Cell Phone Wallet With Crossbody Strap

Cell Phone Wallet With Crossbody Strap

Cell Phone Wallet With Crossbody Strap - The Newest Trend of 2021


Here are 5 Reasons Why you Need A Keebos Crossbody Strap With Wallet Today



1. Don't Ever Drop Your Phone Or Break Your Screen Again

It's such a relief having a strap connected to your phone case. If you're like most people you have cracked your screen before or at least dropped and scratched it. With phones getting more expensive, you want to make sure to keep your phone safe.

With cell phone with a crossbody strap, you can wear your phone like a necklace or like a crossbody purse. You'll have your phone available and keep it secure from falling. Once you will start using your new crossbody phone case, you won't be able to go back to a regular case. 



2. Leave your Purse or Bag at Home

Do you ever just want to leave the house quickly without bringing a bag or purse? Going for a quick walk with your dog? Leaving the house for a spontaneous errand?

Keebos will be your best friend. Just place your credit cards, ID & cash into the wallet attached to the case, put your phone around your neck and leave the house. You won't have to bring a separate purse or bag. This will be big a game changer because you'll be able to be handsfree. 


3. Keep Your Phone Accessible for Important Moments

Ever wanted to take the perfect picture of a family member or something incredible on a hike? Ever been in an emergency and really need your phone on the spot? This is where your phone wallet crossbody strap will come in handy. You will always have your phone close to you and have it accessible for any important and unforeseen situation. 

This can also be very beneficial for older people who might need to call someone in an emergency. Having your phone around your neck will save you in many moments. 


4. Stars and Celebrities are Joining the Trend

Living in Los Angeles, you see many celebrities when out in Venice and Beverly Hills. A surprising amount of them can be seen with their Keebos crossbody phone case with wallet. When you are always on the go and have a busy life, yet still want to look fashionable, this phone case is the solution. 

Keebos come in many different amazing colors, so you can choose which one matches your style and personality the most. Eva Longoria, Maria Menenous and Tori Spelling are a few of the celebrities that love their crossbody strap with wallet. They especially love the Sunset black crossbody phone case.



5. Perfect for Multitasking, Dog-walking, Hiking and Traveling 

For most activities you want to keep your phone close. If you are a multitasker like me, you constantly misplace or drop and occasionally lose your phone. Now if you also go on hikes, dog-walks, shopping trips, riding a scooter or even just walking around in your house, you want to have your phone close. 

It's a really good feeling to have your phone close and being handsfree at the same time to hold your dogs leash and your coffee. This is definitely the next big trend. Our phones are getting bigger and more expensive, but we need them more often than ever. 



6. You're Doing Something for The Planet - Planting a Tree

By purchasing a Keebos cell phone wallet with strap, you are planting a tree. For each product we sell, one tree is planted through our partner organization One Tree Planted.  All of our packaging is eco-friendly, bio-degradable and made out of kraft paper. Planting trees provide many different benefits for our planet. 

1. Better Air 

2. Biodiversity

3. Water

4. Social Impact

5. Health 

6. Climate

Read more about our Promise Here


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