Best Phone Case for Hiking in 2024

Best Phone Case for Hiking in 2024

The Best Phone Case for Hiking

You’ve come here to find out which phone case will be the best phone case for hiking.

Whether it’s your first time heading out into the wilderness or you’re a seasoned trailer looking for a new crossbody phone case for hiking, here’s where you’ll find your answer. 



Of course, we don’t want to toot our own horn, but the best phone case for hiking is actually the Keebos crossbody phone case. In fact, we’ll let the reviews do the talking. For example; Eva Longoria uses her Keebos crossbody phone case for hiking in and around the city with her family. And, even GadgetFlow has said; “If you’ve been looking for a better way to carry your phone, this is it."
But, what better way to explain than to give you 8 simple reasons why the best crossbody phone case for hiking is Keebos?

1. It’s Easy Access to a GPS Map

One of the most important aspects to hiking is self-safety and area recognition. If you ever get stuck on a wholesome lonesome hike or even on a group adventure, you’ll have quick and easy access to a permanent GPS device .Your phone is always close to you on every hike. 


best hike phone case

2. It’s Contributing Back to Your Very Hiking Trails!

 The best reason to buy the crossbody phone case for hiking with Keebos is our promise. With everyone case that is purchased, a tree is planted. Meaning you are contributing right back to the same wilderness you find yourself encompassed in. All of our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable. 


best phone case for hiking


3. Hiking Phone Case - It’s Less Hassle

You have to think; having a phone in your pocket while hiking is a sure-fire way to lose it. So, the next best option would be to put it into your backpack, right? No, because as a hiker, you’ll still need to access your phone for; GPS, directions, compass bearings, messages, phone calls and the time. Whereas the Keebos crossbody phone case for hiking keeps it right in front of you for constant ease of access. 



4. It’s A Way to Carry Everything

As a hiker, you want to reduce the amount you’ll be carrying, whether it’s through a backpack, fanny pack or even in your jacket pocket. Which means, if you can remove the need for a wallet, you’ll be able to give your spine a break while at the same time allowing space for other necessary items like a water bottle.
The best phone case for hiking is not just a phone case; it has a pocket specially designed for streamlined safety. You can place your cards and cash in this pocket to make sure your valuables are all in one place. Really the best iPhone case for hiking. 




5. Hiking iPhone Case - It’s Secure 

The Keebos crossbody phone case for hiking is securely fixed around your neck as a necklace or over the head and shoulder as a crossbody case. As the strap is adjustable and made with a two-connector premium cord design, you have the freedom to wear the best phone case for hiking however you want and know that your phone is in the safest place it can be. Even if you happen to accidentally hike yourself into a tree or trip over a branch you swear wasn’t there a second ago, the case material is made with a 4-bumper and 3mm lip. Meaning your phone will be snug and scratch-free. You, however, we can’t guarantee.

6. Phone Holder for Hiking - It’s Affordable

With Keebos being a unique brand to offer a multitude of benefits through just one product, it’s hard to find a comparison. But, the Keebos hiking phone case is highly affordable knowing its durability and design. Some cases that offer little to no extra benefit can be found at staggering prices such as over $50. 


    7. It’s Safe In Front of your Eyes

    Unfortunately, the world has some bad people in it, and while we can’t change their ways, we can protect our valuables. The best phone case for hiking is a case that will keep your phone protected from both damage and theft. And, with the crossbody case being in front of you, it’s hard for a passer-by to reach and steal it.
    Not only this, but one of the main issues with people placing their phones into the pockets, fanny packs or back packs is forgetting they’re there. Then, they suddenly hear a crack when they sit down. Luckily with the crossbody phone case, it will always be in front of you and pretty difficult to sit on.


      8. It’s Fashionable

      Of course, the saying goes “functionality over fashion” and can be especially true for hikers. But, why not have both? The functionality of the Keebos phone case alongside its good looks make the best phone case for hiking. With a large range of colors and metals to choose from, there’s no need to sacrifice! 
      And, there you have it. 8 reasons that prove the Keebos crossbody phone case is, in fact, the best phone case for hiking!



      Visit our product crossbody phone case page to find out which Keebos crossbody phone case you love and don’t forget to keep checking into our blog for more useful tips on accessorizing.

      best phone case for hiking

      best phone case for hiking 

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