Can a Man Use a Crossbody Purse?

Can a Man Use a Crossbody Purse?

Can a Man Use a Crossbody Purse?

The short answer, is yes a man can definitely use and wear a crossbody purse.

A decade ago, a man with a crossbody purse might have turned some heads –– daily carry bags weren’t considered for men . However, that trend has changed as men embrace busy lives in a digital world. In order to prepare for any situation, men now integrate crossbody bags into their daily carry –– for good reason! 

In today’s world, there are many items that men should have on hand throughout their day, whether they’re heading out to work or out on a date:

  • Charging cables and backup batteries for devices
  • Wallets, keys, cash, cards, ID, and a phone
  • Glasses or sunglasses and headphones
  • An umbrella (if heading outdoors)
  • A laptop or tablet, a pen, and a notebook (if heading to work)
  • A comb, breath mints, and chapstick (smooth lips are better for intimate moments)
  • A change of clothes, a shaving kit, a toothbrush, and any prescribed medications (if staying out overnight)
  • A face mask and COVID vaccination card (depending on local health ordinance)

 mens crossbody bag

Can guys wear a Crossbody Purse?

Depending on his lifestyle and plans, a man might find himself carrying more than he can handle –– literally! That’s where a crossbody purse for men comes into play. 

So, can a man use crossbody purses? The answer is yes –- and there are several reasons he should!

A Brief History of Purses

Before we dive into modern daily carry bags for men, let’s break down the history of purses. A purse is really just a bag, and humans have needed bags for thousands of years to carry supplies around the world. A daily carry bag is nothing new –– it’s a trend as old as clothing! In fact, the oldest known purse was carried by Ötzi the Iceman over 5000 years ago!

As civilization progressed, the quality and design of daily carry bags advanced beyond simple utility. Well-made bags denoted high status in comparison to plain satchels. Expensive purses were primarily carried by important men who traveled for work. Since women traveled less than men, ornate purses became a masculine accessory.

The Purse As a Civil Rights Symbol

So how did purses become associated with women? Well, back in the 19th and 20th centuries, women started carrying purses out of utility. Anytime war gripped the world, women stepped up to fill empty positions at factories and farms, and they needed a way to carry their belongings. 

Society shifted again. Many men ditched their handbags for wallets because going out without a bag meant you had the cash and influence to handle any situation.

Do Modern Men Carry Crossbody Purses?

As of 2024, things have shifted again. Modern people are always on the go, and they need a way to carry their belongings. People of all genders, including men, are investing in functional crossbody purses and hitting the streets in style, either to explore the town, head to work, or go on dates. Crossbody purses give men the flexibility to embrace modern life.

Can guys wear crossbody purses?
Check out our favorite mens crossbody bag by xyko .

Some modern men who have embraced crossbody purses for everyday carry include American football players Michael Strahan and Odell Beckham Jr! The trend is growing as men of all lifestyles embrace the convenience of crossbody handbags.

Can Guys Use Crossbody Phone Cases?

So, now that we know, beyond a doubt, that men can wear crossbody purses with confidence and style, let’s answer another common question: can men wear crossbody phone cases? Once again, the answer is a resounding yes, because convenience and sensibility have no gender. 

can a man use a crossbody purse?

can guys wear crossbody phone cases?

So, what’s the best crossbody phone case for men? You can search far and wide for men’s crossbody phone cases, but the best ones you’ll find come from Keebos. Keebos combines fashion and function in an affordable package to provide the best crossbody phone case for men on the market.

Can a man wear a crossbody phone case?

  • Keebos phone cases integrate a card wallet into a sturdy phone case so you can have everything you need by your side at all times.
  • Keebos phone cases feature stylish and functional lanyards that protect against drops and theft to keep your phone safe in every environment.
  • Keebos come in lots of colors and styles. Voyage is our most popular men’s phone case. You can get it with a clear case or a black case, and it has detachable straps so you can use it as a wallet case when you want. 
  • Keebos are available for nearly every generation of iPhone or Samsung phone, so you’ll have no problem getting the right case for your phone. 


Whether you want a phone case to complement your new men’s crossbody purse or you want to keep it simple, Keebos crossbody phone cases for men are a great way to protect your belongings and add style to your wardrobe. Plus, if you’re wondering what gift to get for a man who has everything, a Keebos crossbody phone case for men is the perfect way to catch him by surprise and put a smile on his face!


Cross Body Bag for Men - There’s a Keebos For Everyone

We’ve talked a lot about crossbody purses and phone cases for men, but we want to be clear –– Keebos are for everyone, no matter their identity. We have fashionable styles and colorways suitable for every gender and lifestyle, so you don’t have to worry because there’s a perfect Keebos crossbody phone case just for you. Go handsfree and carefree with a hip and functional Keebos phone case today!

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