Best Phone Case for Vacation

what is the best phone case for vacation

best phone case for vacation

What is the Best Phone Case for Vacation?

What is the best phone case when going on vacation? There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the perfect vacation phone case, but we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out why Keebos blow other phone cases out of the water!

1. It’s Easy to Travel Around With

Part of what makes Keebos amazing is that it’s so easy to use. When you’re done wearing it at the end of the day, you can put it on a bedstand or table and it’ll be easy to spot in the morning because the cord, strap, or chain stands out more than the average vacation phone case does. You can simply pick it up and get started on your next travel adventure for the day.

best vacation phone case

Another benefit of Keebos is that you can wear it any way you like. Whether you prefer it on your left hip, on your right hip, or as a lanyard, you’re sure to be comfortable and confident as you plunge deep into the culture and flavors of your new travel destination. 

what is the best phone case for vacation?

2. Don’t Drop or Lose Your Phone

The unique way that Keebos are designed prevents you from dropping your phone. The strap does more than just make you look cool - it keeps your phone from dropping if it happens to slip from your grasp.


iphone case for vacation

Another cool feature of Keebos is the elastic band on the back, which is especially helpful for busy travelers with big, unwieldy phones. The elastic grip is luxurious and elegant. It doesn’t distract too much from your phone or look tacky on it (like some phone grips have a tendency to). It’s also recommended by physical therapists to reduce discomfort or hand strain. 


3. Your Phone is Safer From Sticky Fingers

Depending on where you travel, you may be no safer from potential thieves at home than you are abroad. That said - if your phone is stolen in another country, the odds of recovery could go down significantly, since the US is #12 in recovery rates among countries.

what phone case is the best for vacation?

With Keebos, you’re able to wear your phone, which means it’s in plain view at all times. Also, because you’re wearing it, you’re more likely to find out quickly if your phone does get stolen, and many thieves weighing their options would likely move on to an easier target rather than risk being spotted by someone you’re traveling with or by you. 

the best phone case for vacation

The last thing you need while you’re traveling is to be stranded without your phone! Stay safe, wear Keebos, and keep the sticky fingers away!

4. Over a Dozen Colors and Styles

If you love having options, Keebos is the right choice for you. We have three different lanyard phone styles, including a premium cord, an elegant chain, or an industrial-looking strap. In addition to the different styles, our phone case straps come in multiple colors.

phone case for vacation iphone

Many of our phone cases are clear to show off your phone’s cool finish, but we also have pink and black cases. Our most popular phone case is the Sunset case, which features a comfortably soft black cord, a clear case, and gold accents for a bit of extra pizzaz. 

Here are some of our other popular cases:

  • Abbot Kinney. This camo green cord with a clear case is about as cool as they get. 
  • Rose. A baby-pink phone case for a super feminine look.
  • Royal Gold. A case for showstoppers, this one’s got a gold chain that drips with luxury.
  • Clear Voyage. A phone case without any frills for no-nonsense people. This one comes with removable straps so you can use it as a wallet or a lanyard. 

  • That’s not all, though - we’ve also got a red woven phone case and a ton of other options! Those are just our “greatest hits”!

    crossbody phone case for vacation and traveling

    5. Keep the Earth Green and Glorious

    Part of the beauty of travel is the landscape. For example, the Black Forest in Germany has been around for hundreds of years - and it’s where many believe the Grimm brothers began to pull inspiration from for their fairy tales!

    most useful phone case for vacation

    At Keebos, we agree that the landscape is an integral part of culture and tradition. And an important part of the landscape is the trees! Few paintings from the late, great, landscape artist, Bob Ross, were complete without happy trees.

    We’re totally for planting more happy trees - and that’s why we support One Tree Planted with a portion of every phone case purchase. Every time you buy a Keebos phone case, you are helping to plant trees in areas that desperately need more vegetation.

    Trees contribute to the betterment of the planet in several ways: by protecting the ecosystem, creating jobs for low-income families, and cleaning the air. They’re also major stress relievers (and we think they help people feel more creative, as well - just look at the brothers Grimm).

    In addition to our partnership with One Tree Planted, we ensure that our phone cases are sent out in eco-friendly packaging. Our phone cases are shipped in craft paper and are free of fancy dyes or plastics that contribute to waste. Our cases are compostable and recyclable because we believe in our shared responsibility to care for the planet so we can continue to travel to exciting places!

    6. Celebs Can’t Get Enough of It

    Did you know that Keebos are incredibly popular with celebrities? All you’ve got to do is check out our celebrity blog and you’ll see a running list of everyone who’s been spotted wearing our phone cases.

    what is the best phone case to take on vacation

    We’ve had actresses, models, TV personalities, and beauty pageant winners show off their Keebos love, and the list is growing every day! Since many celebrities make plenty of money and can spend it however they wish, it really says something that they choose to buy our cases! 

    best smart phone case for vacation
    best cell phone case for vacation keebos

    7. Easy to Pay, Easy to Play

    It’s easy to play when you’ve got Keebos - whether you’re chasing your excited kids down in a new country or interacting with the locals in a fun game of soccer/football. You don’t have to hassle with putting your phone away before you run off to hang out with your new friends. 

    what phone case should i take on vacation

    Another great feature is the wallet on the back. The convenient wallet can store up to 7 cards - which means you’ll have everything in one place and won’t hold up the line at the cafe and irritate the regulars. It’s ridiculously easy to grab your Keebos, pull your card out of the wallet at the back, pay, and put the card back.

    In fact, it’s so easy that locals might ask you about your phone case - it’s a great conversation starter! 

    8. Fits iPhone and Samsung Phones

    cell phone cases for vacations

    Some crossbody phone cases are only designed for iPhones, which is incredibly inconvenient for Samsung users. Keebos, however, are the best iPhone case for vacation AND the best Samsung case for vacation. We’ve got phone cases for every iteration of each, from the newest models down to some of the oldest ones. Our phones are hanging, but we don’t leave you hanging!

    9. Keebos - The Best Phone Case for Vacation

    We hope you’ve enjoyed these tips on why Keeobs are the best vacation phone case! Keebos are fantastic because they cover every need you could have while on vacation - from protecting it from drops and theft to ensuring you have a way to pay while you’re abroad.

    Are you ready to order a Keebos for yourself? Choose your favorite to start living hands-free and carefree, no matter where you travel!

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