Keebos Donates Phone Cases to Frontline COVID-19 Workers in Los Angeles, California - October 2020

Keebos Donates Phone Cases to Frontline COVID-19 Workers in Los Angeles, California - October 2020

Exciting news! In keeping with our commitment to give back, Keebos recently had the opportunity to gift our useful crossbody phone case to local health care HEROES providing treatment to COVID-19 patients at Skyline Healthcare Center.


How Keebos Phone Cases Help Healthcare Staff Workers

Mobile devices and apps play a key role in today's healthcare settings. That's why we want to ensure that healthcare professionals can keep these essential devices close at hand, as conveniently as possible. The Skyline Healthcare staff shared their appreciation.


 "Thank you so much, the staff loves it...It's a big help for us at work. Thanks again!"


"It's been a big help for us especially when we wear PPE's during patient care. It's attached to us and we never have to think about dropping or losing it."

Keebos helps you keep your phone close at all times and also avoids you from misplacing, dropping or losing it. At front line jobs where you are always juggling multiple tasks at the same time, a lanyard connected to your phone can be super helpful. The cord is connected to the case so you can just hang it around your neck or over your shoulder.
Along with best practices like hand-washing and wearing a nose/mouth covering, reducing the number of times you rest your phone on unsanitary surfaces also might help stop the spread of microbes on those surfaces. 
Depending on the task at hand, you can adjust the length of the phone strap. As seen on the pictures above and below, the strap is adjusted loose and not as tight to the body. If you don't want the phone to tangle around too much, you can strap it closer to your body. It really depends on your preference. Same goes for the way you wear it: as a necklace, or crossbody. 

A Phone Case Made for Doctors and Nurses?

You could think that this phone case is made for healthcare workers because of the benefits explained above. This month we had a customer Kelly from New York telling us that this is the best phone case for doctors and nurses. She explained how she always has to have her iPhone on her and that Keebos has been a life changer for her. 



Know any healthcare workers who could use this convenient case? Please put us in touch with them, we’d love to provide Keebos to them as well! One of our customers recently called Keebos the best phone accessory for medical professionals.


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I’m a healthcare worker in Sacramento and my keebos case helps me with my work every day! Really genius idea, thank you!!


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