Phone Case with a Shoulder Strap? Look No Further! 2024

phone case with shoulder strap

Can You Wear Your Phone Over Your Shoulder? Yes, It’s Possible with a Keebos Shoulder Strap Phone Case!

shoulder strap phone case
Check out some of our fan favorites.

1. The Classic Keebos Crossbody Phone Case with Shoulder Strap


Since early 2019, Keebos has been bringing handsfree, carefree convenience to customers! One of the best ways to ease the burden of carrying something is to throw it over your shoulder! Whether it be a backpack, a purse, or some other accessory, wearing it over your shoulder is a secure and comfortable way of getting around.
Here at Keebos, we wanted to bring this convenience to smartphones, which are ever-increasing in size! That's why we developed our classic crossbody phone case with a shoulder strap in several different colors!

2. The Keebos Strap Phone Case


Another key feature our loyal customers have really taken to is the wallet pocket on the back of the Keebos case. Bags and purses, while bulky, do offer the convenience of being able to carry items. We wanted to keep that convenience in place for Keebos while at the same time freeing our customers from carrying a whole bag.

So we designed our phone cases with a wallet pocket. Among other things, that pocket sets Keebos apart from imitators!

Don’t get stuck with a crossbody phone case without a pocket, because you’ll inevitably go back to just dumping all your stuff in a purse. But with a Keebos, you actually will find it convenient to carry your phone, your ID, a credit card, and even a house key all in one. Keebos cases are handsfree, done right.

3. The Royal (Gold or Onyx) Keebos with Detachable Chain

For those customers who like to style their case both with, and without a shoulder strap, we've got you covered, too! Keebos just recently released its Royal crossbody phone necklace cases, which feature a detachable chain in either gold or onyx.
For those of you opting for a Royal case, you can wear your case over your shoulder, like the classic Keebos crossbody phone cases. But you also can detach the chain from your Royal case, easily converting your crossbody case to a sleek phone wallet. 
 Detachable Shoulder Strap Phone Case
Whichever Keebos you choose, you can't go wrong! So try out your favorite Keebos crossbody cellphone case today. With our 30-day satisfaction guarantee, feel free to test it out and simply return it if you don't like it! We promise you won't be disappointed! Some customers call Keebos the shoulder phone, because you can easily carry your phone on your shoulder in any situation. 

4. Shoulder Strap Phone Case

phone case with shoulder strap



5. Other Functional Products

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