Why We Love Working With One Tree Planted

Why We Love Working With One Tree Planted


A Deeper Look at Our Partner Company One Tree Planted

Maybe you’ve heard that we partner with One Tree Planted for every Keebos purchase. Perhaps that’s part of the reason you know and appreciate Keebos.

We wanted to share our appreciation for One Tree Planted by sharing why we think they’re amazing.


(all of our packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable)

They Plant Trees All Over the Place 🌍

North America 🌲

One Tree Planted has planted trees in over a dozen US states, across four Canadian provinces, and in Mexico.

Latin America 🌴

One Tree Planted has worked to rebuild forests in the Amazon, the Andes, Brazil, Columbia, and more Latin American countries.

Africa 🌲

One Tree planted has rebuilt animal habitats for chimpanzees and other animals in Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and other African countries.

Asia 🎋

Their replanting efforts are helping to create jobs and sustainable income in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

Europe 🌳

One Tree Planted has even helped plant trees in DenmarkIcelandRomania, and Spain


Their Planting System is Super Effective


The way One Tree Planted works is simple but so effective:

  1. You donate online (or you buy a Keebos, and we donate!)
  2. They pool the donations 
  3. One Tree Planted partners grow the saplings
  4. Teams plant the trees during the rainy season
  5. Trees are maintained and monitored
  6. One Tree Planted generates reports on the impact of your efforts


On the tree-planting side, this is how it works, along with a breakdown of what the average planting dollar goes to: 

  1. The site is prepared (land prep and weeding) - Cost: Ten cents
  2. The trees are grown (saplings are nurtured in the nursery) - Cost: Sixty cents
  3. The trees are planted (transported to the site and planted by hand) - Cost: Fifteen cents
  4. The trees are maintained and monitored (impact and operations reports are sent) - Cost: Fifteen cents

Trees Help These Six Pillars Thrive

Trees help all six of these pillars thrive - and these six pillars are ones that we depend upon!

💚 Social Impact
🏥 Health
🌏 Climate


They Plant Multiple Types of Trees

One Tree Planted doesn’t get lazy about what kind of trees they plant. They go all out to ensure that communities and animals in the regions get the greatest possible benefit, so they plant a wide range of tree types.

They even go so far as to educate visitors to their website about types of trees. (Confession: we didn’t know there were over 60,000 different tree species until they told us!)


The Keebos Promise: One Tree Planted

For each Keebos phone case you purchase, we promise that one tree will be planted. We’re thankful to partner with One Tree Planted to help protect and preserve the environment, and we’re proud of the work they’re doing.

We also ensure that every phone case is sent in eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging to reduce waste and help the environment. Thank you for choosing Keebos!



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