Best Phone Case for Snowboarding - 2024


Best Phone Case for Snowboarders? 


Look no further - Keebos are the best phone case for snowboarding today. Your phone stays accessible so you can post on Instagram, warm under your jacket so it doesn't turn off, and you won’t drop your phone on the lift! For more reasons why Keebos are the perfect choice for snowboarders, read on.

In 2024 Please Don’t Drop Your Phone on the Lift

best phone case for snowboarding

All it takes is a simple Google search to see how common it is for skiers and snowboarders to drop their phones off the lift. It happens to a lot of people. It’s bad enough dropping your phone from a height and finding it broken, but if you drop it into fresh powder (or as it’s snowing) you or the ski lift staff may never find it! Now you don't have to wonder anymore about where to put your phone while skiing. This will help you keep your phone close and safe with you at all times. 

Japan Ski Guide even has a post for what to do if you drop something from the lift, saying not to go back to where it happened and warning people not to jump off the lift to get it themselves. Keebos save you from the embarrassment and danger by preventing you from dropping your phone from the lift.



iPhone Case for Snowboarding - More Cocoa at the Lodge

You may want to pop into the lodge for a quick cup of hot cocoa for a break or rent some new equipment. You can use the wallet on the back of the phone to keep your ID and credit cards safe. It doesn’t even matter if your snowboarding outfit has pockets - with Keebos, you don’t need them!

They Look Great with Any Outfit

Speaking of outfits, have we mentioned how many colors you can get Keebos in? Our crossbody iPhone cases come in 10 different designs and shades. Our crossbody Samsung cases have 7 different styles. What does this mean for you? You’ll always have a Keebos case that you can coordinate with your outfit. Our cases are green, gold, red, and black, and are made with a variety of materials. Of course this is also an amazing ski phone case, and really functional for any winter sport. 


Photo Ops That Never Stop

phone case made for snowboarders

Since you’ll have your phone with you, there’s no reason you can’t snap as many pictures as you want - from the lift, in the lodge, and while you’re on the slopes, as long as you’re safe. If your friends snap a great shot of you wearing Keebos, let us know. We’d love to feature you on our Instagram page!

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

There are lots of great reasons for snowboarders to use Keebos, but one of the most important is that your phone will be nearby in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, potential injuries are a reality of snowboarding and it’s better to be prepared. With Keebos, help is just a phone call away. That makes it the perfect phone case for snowboarders and skiers. Customers even call it the iPhone holder for skiing and phone pouch for skiing. 

It's very usual to connect the two: iPhone Case Snowboarding. We always have our phones on us no matter whether we're on the coach or going to down the slope. In the case of doing an activity you want to make sure you phone stays close to you and secure. 

Keep Cruisin’ with Keebos Snowboarding iPhone Case



Even when you get back to where it's warm, Keebos will help you stay handsfree and carefree!



Keebos crossbody phone cases are the perfect iPhone case for snowboarders. They’re fantastic for Samsung users too, because they prevent you from dropping your phone, help keep your phone safe and work great with any outfit. You can even use the Keebos wallet pouch to keep your ID and credit cards safe while you’re on the slopes. Really the best cell phone case for snowboarding. 


phone case for snowboarding
phone case for snowboarding
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