How to Keep Your Phone Safe While Skiing

How to Keep Your Phone Safe While Skiing


Keep Your Phone Safe While Skiing

Ski lodges have locker rooms for you to keep your phones in, but if you don’t feel like leaving them there, we’ve got solutions for you. You don’t need to leave your phone far away while you’re busy ripping the slopes - you can keep your phone close while you’re skiing. How? By using one of the many options below! Read on for some of the best ways to keep your phone safe while skiing. 


What NOT to Do 

Let’s start by talking about what you shouldn’t do before we go into talking about what you should do. Phones are expensive pieces of tech, so you don’t want to put them in an environment where they can get broken or damaged. Phones with large screens are even more susceptible to damage because the screen is usually the first thing to get messed up. Your phone doesn’t need to be a part of your yard sale



Since phones are sensitive pieces of equipment, they don’t do great in cold weather or in high-pressure situations where they can be knocked around. Sorry to say, your back pocket isn’t going to cut it if you fall down. You’ll need better protection than that. 

1. Keebos, the Best Phone Case for Skiing

If you don’t already have a great phone case, you’ll need one. We think Keebos are the best phone cases for skiing, because they’re impact-resistant (with 4-corner bumper technology that absorbs shocks and impacts to your phone, along with a 3 millimeter raised lip to protect your front screen and camera. Our case is attached to a premium cord that has a strong, reinforced core using two strong connector rings so your phone stays close to you. 

Get a Keebos and you’ll be well on your way to keeping your phone safe while you ski! 


2. Wear Your Keebos as a Necklace

We know, we usually tell you to wear your Keebos as a crossbody phone case or as a necklace, but in this situation we must insist: wear it as a necklace. Since you could take some major spills  on the powder, you’ll want to avoid wearing it in a position where you could land on it. You could fall on your hips as you ski, so wearing it as a crossbody case is gonna be a no-go this time. The ski phone holder is the perfect phone case for your next adventure! 


Instead, wear your Keebos as a necklace, and don’t let it fall below your belly button. The best place for your Keebos to fall on your body is around your chest area, and no lower than your midsection. It’s the safest place on your body when you fall. 

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3.  Bring a Ziploc Bag for Extra Protection

Taking a (sandwich or quart-sized) bag along to keep your phone in will add another layer of protection to your phone. Keeping your cell phone under your jacket so it doesn’t get too cold means that you may end up with extra moisture (ie: sweat) when you go to grab your phone. Even if your phone doesn’t seem to be suffering from moisture itself, you’ll probably have sweaty hands when you go to pull your gloves off. 



If you bring a Ziploc bag, you can minimize this issue. Slip the bag over your Keebos so that it’s almost completely sealed, and your phone screen will still be able to function as a touch screen through the bag. Problem solved!

4. Keep Your Keebos Under Your Jacket

Since freezing temperatures have an adverse effect on phones, you should keep your phone where you’ll be warmest. That means your phone should be under your coat and out of the elements. Keeping your phone under your jacket will protect your phone from these situations that can arise when you’re in freezing weather:

  • Touch screen that becomes unresponsive
  • Battery that drains too quickly
  • Unexpected phone shutdowns


If you want to take your phone out for a quick photo to post to Instagram, you can do that. Just make sure you return it safely back to the inside of your jacket when you’re not using it, and try to limit the number of times you take it out. (If you do get some awesome shots of you, your Keebos, and your buddies on the slopes, feel free to tag us! We love seeing what our happy customers are doing!)

5. Turn Off the Services You Don’t Need

As we said earlier, being in the extreme cold can wreak havoc on your battery. Since it can have such a harsh effect, you should do everything you can to protect it. One of the ways you can be proactive about this is to turn off signals you won’t need (WiFi, Bluetooth, and LTE). Make sure they’re really off, though. If you just disconnect them, you may drain your battery faster. 

One thing you want to make sure you keep on is your GPS. You need to keep your GPS on so that people can locate you in case of an emergency. Skiing can be a dangerous sport and you need to exercise as much caution as you can while you’re doing it. 

The Go-To Solution for Skiers

Our crossbody phone cases are great, it's the best phone case for skiing, whether you’re hitting the slopes or relaxing at the lodge. Keebos come in almost every color imaginable, so you’ll always find one that matches your look. Our phone cases come with adjustable cords or straps, which makes them perfect for you to take along on the slopes. They work beautifully with iPhones and Samsungs, which means you won’t have to look all over the internet for a phone case that’s compatible with yours!

Keebos have a sweet finger loop grip on the back that keeps your phone from being too bulky while ensuring you get the grip you need. Know what else they have on the back? A phone wallet that can hold up to 6 cards! Now when you get your apreś ski beverages, you don’t have to struggle to get your wallet out of your back pocket. Simply tuck your cards in the wallet ahead of time and you’ll have everything in the same place. 

Keebos phone cases are a favorite of those who maintain active lifestyles, including: 

Here at Keebos, we also care about the environment. It’s why we make sure our products aren’t shipped using plastic or fancy dyes. Instead, our Keebos phone cases are shipped in eco-friendly and biodegradable craft paper. Our concern for the environment is also why we stay true to the Keebos Promise: the promise that a tree will be planted for every phone case purchased. We keep that promise by donating to our partner organization, One Tree Planted, each time someone buys a phone case. They do great work!

Are you a skier who absolutely must have a Keebos phone case to bring along on the slopes? Why not give yourself an extra-early Christmas gift and get one? We won’t tell anyone you decided to give yourself the best gift of all this year - but we can’t guarantee that people won’t start asking about it once they see it!

Get your Keebos today!


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