What is an All-in-One Phone Case for iPhone?

All-in-One Phone Case for iPhone

7 Factors for an All-in-One Phone Case

Looking for an all-in-one iPhone case? You've found it here! Not only do all Keebos cases  safely hold your phone, but they make life easier with numerous features that other phone cases don’t offer.

These cases help contribute to the health of the planet and are tough enough to withstand plenty of wear. And the cherry on top? They match nearly any outfit.

Read on to learn more!



1. Safely Holds Your Phone

Other phone cases are meant to protect your phone from impact, but Keebos are one of the few brands that prevent you from dropping your phone in the first place. Keebos crossbody phone cases are worn like a purse or edgy necklace and, if you drop your phone in that state, all it does is swing back toward your body safely. 

A staggering 95 million phones are dropped each year (and that way back in 2018), so these phone cases are revolutionizing what it’s like to be a phone user. Gone are the days when you have the jarring feeling of dropping your phone, hoping it isn’t cracked. 


Side note: if you’ve ever been one of the unfortunate few to drop your phone in your toilet, we’re glad to save you from that unpleasant experience as well. 

2. Makes Your Life Easier

When you live your life on the go, you look for every opportunity to make your life easier. Who has time to pore over their house for the phone they lost? Keebos solve that problem because they stay right there with you. Finding your phone is as simple as looking down - great news for those of us who move faster than they can think!

Keebos also help prevent theft due to the fact that they’re on your body. Very few thieves would have the gall to try and steal your phone right out from under your nose. Most of them would likely move on to an easier target, especially if they’re worried that you’ll spot your missing phone before they’ve had a chance to leave the scene of the crime.


Not only that, you can act more quickly when you need help, and even if you line up that perfect shot on Instagram in a serendipitous moment. No more digging in your purse or in one of your pockets for your phone, only to find you missed your opportunity. It’s a safer alternative to other phone cases because your phone is always there for you when you need it.

3. Comes with a Card Wallet

One of the nicest features of Keebos is the streamlined card wallet that can carry up to 6 of your cards. If you prefer to pay with cash, Keebos can hold that too. Your ID card, medical cards, etc can fit in there, too. It’s not so tight a squeeze that it’s nearly impossible to get your cards out and not so loose that you have to worry about your cards falling out. We think you’ll agree with Goldilocks when we say that our card wallets are “just right.”

all in one phone case

4. You Won’t Lose Your Grip

Every Keebos crossbody phone case has a luxurious elastic band on the back. This band has two purposes: it helps you keep your grip on your phone (even if you’re watching Netflix in bed when you should be sleeping) and it helps ensure that your card wallet stays closed. This band isn’t a scrap piece of elastic from your grandma’s sewing kit, either. It’s extremely comfortable, an elegant solution that enables you to keep a good grip on your phone.  


5. Matches Nearly Any Outfit

Have you seen our selection? It’s crazy! We’ve got phone cases with premium cords, chains, and industrial-looking straps like you’d see on a narrower seat belt or SLR camera. Our phone cases come in clear, pink, and black.

Our premium cords have a strong, reinforced core and are covered with luxurious fibers for ultimate comfort. They come in the following colors:

  • Black
  • Woven red
  • Pine green
  • Camo green
  • Light pink
  • Pink

The chain Keebos come in gold or onyx, while the Voyage Keebos have black removable straps. Needless to say, Keebos can work with almost any outfit you’ve got. We listen to our customers, so if you don’t see what you need, let us know and stay tuned on our Instagram channel. You just may be surprised with an update!




6. Helps the Environment with Every Purchase

Here at Keebos, our focus isn’t to make a profit to the detriment of the world. We are very eco-friendly and earth-conscious, and we’ve made a promise to continue to take care of the world. 

We know that reforestation helps the environment in 6 major ways: 

  • Providing clean air
  • Filtering water and preventing floods
  • Promoting biodiversity as a habitat for multiple organisms
  • Providing jobs and food security
  • Reducing stress and promoting overall wellness
  • Regulating the climate



We do our part to help with reforestation efforts by ensuring that one tree is planted with every phone case purchase through our partner organization, One Tree Planted. They do great work by planting trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. They’ve planted trees virtually all over the world. 

We don’t stop at planting trees. We also use eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging to ensure that we cut down on waste. We don’t use any fancy colors or plastic for our packaging - just simple white ink on kraft paper. We hope to make a positive impact on the environment by doing so, and inspire others to treat the earth with respect as well. 

7. Tough and Durable

Not only are our crossbody phone cases chic, they’re also tough and durable. Our phone cases have 4-corner bumper protection to prevent impacts and shocks to your phone. They also have a 3-millimeter raised lip to protect your front screen and camera. We truly have thought of everything - our cords, chains, and straps are equally strong, and they’re connected to your phone case via strong metal connector rings. 

We mean it when we say you won’t drop your phone! Even the adjusters on the phone case are strong (not to mention easy to use). 

8. The All-in-One iPhone Case

If there was ever any doubt, we hope we’ve proven that Keebos are the all-in-one phone case for iPhone 13, iPhone 12, or any other iPhone model you may have right now. Our phone cases are compatible with any iPhone you have, all the way down to the 5/5S/SE first generation. 

Keebos are the perfect way to make sure you don’t drop your phone, and they make your life easier in several ways. We give back to environmental causes and offer fashionable, useful, and versatile phone cases. 

And despite the fact that Keebos are a designer phone case brand, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Our most expensive iPhone case is just $44.90 - a fraction of the amount you’d pay for one of our competitors. We ship our phone cases out as soon as we can (same day in many cases) and shipping is free in the US, so grab your favorite Keebos phone case today!




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