Best Coachella Accessory for 2024?



Best Coachella Accessory in 2024

Are you looking for a stylish accessory for your phone that will keep your phone safe from getting lost or stolen?

You’ve found it! Our Keebos festival crossbody case comes in different colors, and will make sure you keep your hands free and stay carefree! 

“This thing saved my life during Coachella” - Jaci Marie


“Literally saved my phone and my life at Electric Forest (festival)” - Laurenvee Festival Influencer


“I love my Coachella lanyard phone case, keeps my phone close and safe!” - Rapha


“Coolest Coachella Accessory, practical and fashionable” - Adrian


Accessories for Coachella and other festivals have to look stylish and fashionable, but with a function, you definitely can’t go wrong. 

Keebos Coachella Accessory Benefits:

  1. Crossbody or as a necklace: You can wear a Keebos phone case either crossbody or as a necklace. That means you will have your phone readily accessible at all times and won’t drop or lose it. One thing that sets Keebos apart is that the adjustable strap on the case is long enough to allow you to truly wear it crossbody. 
  2. Easily adjustable:  Wear it tight on your body when you're jumping around, or more lose when you try to capture Frank Ocean or Travis Scott. The strap is easily adjustable--it works like a friendship bracelet!
  3. Cardholder for cards and cash: Have everything in one place. With the convenient cardholder, you can store credit cards, cash. Also, keep in mind that you can also attach a key ring to the ring at the base of the Keebos case. That way you can even keep your keys together with your other valuables!

best coachella accessories this year keebos

  1. Finger loop: To make it easier to hold your big smartphone, game changer! Similar to the popular pop socket, just less bulky. The sleek finger loop is a feature that help you more than you currently realize!
  2. Don’t drop or lose your phone:  if you go to a lot of festivals, you know what we mean. Some festival-goers call it an anti-theft phone case with a strap because that’s what it is to a lot of people. We can’t promise someone won’t try to steal your phone, but you'll definitely feel safer with it close to you and secured by a strap at all times.

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This Coachella phone case and accessory for your phone is a great style accent for people of all genders! We hope you love these festival accessories! Don't be part of the Coachella phone theft victims with our functional yet fashionable case. 

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wow- I had no idea this was a thing,. Just bought mine for Coachella


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