you’ll just have to check them out for yourself. 



Of course, this article is about accessory brands, and Reformation shoes are equally gorgeous, pairing well with their other dresses. They specialize in making luxurious, strappy heels, but they also offer wedges, platform shoes, flats, boots, loafers, and mules. 

The Waverly Ruched Pump is a modern take on a classic heel, and the Eva Knotted Sandal will let you show off your pedicure in luxurious heels that elongate your legs without being so high up that you feel like a newborn giraffe when you walk. 



Emily Faith Strauss the founder EF COLLECION understood at age 24 what the fine jewelry market was missing: Approachable-priced, thoughtfully designed pieces made for women like herself. Upon recognizing this void, Emily began to design and create her own pieces, launching EF Collection in 2010. Fine Jewelry Houses are historically generational handovers; however, Emily was determined to see her vision of delicate, feminine pieces at approachable prices through and shake up the industry.


Best Accessory Brands from LA

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the best accessory brands from Los Angeles. If you are planning to start a brand, make sure you read check out this article.  The City of Angels truly has a lot to offer to their residents and visitors. If you’re looking to spruce up your collection of accessories, you’re sure to find plenty of gorgeous, fun, and colorful selections here. Happy shopping!

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