Keebos Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024

Keebos Mother's Day Gift Guide 2024

Keebos Handsfree Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again: Mother’s Day. You’ve been scrolling through lists of overpriced candles and scented stationery, but nothing’s jumping out. Mothers do everything for the people in their lives, how can you possibly find a gift that thanks them enough?

You’re in luck. Look no further than our curated selection of Keebos products that make for the perfect gift, the official Keebos Mother’s Day Gift Guide for this year!

We know we can’t give the mother in your life a private island or bucket list helicopter ride. But what we do know is that moms always have their hands full.


That’s where Keebos comes in.

Whether your friend just had a baby or your grandma keeps misplacing her phone, the gift of a Keebos crossbody phone case strikes the perfect balance between high-quality functionality, thoughtfulness and fashion. Besides, moms could always use some more hands-free, carefree energy in their day to day.
Our styles are seriously cute, too.
Check out our Gift Guide for more recs– your mom will love them. You’re welcome.



1. For Mom's with iPhones

Sunset Keebos


Royal Gold Chain Keebos


Royal Onyx Keebos



Clear Voyage (Detachable Strap) Keebos


Black Voyage (Detachable Strap) Keebos 

2. For Moms with Samsung Phones

Black Strap Crossbody Phone Case for Samsung



Galaxy Z Flip 2 Crossbody Phone Case

Galaxy Z Flip 2 Crossbody Phone Case

Royal Onyx/Gold Chain Crossbody Phone Case

3. Wallet Phone Cases


4. Phone Charms

Peace Phone Charm


Love Phone Charm


5. Sunglass Straps

Pink Premium Vegan Leather Sunglass Strap


Brown Premium Vegan Leather Sunglass Strap

Black Premium Vegan Leather Sunglass Strap


We hope you found a handsfree & carefree accessory for your mom in this list. Remember for each Keebos purchased one tree gets planted through our partner organization One Tree Planted.

Have an amazing Mother's Day this year!
Greetings from sunny California,
Your Keebos team 
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