Best Phone Case for Drop Protection

phone case for drop protection

best phone case for drop protection

Best Phone Case for Drop Protection

When you think of drop protection, you probably imagine a thick case that you have trouble sliding in and out of your pockets (if it fits there in the first place). Having a heavily-armored case is one option - but what if you could prevent ever dropping your phone in the first place?

In this article, we’ll talk about why Keebos is the best cell phone case for drop protection. Read on to learn more!

phone case for drop protection

1. You Don’t Need a Rugged Phone Case

If you are looking for the best phone case for drop protection, you’ll see a long list of rugged, clunky-looking phone cases that are well-known for providing drop protection. Sure, there are certain people who might prefer a rugged looking phone case. Lumberjacks, maybe.

For those of us who aren’t lumberjacks, you may be searching for a more elegant solution. Enter Keebos. Keebos phone cases are simple yet beautiful, and the design is several steps up from the typical drop-proof phone case. 


drop protection phone




Did you buy a slick new iPhone with a beautiful finish you don’t want hidden under layers of foam? Keebos is the best iPhone case for drop protection because we offer clear cases that will show off that gorgeous high-end phone without compromising the phone’s safety. 

If your goal is to show off your phone’s finish, the Sunset case is the perfect do-anything phone case. It’s your phone’s version of the little black dress that you can wear for any occasion, and it has a clear case so everyone can see that stunning phone finish. 


2. Keebos Are Tough Yet Stylish

As great as Keebos look (and let’s be honest: they look phenomenal), don’t let their looks deceive you. Keebos are just like your favorite female superhero: not only do they look amazing, but they can hold their own and stand up against nearly anything. 




Every Keebos phone case comes with several things in common:

  • A strong cord/chain/strap. Keebos come with three different ways of keeping your phone on you, but whether you get a cord, a chain, or a strap, you can rest easy knowing that it’s the strongest solution available. Keebos cords come with a strong, reinforced core so it won’t tear apart, and Keebos chains and straps are equally strong. 
  • A durable phone case. Keebos phone cases have 4-corner bumper protection to absorb shocks and impacts to your phone. The cases even have a 3-millimeter raised lip that protects your front screen and camera without affecting your ability to use your touch screen.
  • Strong connector rings. Probably the least thought-of component to Keebos (but an essential one) is the connector ring. It keeps your phone attached to you, so we go out of our way to ensure that the connector rings on your phone case are just as tough as everything else. 



    These three components combine like Captain Planet power rings to give you a phone that will be safe from drops while also protecting the investment you made in a phone.  

    3. Protecting Earth, One Case At A Time

    Speaking of Captain Planet, did you know that Keebos help the environment? It’s true: with every Keebos purchase, a tree is planted through our partner organization One Tree Planted. We know the value that trees provide: air, biodiversity, good health, and more. We created the Keebos Promise as a way to give back and do our part to promote the planet’s health. 

    In addition to ensuring trees are planted around the globe, we use eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging to send our phone cases out. We reduce waste by using biodegradable craft paper packaging instead of plastic, and we use white ink instead of fancy colors. 

    drop protection iphone case

    4. You Won’t Drop Your Phone - Drop Proof Phone Case

    Most phone cases for drop protection are focused on how to handle a drop. They focus on building layer upon layer to deal with the inevitable fact that people drop their phones. When they do, the usual damages are cracked screens, scratched screens, batteries that won’t work, touch screen issues, and chipped corners or sides. 

    But what if you could prevent it all in the first place?

    drop protection phone case


    With Keebos, you can. Keebos actually prevent you from dropping your phone in the first place, so you won’t have to suffer through watching your phone bounce around on a sidewalk before you rush over to it to see if it’s damaged. By wearing your phone like an edgy necklace or crossbody phone case, you can prevent all that. 


    In fact, we’re so focused on making sure you don’t drop your phone that we take it one step further: we add an elastic strap on the back. This helps you keep your grip so that you won’t even drop your phone if you’re up late watching Netflix. The last thing you need is to drop your phone on your face and have trouble sleeping at night because it hurts so much!

    best phone case for drop protection

    5. Keebos: the Classy Case for Drop Protection

    If you’re looking for a sophisticated solution to dropping your phone (and one that will save you the embarrassment of dropping it in the first place), you need to get Keebos. And not only do they keep you from dropping your phone - they keep you from losing it too. No more panicking and wondering if you left your phone somewhere and it was picked up by hackers. No more watching helplessly as your phone slips from your grip.

    Keebos are designed to make your life hands free and carefree, and they’re compatible with iPhones and Samsung phones. There’s no reason not to give Keebos a try and experience the amazing benefits yourself!

    best phone case against drop protection

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