Best Smartphone Case for Outdoorsmen

Best Smartphone Case for Outdoorsmen


Best Phone Case for Outdoorsmen

Do you love being out in nature? Want to know what the best phone case for outdoorsmen is? We’ve got answers for you. Keebos are the best choice because it’s impact-resistant, allows you to keep your GPS close at hand, and has a built-in wallet for day use fees. It’s the best smartphone case for hikers, campers, and fishermen.

Read on to learn more about what makes Keebos the best smartphone case for outdoorsmen!


This Tough Case Can Take a Hit

Each one of our Keebos phone cases come with a durable case. There’s four-corner bumper protection that keeps your phone secure, and every case has a unique, 3-millimeter raised lip to protect your front screen and camera. In addition to the tough case, there are strong metal connector rings that securely keep your phone case attached to your phone strap or cord. If you decide to get a case with a cord, we suggest the Midnight case. 


Want a phone with removable straps? We’ve got that too. Choose from our Clear Voyage case or our Black Voyage case! The removable straps come in handy if you feel like using your Keebos as a wallet case part of the time and a crossbody or lanyard case the other part of the time. 

GPS Always Within Your Reach

Once you’ve started out on a hike or sat down to start fishing, it can be a pain to dig in your pocket for your phone (especially if you keep it buried under your wallet or keys). If you use your Keebos as a crossbody or lanyard, though, you’ll always have your phone within your reach. You can use it to get some tunes going as you wait for the fish to bite or make sure you’re on the right track with GPS. 

No matter how inclement the weather is, you can still use your Keebos by wearing it lanyard-style and tucking it into your coat. This is what we recommend for snowboarders and skiers since cold weather can hurt your phone, but it works for fishermen and anyone who’s out in the elements, too.  


A Wallet for Your Day-Use Fees

One of the most convenient things about Keebos is the wallet on the back of the phone. This enables you to stash your ID, credit card, or day-use cash in it without needing to carry too much stuff. The value of not needing to carry as much stuff can’t be understated. Sometimes you might feel like a pack mule with all the things you need to bring, but with Keebos, part of that problem is solved. 

If you’re hiking, you’ve got your water bottle and pack full of survival gear. If you’re a fisherman, you’ve got a tackle box to haul around with your fishing pole, and hopefully a nice seat, net and bucket for your catch. If you’re a camper, you probably want to take as few trips back to the car to grab your things as possible. You’ve already got the tent, sleeping bags, and food to worry about. 


Best Smartphone Case for Hikers

Keebos are a fantastic choice for hikers because they can handle the constant movement and impact without damaging your phone. They’re lightweight so they’re not too much of an addition to your packing kit, but they help ensure your GPS is close at hand for emergency situations. You can tuck your day-use fees for your hiking trails right into the wallet, along with your ID and credit card if you feel like getting a bite to eat on your drive back from the hike. 


Best Smartphone Case for Campers

Keebos are great for campers because they enable you to always know where your phone is. As we mentioned above, it’s great for keeping track of where you are and is lightweight. Did you forget the marshmallows you needed for your trip? Family won’t speak to you now? All you’ve got to do is use Google to find the nearest grocery store and - BAM! - you’ve got marshmallows. The ‘smores are saved and your family loves you again. 


Best Smartphone Case for Fishermen

There are few things tastier on this earth than fresh-caught fish. That said, it can take time for them to bite. While you’re waiting, you may want to know the updates on the big game or listen to some music. Thankfully, Keebos provide all the toughness and security you need for your phone. 

Being able to wear your phone also means that you won’t have to find a spot to set your phone down when they do bite. You don’t want to miss those fish - you need cat-like reflexes to reel them in. Keebos stay right with you so if you jump up to catch a monster of a fish, no harm will come to your phone. You won’t drop it in a lake or crack your screen because it fell down on the rocks. Don’t be like this guy


Best Phone Case for Outdoorsmen

Keebos are the best phone case for outdoorsmen, period. There’s no other phone that prevents you from dropping or losing it while you’re out enjoying nature. And we’ve even made sure a tree is planted with every purchase with the help of our partner organization One Tree Planted, so people around the world can enjoy breathing in fresh air and enjoying nature too! Don’t wait around - get your Keebos today!


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