Best Holiday Gadgets & Accessories in 2022

Best Holiday Gadgets & Accessories in 2022

8 of the Best Holiday Gadgets & Accessories in 2022

We did over 120 hours of research and put together a list of the best travel gadgets and accessories. Hope this will help you find some amazing stuff you haven't seen yet or heard of. 


1. Refillable Sanitizer Wristband


This amazing hand sanitizer holder with wristband is super easy to use anytime and anywhere. Easily press the logo, and it will instantly dispense the correct amount of sanitizing gel.

Never forget your sanitizer when you go outside. This hand sanitizer bracelet comfortably fits your wrist and will remind you to sanitize your hands regularly without the hassle of lugging around bulky bottles.

The best is you can also use it for gel, including sanitizer, soap, lotion, moisturizer, or sunscreen. Use the included squeeze bottle for easy refills.


2. Keebos Crossbody Phone Case


Safety and accessibility all in one amazing smartphone case.
No worries about finding an accessible spot to stow your phone, inadvertently misplacing it or dropping it while snapping a picture.
The Keebos lanyard phone case is a savvy blending of pretty and practical that steps up as a phone necklace case or crossbody. It allows wearers to go hands-free while keeping your smartphone secure yet easily accessible.
Featuring an adjustable cord in an array of prints and patterns, Keebos models fit a variety of iPhone and Samsung phones. Simply snap your phone into the protective case and be on your way. A micro wallet with a slim silhouette holds credit card and cash so you can leave your  purse or bag at home, and an elastic finger strap lets you hold your smartphone in one hand.

3. No-Touch Door Opener


Now you never have to worry anymore about touching door handles, doorbells, light switches, ATM keypads, elevator buttons and any other surfaces. Don't even dread touching public & POS outdoor terminals by using this great touchless key tool. It will keep your hands clean. 

Our contactless door opener tool comes with a unique hooks design and is made for multi purpose use. It lets you push and pull most commercial doors, car handles, flush toilet knobs, use soap dispensers, pick plastics, carry bags and even use it as a bottle opener TOUCH FREE.


It’s also has a built-in silicon rubber stylus tip. This is for extra safety  from most mobile phones touch screens.
This great gadget comes in 4 matt colors (click link to see all) with keychains that are ready to hang for immediate use, small and light for easy carry. Its stylish look makes fun to carry around. 


4 – Water Purifying Bottle


Make water more clean and safe no matter where you are. This is deal for outdoor adventures such as hiking, backpacking and fishing where ever you travel to. The company says it removes all pathogens (e.g. rotavirus, norovirus, hepatitis A), bacteria (e.g. E. Coli, salmonella, dysentery), and protozoa (e.g. giardia, cryptosporidium, amoebae).

It filters and cleans the water, which is something we all want. The best thing is it requires no setup time. You can effortlessly purify from any spigot, hotel sink or anything else. This is perfect for a home or car prep kit. Make sure you check it out. 


5. Evolution S3 Travel Pillow


Are you looking for an amazing travel pillow? this great memory foam travel pillow is the ideal accessory for road trips and also the perfect airplane neck pillow to catch some sleep on a long flight. If you have neck pain during your travels normally, then this will help. 

This pillow can be attached to any chair. Attach our neck pillow for travel to any chair, including airplane seats or office chairs to prevent slouching or falling forward, keeping head and spine in perfect alignment for ultimate comfort and support.

Unlike other neck pillows for travel or gaming, our dual-density memory foam pillow provides comfort whether your head leans forward or to the side, featuring a custom-adjustable clasp for chin support.


6. Flare Calmer



 This Flare Calmer reduces stressful frequencies without the muffling annoying sound and soothes sound sensitivities.  It should really help you to feel calmer.

If you have Sensitive Hearing or a Hyper-sensitivity to sound noise related stress & other hearing conditions this seems to be the perfect solution. 

So if you are in noisy areas or traveling, commuting and in the workplace or studying you will have a calmer environment.
They fit comfortably inside the ear and are easy to remove. They are moulded in soft-touch durable silicone. They are available in standard or mini to suit all ear sizes.


7. Wallet Phone Cases



Premium Wallet Phone Cases. You can insert up to 6 credit cards. The convenient finger loop makes it super easy to hold your phone in one hand without dropping it. Our cases are assembled in Venice, California and are also shipped from here for free within the US.


This is a must have phone case with finger loop for anyone who loves to keep thins simple and all in one place. Really a must have iPhone case for anyone that likes to combine style with great functionality. Phone Case with loop. Here you can find the Hands-free phone holder neck.


 8. International Travel Adapter


This is a must-have gadget. An all in one International Power Adapter with 4 x USB ports and 1 Universal AC Socket. All this is enough to simultaneously charge 5 devices. If you travel through different countries you know the hassle of not having the correct charger. 

This convenient travel adapter covers over 140 countries such a Germany, China, Korea Japan, China, Korea, India, USA, Canada, Mexico, Italy and many more.

The power adapter has a built in Smart Chip, that recognizes your devices. This will be adjusting the right current output automatically, which then boosts its charging speed. This is a great feature, allow simultaneous charging your devices at high speed.

Bonus: Beaded Phone Strap 


We hope you love our best travel gadgets. Let us know if we're missing one!

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