Best Phone Lanyard Around the Neck

Best Phone Lanyard Around the Neck

7 Reasons Why You Need A Phone Lanyard Around the Neck

Phone lanyards are extremely handy. They make it harder to lose your phone while keeping your phone from being dropped.

Whether you’re a busy person or are disabled, they can help make your life easier. Keebos are the ultimate phone lanyard for a number of reasons. Read on to find out why a phone lanyard around the neck is a must-have phone case!

1. Don’t Lose Your Phone with a Lanyard


If you’re anything like us, you probably misplace your phone at least once a day. Sometimes even multiple times a day. The thing is, if you lose it in a public place, it’s a huge security risk. In fact, research shows that 95% of people who find lost phones try to access sensitive data. 

best phone lanyard around the neck

Having a cell phone lanyard with a neck strap keeps you from losing your phone. It’ll be right there with you when you need it. Now you can be out the door quicker. Save precious time trying to figure out where you set it down last. Get a phone lanyard case and rest easy. 

2. Cell Phone Lanyards Keep Your Phone Safe


Phone anxiety is a real problem. OnePoll polled 2,000 Americans and found that over half admit that they always worry about the safety of their phone. The average American has 6 “heart attack moments” every week where they start to drop their phone and then save it. The average American drops their phone on the ground 4 times a week, and over a third say they do it more than that.

This doesn’t need to happen though. With Keebos iPhone lanyards around the neck, you can’t drop your phone. The worst that can happen is that it swings back toward you and lands near your midsection. You can keep posting to Instagram with less stress. That’s why we live by the motto of “hands-free and carefree!”

3. Make Your Life Easier 


Our customers love us because we help people like you get on with their lives. Here are just a few things customers have had to say about our cell phone lanyards:

“(I’m) never leaving the house without my iPhone necklace. It keeps my hands free, I don’t have to bring a wallet, and (it’s) super fashionable.” - Taylor, Customer

“As a woman with a disability, my hands are unable to hold a phone safely. I found your Keebos crossbody phone case for the iPhone 11. It arrived today… it is perfection! I wear it around my neck and it sits in my lap. I can easily reach down and look up anything. When I want to take a photograph, the elastic strap on the back (is) a wonderful way for me to hold the phone. I’m a very happy customer!” - Patricia, Customer

“I was always running around with my hands full, dropping my iPhone, so this made a huge difference. It’s amazing for travel. I never misplace or drop my phone anymore. And it’s stylish. It is a win.” - Zaina, Customer

4. Never Drop, Lose or Misplace Your Phone Again


Keebos offer everything you could ever want in a phone lanyard case. In this section we’ll go into more detail about why Keebos are the ultimate phone lanyard. 

Available in many colors and styles. Some Keebos feature a strong, elegant chain (Royal cases, Gold and Onyx). Many of them come with cords in a variety of colors. The Voyage has a detachable strap rather than a cord, and you can get a clear or black case.

phone lanyard around the neck

Other Keebos come in several colors, including:

  • Black and gold with a clear case (Sunset)
  • All black (Midnight)
  • Woven red with a clear case (Beach
  • Pine green and gold with a clear case (Venice)
  • Camo green and gold with a clear case (Abbot Kinney)
  • All pink/light pink (Rose)
  • Pink and gold with a clear case (Flower)

Available for Samsung and iPhone. Choosing a Keebos case is hassle-free. We have a huge selection of lanyard phones for practically every phone type out there. We have iPhone 12 Pro Max cases down to iPhone 5/5S/SE First Generation cases. We’ve got Samsung S21 Plus and Ultra cases down to Samsung S9. If you can’t find the phone you want, just contact us and we’ll help find out. 

Adjustable straps. Every Keebos with a cord or strap is adjustable. You can easily change the length depending on your circumstances. If you want to wear it longer crossbody-style, go for it. Need it to be a shorter lanyard around your neck? You can do that too. Keebos make it easy. 

The secure wallet keeps your ID and cards safe. If you’ve never lost your card or ID you’re lucky. There is little that compares to the stomach-churning feeling of not knowing if you misplaced your things or someone took them. For students, losing an ID is a common problem. Keebos take that worry out of the equation. The wallet on the back keeps your ID, money, and credit cards safe so that you can get back to having fun. 

best phone lanyard around the neck

Sustainable and eco-friendly. Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, a tree is planted with every Keebos purchase. Not only that, our Keebos lanyard cases are shipped in eco-friendly packaging that’s free of fancy dyes and plastics. 

Lanyards Around The Neck “Save Lives”

phone lanyard around the neck phone case

We didn’t say it, our customers did. Jaci Marie (Blogger and Entrepreneur) said, “This thing saved my life during Coachella.” Lauren Vee, Festival Influencer, said, “Best phone case in the world, it saved my life at the Electric Forest Festival.” Want to try Keebos for yourself? Click here to order one of our fantastic phone lanyard cases!

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