Gifts for Men Who Have Everything 2022

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything 2022

Gifts for Men Who Have Everything 

We have all had this problem. Looking for a gift for someone that already has everything. 

Our customers daily email us and tell us that our different phone cases where the perfect present for Men who have everything. 

Men usually have old shitty and often already broken phone cases. So these options below are a gift men didn't know they would love. 


1. Black Crossbody iPhone Case - Voyage (Detachable Strap)


Gifts for Men Who Have Everything
This crossbody phone case is the perfect gift for anyone that hates loosing, dropping their phone! Just wear it around your neck and have it accessible for any situation, this can be while you travel, hike, go for a run or just want to stay hands-free. 
Our phone necklace case is the perfect accessory for care-free living. Keebos keeps your iPhone readily accessible for calls and snaps. Our crossbody phone straps help you keep your phone close without having to bring a bag or trying to squeeze it into a pocket that's just not meant for a big smartphone. We promise your friend/lover/family member will love this matte black phone case.



2. Wallet Phone Case




Any man will love these premium Wallet Phone Cases. You can insert up to 6 credit cards and additionally the convenient finger loop makes it super easy to hold your phone in one hand without dropping it.

All of our cases are assembled in Venice, California and are also shipped from here for free within the US. This is definitely a must have phone case with finger loop for anyone who loves to keep thins simple and all in one place. See more luxury iphone cases here. 


3. Classic Crossbody Phone Cases



Go handsfree and carefree with our iconic crossbody cell phone cases. We know how exhausting it gets trying to force your smartphone into a pocket that wasn't meant for it... Dropping, misplacing or losing your phone... Nervously looking for our phone when traveling or when going out... Multitasking with the phone squeezed between your knees... Keebos iPhone crossbody case is here to make your life easier!

Combine fashion with functionality and help your loved ones to never drop or lose their phone again.

For each Keebos one tree is planted through our partner organization One Tree Planted, you can read more about it here.  We hope you love our list of gifts for men who have everything. 

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