Phone Case That Is a Purse


Cell Phone Case that is a Purse

Have you ever carried your purse around with you for so long that your side aches and you don’t remember why you brought all that stuff with you in the first place?

Purses can be convenient, sure - unless you have a tendency to overfill them with things you don’t actually need, or forget to clean them out after you’ve put the weight equivalent of three bricks in them. 



In this article, we’ll talk about how Keebos are a phone case that is a purse, and how you can save your back by tucking your most important stuff away with the help of Keebos. You don’t really need all that extra stuff weighing you down - instead, you can start living hands free and carefree with Keebos!

Heavy Purses Cause Neck and Back Pain

According to Healthline, using purses (especially oversized ones) can wreak havoc on your back. Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert who contributed to the article, said, “Over time, the amount of strain… can cause some pretty serious pain and long-term issues like muscle spasms or a pinched nerve.”


Have you noticed a problem with shoulder, back, or arm pain, or tingling in your hands? Expert Caleb Backe recommends that women with overfull bags reduce the weight of their bags to ensure the health and safety of muscles and shoulders. He also states that,  if you are going to carry a big bag, it should provide plenty of support. 


Another expert - Dr. Caleb Spreiter, a chiropractor - warns against carrying your bag on the same shoulder for too long. It’s important to alternate between shoulders to avoid straining the muscles in the upper back and neck. This can lead to weak muscles and, left unchecked, develop into severe issues like thoracic outlet syndrome

In another article by Huffpost, Dr. Karen Erickson talks about the exact reasons why your purses are hurting you:

    • Handbags interfere with your natural gait. When there’s a handbag on one side of your body, you can’t swing your arms as you normally would. The other arm has to compensate for it, and issues can develop. 


  • Muscles become equally off-balance. Your posture is thrown off by a bag on one side of your body. Over time, a posture asymmetry can develop from the muscles in your dominant shoulder becoming higher than the other. Spine muscles can do the same, causing the ones on the opposite side to spasm. 
  • Stiff muscles can result. With all of this sprain, it’s no surprise that stiffness can result, especially if you’re carrying a heavy load for a long period of time. This can also turn into “military neck” or cause issues with your ability to turn your head. 
  • Headaches are another side effect. Sometimes, people get tension headaches from needing to do so much heavy lifting all the time using the muscles in their shoulders and neck. When these muscles spasm, itt can cause pain in the back of your head that radiates to the front of your head. 


    What Do You Really Need? A Phone Case Purse!

    All things considered, the wear and tear on your body is a high price to pay for things that you probably only carry “just in case.” That said, there are a few things you’ll want to carry with you wherever you go - and for those things, we’ve got you covered. 


    Your Phone

    In the modern age, phones fulfill many of the tasks that once took several machines. It’s a phone, a messaging device, a computer, a calculator, a camera, a calendar, a GPS, and more. Phones are the most important piece of technology you can carry around with you today. 


    You can use your phone to email people, go on social media, take notes, and pull up tutorials. You can communicate with your friends around the world on your phone, and with the multitude of apps available out there, there’s almost no end to what you can do with your phone. You can even use it as a safety device if you’ve got the right app - so make sure you don’t leave your phone at home!

    Your ID, Cash, and Cards


    We’re not going to act like you don’t have the option to pay via Google Pay or another phone service, but if you prefer to do things the more “old fashioned way” and carry cards, Keebos is still here for you. 

    We’ve got a sleek wallet on the back, so you can add your ID, cash, and credit cards to the back of your phone case. Our wallet is large enough to hold up to 6 cards - that’s more than enough!

    Your Keys

    Sometimes you find an outfit that looks so good that you have to buy it, even if it doesn’t have pockets. But if you’re trying to ease up on the back strain, you shouldn’t exactly bring your purse either. With Keebos, you can be confident that your phone case is perfectly fashionable and works with your outfit. 


    Want a place to keep your keys? You’ll be happy to know we’ve added a stylish gold keychain to the products we offer! Now you can go wherever you need to with the confidence and convenience of keeping your keys close at hand. 

    Want another benefit of using the Keebos keychain? You don’t have to dig your keys out of your pockets or purse anymore - they’re right there when you need them, making them a safer choice for you if you walk alone at night or early in the morning. 

    Your Lip Balm

    Whether you’re at a festival, on a hike, or at the beach, you’ll probably want to make sure you’ve got your lip balm with you. Unfortunately, lip balm is one of the few things that many women consider an “essential” that doesn’t fit into Keebos. But don’t worry - we’re working on a solution for that! Soon we’ll be offering a lip balm keychain you can add to your phone, so that you’ll have everything you need all in one place! 

    Keebos, the Phone Case That is a Purse


    With Keebos, you can have everything that you need with you. In fact, we like to think that Keebos are even better than a purse:

      • Purses can hurt your neck and back. With Keebos, you can’t overfill them because they only allow you to carry the bare necessities. 
  • You don’t set Keebos down. When you set a purse down, you run the risk of having it (and everything inside) stolen. With Keebos, you keep them on you at all times, so you have far less likelihood that someone will try to steal something from you. 
  • You won’t lose things anymore. With Keebos, your phone, ID, and cards are always with you. That means that you’re not going to find yourself losing your phone anymore. 
  • You won’t drop your phone. Lots of people like to invest in phone cases to protect their phones in case they drop it. But if you have a phone case that prevents you from dropping it in the first place, that’s even better!


    Keebos are the perfect solution for those who want to feel like they have everything they need, but without the heft and weight of a regular purse. Don’t take our word for it though - try Keebos today!

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