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Best Phone Case for Nurses, Doctors & Healthcare Workers 2021

The phone case that is made for any busy nurse, doctor and healthcare worker is not only super practical but also super innovative and cool - welcome to Keebos crossbody phone cases. Our handsfree crossbody phone case is the perfect accessory for our frontline heroes. 

Welcome to Keebos. Since donating dozens of phone cases to frontline healthcare workers at the the Skyline Health Care Center in Los Angeles, we have gotten amazing feedback on the product being used in the healthcare setting.

Phones & apps play an important role in today's healthcare environment. Therefore we want to make sure that nurses and doctors keep their devices close and accessible at all times. As you can see on the picture above, through Keebos phone case necklace, you can keep your phone around your neck handsfree and carefree. 


How does it help nurses, doctors and healthcare workes?

1. The phone case comes with an easily adjustable strap so you can make sure the size is perfect for your body and your convenience when dealing with patients.

2. There is a wallet attached to the case that securely stores cards and cash. So you have everything in one place.

3. The elastic finger strap makes it super easy to hold your smartphone in one hand. When taking a picture or scanning something with your phone, you can do it all with just one hand.

4. Through the corner bumper protection your phone stays safe at all times, so if you should accidentally drop it (which won't happen because you wear it around your neck :) ) the case absorbs shocks and impact, so your phone will stay safe. 

best phone case for nurses

While keeping up with best practices such as washing your hands & wearing a face covering- minimizing the amount of times you rest your phone on unsanitary surfaces also might help prevent the spread of microbes/viruses on those surfaces. One of our customers said that at her hospital they call it it the nurse phone case.

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