The Perfect Summer Accessories

The Perfect Summer Accessories

The Perfect Summer Accessories for Every Occasion

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to plan for the warm nights and the fun-filled family vacation. Whether it’s the 4th of July or a night out with the girls, it’s the perfect time to change it up. 

However, you want to keep your hands free and be care-free to make the most of your time off. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you decide how to accessorize on your summer days.

To dazzle your friends with convenience and style at each event, you can’t forget your statement pieces of the summer. You want to keep it simple yet fashionable, especially if you plan to spend most of the day soaking up the sun.

Here’s how to upgrade your summer wardrobe without losing comfort:


1. 4th of July

4th of july phone case

Red, white, and blue are the perfect trio of colors for this eventful, patriotic day!

To make sure your outfit is patriotic but won’t fly off into the lake on your family boat ride, you can’t leave the house without an American flag, some sparklers, and your Abbot Kinney Crossbody Phone Case Necklace.

Nothing screams USA more than Red, white and blue, and camo, too.

2. Father’s Day


This Father’s Day, rock the batting range or go for a sunny afternoon bike ride with these staple simple but chic looks. With a pair of your favorite studs, lightweight bracelets that won’t drag you down, and the Voyage Crossbody Phone Case Necklace, you’re ready to make your dad smile and capture the moment.

3. Birthdays


Summer birthdays are great! There is plenty of sun, which means you can plan for a fun outdoor birthday bash. From a wild day at the amusement park for your kid to a night of wine-tasting at the vineyard with the girls, you’ve got to be ready for any kind of anniversary.

With the Royal Gold Chain Crossbody Phone Necklace, you’ll have everything you need at your hip without a bulky purse to carry along the whole day or hide below the dinner table.


4. Vacation Time!


This is the time to use your vacation days at the beach. When you’re sporting a swimsuit and lots of sunscreen, you want to keep your accessories and those tan lines to a minimum. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and soak up the sun! With a pair of your favorite sunnies and our Beach Crossbody Phone Case Necklace, you’ll look great and won’t have to worry about losing your phone to the waves. Find out more about why you need a purse case. 

Another great accessory for vacation are Keebos Sunglass straps. Especially our favorite black sunglass straps. 


5. Phone Charms Accessory for any Occasion
Looking for an accessory for any occasion all day long? Check out our popular phone charms. 

Looking for a different style to suit your personality and tastes? We have plenty of them! Find yours today by browsing our selection.

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