How to Make the iPhone More User-Friendly for Seniors

How to Make the iPhone More User-Friendly for Seniors


It's a common belief that the majority of seniors aren't fond of technology, but this isn't exactly accurate anymore. An article on Martech Zone shares that 59% of people aged 65-69 use smartphones.

The iPhone's user-friendly interface is ideal for seniors who want a no-nonsense piece of technology. And with a bit of tweaking, you can make it even more accessible for older mobile users:

Enlarge Display Elements

First, you'll need to make all the icons on the interface easier to see. Open the iPhone's Settings. From there, head to the Display & Brightness tab then the Display Zoom tab. Here, you can change your view to Zoomed, which enlarges all iPhone icons.

To increase the text size, open the Accessibility tab found in Settings. From there, open the Vision tab and select Larger Text.

Set Up Favorite Contacts

Make it easier to call you by configuring the favorite contacts list. To do this, open the Phone app and select Favorites. Tapping the + icon at the top left corner will bring up the full list of contacts. Simply choose the contacts that your parent or grandparent will be contacting most often.

Pre-download Apps

Downloading all the apps your aging loved one might need saves them the trouble of having to figure it out themselves later on. There are plenty of useful apps that you can install from the App Store. Facebook Messenger or any other social media applications help them stay connected to all their friends and family. For seniors who are taking medication, Medisafe is a great option. It keeps track of all the medicines the user needs to take and even allows them to schedule reminders.

And make sure to download some fun apps they might like too. For instance, let them know that they can play some of their favorite games on their iPhone now, like bingo. The bingo statistics on FoxyBingo points out that mobile players are increasing year-on-year, many of whom are aged 60 and older. The convenience of playing online is a feature that the elderly has definitely picked up on. You can help by setting up this app—and others they might be interested in using—and demonstrate how to navigate them

Enable Siri

Siri is especially useful for those who have a hard time seeing. It allows the user to use the phone via speech commands. Digital Trends has a long list of commands that Siri recognizes. They include the basic commands for calling, messaging, and FaceTime. But it also lists the fun stuff, like how you can ask Siri about her favorite color and she'll respond!

To enable Siri, open the iPhone's Settings, then tap Siri & Search. Pressing Listen for "Hey Siri" will prompt the user to speak a few commands. Have your parent or grandparent do this, so the device grows accustomed to their voice. After, make sure to teach them how to activate Siri.

An alternative to Apple’s built-in voice assistant is Amazon’s Alexa. It can be connected to other Amazon devices that assist seniors in their day-to-day tasks. For instance, Amazon Echo, a smart speaker, can play music, make lists, and even turn off the lights at home. These high-tech features are easy to use and beneficial for seniors. Just make sure to show how they’re operated!

Fit It with Useful Accessories - Keebos Crossbody Phone Case

how to make iphone easier for seniors

how to make iphone easier for seniors

how to make iphone easier for old people

The right accessories can make an iPhone more senior-friendly. A simple phone grip can make it easier to hold on to, while a sturdy phone case can protect it from any accidents. The Keebos Phone Necklace Holder is the solution to dropping or misplacing phones. And even if the phone ends up falling, the case is equipped with 4-Bumper-Protection Technology, ensuring that the phone is safe and scratchless. This special phone case allows the user to keep their smartphone handy.


Smartphones may be a recent innovation, but that doesn't mean they can't be utilized by older generations. It only takes a bit of tweaking to make an iPhone senior-friendly. Plus, a fashionable and functional smartphone makes for the perfect gift!

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