What’s the Most Elegant Wedding Phone Case?



What’s the Most Elegant Wedding Phone Case?

Keebos is the best phone case for weddings. There’s nothing quite like your wedding day, when you walk down the aisle ready to spend the rest of your life with the one you love. It’s a memorable moment, and though you may have wedding photographers standing by, there are chances you’ll want to get some candid shots of your special day as well.

If you’re excited about your wedding day but know that you’ll need a wedding cell phone case to help capture every special moment, Keebos phone cases are the perfect solution. 

Keebos are also great wedding day accessories for anyone in the wedding - whether they be groomsmen, bridesmaids, or guests attending the wedding. 

Read on to learn why Keebos are the best wedding cell phone cases!




Elegant Solutions for Every Wedding Attendee

Did you know that we have a ton of great style options available - some of which would be perfect for weddings? 

Though we’ve got plenty of different ones to choose from, we personally recommend Royal phone cases for brides who want to look stunning on their wedding day. The Gold Royal phone case looks like a classy piece of jewelry, while the Onyx Royal phone case provides a nice contrast to your white dress. They add that dressy element for ladies who want more oomph to their wedding attire. 



Another fun wedding phone case option (especially if your color is pink) is the Rose phone case. The Sunset case goes with everything and can be worn by anyone attending the wedding. Voyage phone cases and the Midnight phone case are other amazing options for wedding attendees. 

A Place for Your Money and ID

If you’re attending a wedding with a dollar dance, you’ll need a place to stash your money. Keebos come with a cool wallet on the back of the phone case that allows you to keep your money safe. You won’t have to look around for your money - just stick it in your Keebos before you head over to the wedding and you’ll be good to go!


The wallet on the back of your Keebos is also handy in case there’s an open bar at the wedding. If the bartender cards you, reach into your Keebos with confidence and show them your ID. With Keebos, you can store up to 6 cards into your phone case wallet! It’s an awesome feature that we’re sure you’ll appreciate on such a momentous occasion. 

Don’t Lose Your Phone on This Special Day

Although there’s a raging debate about whether to include cell phones on your wedding day, we’re very pro-phone here. (Surprised? You shouldn’t be!) They provide a more intimate portrait of your wedding day than what professional photographers can provide, and they allow you to enjoy multiple angles of the wedding. It’s almost a behind-the-scenes look at your own wedding and reception - which can be really fun, especially if you have to cut the reception short.




There are a few drawbacks to bringing your phone to weddings, though: 

  • You could lose it if you set it down somewhere. With Keebos, you won’t be setting your phone down at all - it stays right by you as you dance the night away, hands-free and carefree in pure celebration!
  • It could be stolen by someone. As great as weddings are, our shiftiest relatives and friends don’t decide to be on good behavior just because we’re getting married. To avoid any negative feelings on your special day, wear Keebos and keep your phone with you. 
  • You could drop it if you spend too much time at the open bar. For some people, the free alcohol is the best part of the wedding. If that’s you - you’re going to want to make sure your phone stays with you even when you’re not at your best. Keebos will help you hold your phone even if you can’t. 
  • Make it to the Reception


    Not all wedding venues are easy to find (in fact, it seems like they’re notoriously difficult to find). For venues and receptions that aren’t self-explanatory, Keebos will allow you to keep your phone close and make it to the reception on time. Once you get there, you can capture all the wonderful moments with the help of your cell phone and your favorite wedding phone case: Keebos!

    Keebos Look to the Future

    When you get married, it’s because you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. You want to build a family with them. You look toward the future with a bright hope that you can conquer anything with this person by your side. Here at Keebos, we also look to the future, and we want to do our part to ensure that the planet is healthy for years to come. It’s why we make sure a tree is planted with every purchase through our partner organization, One Tree Planted. 




    We also make sure we package our phone cases in a sustainable way: with craft paper that’s free of fancy dyes or plastics. We want you and your new family to have a bright future - so we do our part to help ensure that it is. 

    Keebos Are the Best Wedding Cell Phone Case

    Keebos phone cases are classy and stylish: an elegant solution for you and your wedding guests on your wedding day. You can keep your phone close for photo opportunities and enjoy being as hands-free and carefree the rest of the day as you wish. Not only will it help you keep your ID and cash safe, it’ll also help you get to the reception.

    best wedding phone case

    Here at Keebos, we do what we can to help make sure that your future with your spouse is as wonderful as possible. It also makes a great gift for your bridal party, so get a Keebos phone case today for the best wedding ever!

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