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Best iPhone 12 Crossbody Case for Women - 2021

What is the best iPhone 12 Crossbody Case for Women?

Keebos' award winning Crossbody Phone Case is the hottest trend for any women looking for a chic yet super functional phone case. Here are a few the reasons why:

best iPhone 12 case for women

1. Fashionable & Functionable

Have you ever misplaced, dropper or lost your phone? That's ok, it really happens to everyone. With Keebos new phone case, you will never have to worry about that again. Just wear your phone crossbody, put your cards & cash into the attached wallet, and live your life handsfree and carefree. 

best iPhone case for women 2021

2. Some of Your Favorite Celebrities Love Theirs



Eva Longoria, Maria Menenous, Tori Spelling, Jaci Marie and many more celebrities love their Keebos phone case as well. Check out the Keebos Instagram to see influencers and celebrities showing off how they're Keebos crossbody phone case in different ways. 

3. For Each Keebos Purchased you are planting one Tree

best iPhone 12 pro case for women

Through the partner NGO, One Tree Planted, Keebos plants a tree for each case purchased. Already thousands of trees have been planted. There are many benefits for our environment by planting trees. Find out more on the Our Promise Page

4. Multitasker? Have kids? Going biking, hiking or shopping?




No matter what the activity is when you're out and about, Keebos will keep you handsfree and make you stay carefree. You don't have to worry about dropping or losing your phone. Also if you don't have big pockets or don't want to bring a purse, Keebos is the perfect solution. The cardholder on the back of the case holds up to 7 cards, so really don't need a purse when you go on a hike, shopping or walking your dog. 

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