What is a Lanyard Phone Case and Why Do I Need One? 2024

lanyard phone case

Phone Lanyard

A lanyard Phone Case is rope or strap attached to a phone case, which is placed around the neck with the purpose for you to stay handsfree and carefree. 

lanyard phone cases


A lanyard can be used for a variety of fun and serious applications from home to the office, but a cell phone lanyard is functional and fashionable, and it will make your life a lot easier. 

Have a look at 8 different benefits of using a Keebos lanyard phone case when out and about or even just to use it while in the house:

lanyard phone cases

1. Your Phone is Close By and Accessible with your iPhone Lanyard

One of the biggest returns to wearing a cell phone lanyard is being able to have fast access to your phone whenever you need it.

Whether you’re within work hours and need to be on-hand to take the next client call or whether you’re awaiting the biggest news from a family member (new little one in the world, perhaps?).

People often forget their phone on a side, leave it on silent mode or simply can’t find it in time while looking through the depths of the Mary Poppins bag that has been brought along for the ride.

But, wearing the lanyard keeps it close and personal meaning you see the call or message as soon as it arrives. See a picture below of Keebos iPhone case with lanyard attachment.



    2. Phone Lanyard Case - It Fixes the Issue of No Pocket Fashion


    Far too often these days you can find the perfect pair of jeans, leggings or jeggings only to find they don’t have a pocket.

    The same goes for that perfect jacket you’d expect to find a pocket in but still doesn’t. Fast fashion has become a place of looking good at an inconvenient cost.

    But, that’s exactly one of the reasons as to why the lanyard phone case is becoming so popular; the benefit being that you don’t have to think about the pockets in a pair of jeans or in your jacket.

    Put your phone, wallet and lose change around your neck just with the ease and convenience of a cell phone lanyard.

    lanyard iphone case



      3. You Will Find It Difficult to Lose Your Cell Phone Lanyard


      Everyone’s been there. You have, we have, and our neighbors have. In fact, 64.28% of US residents had in 2019.

      When you place your phone down without paying much attention to where you’re putting it, only to need it and not find it. Yet, when you do find it you then have to deal with missed calls and missed messages.

      It’s truly just a downward spiral of ‘why did I put my phone down?’.

      Luckily, when you use a cell phone lanyard to keep your phone around your neck, you don’t have to think about placing it. Even without a bag or pockets, you’ll have two hands free without the fret of forgetting where on Earth your cell is this time.


      4. Use a Lanyard to Keep Your Cell Away from Small Children

      As all busy bee mommies can attest, our little ones have the most amazing and motivational growing minds. However, their discovery, imitation and exploration can sometimes find its way over to your cell.

      When this happens, you may lose your phone for days, find it in a bowl of water or discover it has gained a few stylistic cracks on the screen after being used as the newest chew toy. Phone holder for lanyard is a must have for any multitasker. 

      So, as a mom, it can be quite important for the safety of your kids, the pets, your private messages and your sanity to use a lanyard phone case to keep your phone close by at all times, with your iPhone lanyard. 


        5. Phone Leash Keeps Bad People at Bay from Bad Activities


        Our little ones aren’t our only worries of sticky fingers. With as many kind and brilliant people there are, our streets will always be home to the yin and yang of life. Meaning, some bad people look to hunt for a device in your bag in order to sell down the line.

        For some eye-opening statistics, 9.33% of people has their phone stolen through pick pocketers throughout America in 2019. And, as you’ll know, this can cause a huge detriment to your home, social and work life.

        In order to prevent this entirely, make use of the benefits of having a phone case on lanyard to keep your phone, wallet and petty cents within your eyesight.

        So, even if you’re out shopping with friends, you don’t have to worry about a stranger’s hand fumbling through your bag in a crowded place. The iphone case with lanyard attachment will be your best friend!


          6. There's No Need to Lug a Handbag Around, Just Bring our Cell Phone Case with Lanyard

          Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is carry a bag. Big or small, it can hurt your shoulder, take up a hand or simply ruin an outfit (everyone’s nightmare, clearly).

          And, sometimes, you don’t want the weight of carrying a bag only to have others ask you to store their things in it anyway (partners of the world, we’re looking at you).

          So, to elude the troubles of bag-carrying, simply wear a lanyard phone case and you’ll be instantly reaping the benefits of no longer having neck or shoulder pain and no longer being the go-to lugger. 

          lanyard phone cases

          7. You’ll be a Better Contributor to Our Environment, Minimalism and Efficiency


          There is more than one way that having a cell phone lanyard can be better for our environment.

          Firstly, there is less material needed to produce the lanyard phone case meaning fewer resources are used and there is an automatic smaller carbon-footprint.

          Secondly, when you use a lanyard by Keebos, we plant a tree on your behalf. Meaning, not only are you reducing negative impact, it’s increasing positive impact. 

          Then, when it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle with efficiency, need and true attachments to products, you’ll naturally feel a reduction in stress and anxiety. And, according to research published in Psychology today, this is especially important for young adults aged between 18 and 35.

            Lanyard phone case

            8. It’s Part of the Celebrity Style Guide to Venture with a Cell Phone Lanyard


            The final benefit you’ll see when you use a lanyard phone case is the fashionable aspects. While it is not the key component, it is certainly a pro factor. So when you're wondering, what is a mobile phone lanyard, that's part of the answer. 

            With celebrities in America and around the world all adorning the new cell phone lanyard cases, there’s really no reason not to.

            For example: Eva Longoria, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Cara Delavigne, Hailey Bieber and more all use cell phone lanyards as part of their EDC (everyday carry)!


              Eva Longoria


              Joy Corrigan


              Maria Menounos


               Tori Spelling

              phone lanyard

               Emily in Paris TV Show


              Scarlett Johansson with her Venice Keebos Phone Lanyard Case


              So, there you have it. Not only the benefits to lanyard usage, but the benefits to the ever-so- popular cell phone with lanyard usage. 

              To find out more about styles and straps, visit see our collection here We feature lanyard phone cases with a variety of styles and applications to include a finger strap and wallet space snug for up to 7 cards.

              Wrist Strap for Phone Case

              Also check out our amazing wrist straps for your phone case. They not only super trendy right now, but also really helpful in staying handsfree. 



              Uplift your life today with a lanyard phone case. 



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              @Charlotte and Keegan, yes you can definitely take photos while the phone is in the case, you don’t have to take it out. Please let me know if you have any other questions :) – Emily from Keebos


              Can you take a photo while it’s in the case?… meaning, is there an opening for the lenses?


              Can you talk with the iPhone in the case or do you need to take it out?

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