Best Crossbody Phone Case for the Samsung S22

Crossbody Phone Case for the Samsung Galaxy S22


Crossbody Phone Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22

The new Samsung S22 has all the bells and whistles you could want from a phone: a large screen, great cameras, faster processors, and better safety features. It’s not cheap though: the price ranges from about $800 for the basic model and $1,200 for the Ultra. You’ll need a way to protect your expensive new phone, and the best way to do that is by using a crossbody phone case. 


Read on to learn about the best crossbody phone case for S22 Ultra, S22 Plus, and standard S22!

Show Off Your S22 Ultra Colors with Keebos

Keebos aren’t just the crossbody phone case to match any outfit - they also help showcase the beauty of your beautiful new Samsung S22! We’ve got plenty of clear crossbody cases to help your phone shine. 

If you like to be matchy, you can get a Sunset, Voyage, or Royal Onyx Keebos case to accentuate your Phantom Black phone. You can use a Venice or Abbot Kinney phone case to show off your green S22. If you’ve got a pink one (online exclusive), you can use our Flower case


crossbody phone case for samsung galaxy s 22 ultra plus


Want to change things up? Try a Royal Gold chain for your Pink Gold phone, or pretty much anything for your Phantom White one. Online exclusives like the Blue can be worn with a Beach case, and you can try Yellow with Sunset for a bumblebee vibe just in time for spring. Gray would look awesome with either of the Royal cases or a Voyage Case

Keebos Protect Your Samsung S22 from Drops

The Samsung S22 comes with a large, 6.5-inch glare-free screen with adaptive 120Hz Infinity-O displays with Vision Booster technology. Samsung has put a lot of work into giving you the best phone screen ever - so why risk dropping your phone and cracking your pristine new screen?


Nearly one-third of people who have dropped their phones have reported that they dropped them on the ground. Undoubtedly, many of the people who dropped their phones in this poll ended up with cracked screens or damaged ports. Nearly one in four dropped their phones into the water, causing extensive damage.

With Keebos, dropping your phone is no longer a possibility. It’s easy to pop your phone into the protective case and go about your day. Let’s be clear: we’re not denying that the S22 is Samsung’s most durable phone ever, with Corning Glass Victus, an Armor Aluminum Frame, and 1P68 Water Resistance. We’re saying that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and having a phone case that keeps you from dropping your phone in the first place is as safe as you get!

Best S22 Phone Case - Camera-Ready at a Moment’s Notice

One of the cool features of Keebos is that you can have your phone with you when you need it. Instead of tucking it away in the bottom of your purse (good luck finding it in there) or digging it out of your pocket, you can grab your S22 at a moment’s notice to capture the gorgeous sunset unfolding before you. 


The S22 comes with a pro-grade camera kit, complete with triple rear cameras and a selfie camera that can take stunning photos any time. There is a 12 megapixel Ultra-Wide Camera, a 50 megapixel Wide Angle Camera, and a 10-megapixel Telephoto Camera with 3x zoom capabilities on the back. The selfie camera is 10 megapixels. 

You can take photos and videos after sundown with the Nightography Camera, which has a Big Pixel Sensor to pull in light and Super Clear Glass to minimize lens flare. You can even eliminate photobombs with their new Object Eraser Tool, so nothing will get in the way of your perfect shot. 


Because Keebos let you have your phone ready at all times, you won’t miss a moment. And with your S22, you can easily share your artistic photos and videos with Quick Share. Go ahead: make your directorial debut with Director’s View! Keebos and Samsung have got you covered!

Keebos: The Crossbody Phone Case for S22, S22 Ultra and S22 Plus

We’re convinced that Keebos are the ultimate crossbody phone case for Samsung S22 Plus and Ultra. This lanyard phone case is tough enough to protect your phone so you can enjoy your Samsung for years to come. Every Keebos crossbody phone case has a convenient wallet for you to store your ID card and credit cards, along with an elegant elastic band that makes it more comfortable for you to hold your phone. 

crossbody phone cases for samsung galaxy s22

Samsung S22 Phone Case - A Must Have

Keebos are the #1 effortlessly chic phone case for Samsung users. If you’re looking for the ideal S22 phone case that will rock your world without being bulky or covering your phone, reach for Keebos. Our selection is just a click away - go ahead and browse it now to find your perfect match!

crossbody case for samsung galaxy s 22 plus ultra

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