6 Reasons Why You Need Keebos Crossbody Phone Holder

6 Reasons Why You Need Keebos Crossbody Phone Holder


Keebos are the crossbody iPhone holders that are taking the world by storm, but did you know they’re compatible with other phones as well? Keebos offers crossbody phone holders that work with Samsung, iPhone, and other cell phone types as well.

Keebos cases crossbody cell phone holders come in a wide range of colors, so there’s something for everyone. The premium cords are made with a tough, reinforced core, making them extra durable and long-lasting. The plush fibers on the outside of the necklace are comfortable on sensitive skin.

Here are six reasons why you need a Crossbody Phone Holder

1. Never Drop or Lose Your Phone Again



If you’ve never done it, you know someone who has. The notorious “phone dropper” in your friend group who needs to take their phone in because they dropped it in the sink again (or worse - the toilet). Maybe you walk around with a screen so cracked you can barely watch your fave YouTuber anymore.

You’re not alone: 74% of smartphone users dropped their phones on the ground in 2018. Keebos have been called the “best invention ever” for their hands-free, cross-body design!

Have you ever been guilty of giving yourself phone-face: that uncomfortable moment when you’re laying down and using your phone, only to have it drop onto your face? That’s not a problem with Keebos, since they have this handy elastic strap to prevent that from happening. All your phone-dropping problems are over!


2. No Bag? No Purse? No Problem!


Whether you’re going on a jog, a hike, or riding your bike, you can always take Keebos with you. 

You don’t need to lug around your giant purse or backpack. It’s also perfect for music festivals, and you can either make a statement with your Keebos necklace or keep it toned-down and subtle.

Did we mention that you can slip your credit card and ID into the sealable pocket at the back? You can fit cash or up to 7 cards in your Keebos pocket. Try the Beach Crossbody Phone Case for a casual look.


3. Fully Customizable to Your Preferences


Your Keebos are adjustable, which means you can wear them as long or short as you want them to be. Whether you want to wear Keebos as a necklace or as a crossbody phone case, we’ve got you covered. If you dig a more utilitarian look, grab a Voyage Crossbody iPhone Case. Its sleek straps are detachable and easy to adjust, the perfect blend of functionality and style.


4. Perfect for On-the-Go

We’ve already talked about how great Keebos are for exercise and music festivals, but these bad boys can go anywhere you do. Whether you’re going to a wedding or just want to keep it classy, we recommend the glam Sunset crossbody phone case.

It’s the little black dress of Keebos because it goes with everything. You don’t have to worry about banging your case up as you move around, either. Keebos have 4 corner bumper protection to absorb shocks, and the case has a raised lip to protect the front of your screen and your camera. It’s the perfect staple for your wardrobe.


5. It’s Trendy and Celebs Love It




Magazines and celebs kind of love us. We’ve been featured in Marie Claire, Elle, OK!, DuJour, Health, Star, People En Espanol, and more. Eva Longoria, Tori Spelling, and Maria Menounos have all been spotted with Keebos. Need one of your own? Don’t let Lorde have all the fun being a royal - get your Royal Gold Chain Keebos here!


6. A Tree is Planted for Every Purchase


If you love nature and are always looking for ways to protect our planet, you’ll love the Keebos promise: for each phone case you buy, our partner organization (One Tree Planted) will plant a tree. We believe reforestation is important because trees help clean the air, filter water, provide habitats to beneficial species, help the climate and provide jobs and food security to communities. Besides that, it’s just relaxing to be in nature, take a deep breath and feel all the stress and worry leave your body. 

We make sure that all of our packaging is biodegradable and eco-friendly too. We are dedicated to being responsible carers of the planet, and teaching the next generation to take care of the planet too. We shouldn’t just be mindful of our environment on Earth Day, we should do our part every day of the year.


If you love the idea of being hands-free, with a durable and fashionable phone case that you can count on, you should definitely check out Keebos. We’ve got iPhone cases, Samsung cases, and wallet cases for everyone. We’ve also got terrific sunglass straps to keep your Ray-Bans safe and super-cute beaded phone charms. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love your Keebos, so grab one today!
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