Best Phone Case to Make Life Easier

Best Phone Case to Make Life Easier


Best Cell Phone Case to Make Life Easier

Let’s face it: life can be pretty tough sometimes. Especially since the onset of COVID, it seems that more people than ever are struggling with health and financial issues. When you’re going through a situation like that, sometimes ordinary events like losing your phone can wind up feeling overwhelming.

Those little things can be the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” so if we can prevent them from happening, you should be able to enjoy a little reprieve from the stress.  

Keebos are a fantastic choice for people who want to make their lives easier. You won’t have to worry about dropping your phone, losing it, or your phone being stolen. The wallet and elastic band are super-convenient, and the phone case is strong enough to handle anything.

You can act more quickly with Keebos, and you can even help the environment by having Keebos. Read on to find out why Keebos are the best phone case that makes your life easier! 


1. You Won’t Drop Your Phone

With Keebos crossbody phone cases, you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone. You won’t end up with cracked screens or a damaged port that won’t let you charge it properly. According to Android Authority, nearly two screens are cracked per second. In addition, SquareTrade’s survey showed that as many as 66% of consumers damaged their devices in 2018. That’s a lot of phone damage. 

Especially if you’ve got a brand new smartphone like the Samsung S21 or iPhone 13, it’d be tragic to drop and break your phone. That said, everybody drops their phones - unless you’ve got something like Keebos!



2. You Won’t Lose Your Phone

When you have a regular phone case, it’s easy to misplace it. Channel Pro Network cited some startling statistics in their article regarding smartphones. About 70 million smartphones are lost each year, and only 7% of those smartphones are recovered each year. And it turns out that company-issued smartphones aren’t immune. Of the smartphones that are lost each year, 4.3% are company-issued phones that have been lost or stolen. 



Even if you only lose your phone temporarily, it can be annoying (and worrying) to lose your phone - so get Keebos and you’ll be hands-free and carefree. 

3. Your Phone is Harder to Steal

What’s worse than dropping or losing your phone? Having your phone stolen. Although you’re twice as likely to lose your phone than you are for it to be stolen, it’s still a huge problem. Phones are more commonly stolen from home (three in ten phones are stolen from there). Unfortunately, secured locations (indoors) are riskier places when it comes to your phone being stolen. On average, it takes nearly 5 days to recover a stolen phone - so if you can prevent it from being stolen in the first place, you should!

When your phone is constantly attached to you, it’s a lot harder for people to steal. When you move, your phone goes with you, so there’s no chance it’ll be inadvertently left in a room. When you wear your phone, you’re making it extremely visible to others. Someone who’s thinking about stealing your phone would be turned off by the idea that they could be caught in the act - and they’ll be less likely to try to steal it. 

Honestly, it makes more sense for them to move on to an easier target - especially if there’s a greater chance of you finding out your phone is stolen before they’ve had a chance to leave. Since you wear your Keebos, there’s a high likelihood that you’d find out, since your Keebos would feel considerably lighter with your phone taken out. 


4. There’s a Handy Wallet on the Back

The wallet on the back of your phone is extremely helpful if you like to carry around your ID card, credit cards, or cash, but don’t want to carry around an enormous purse. Whether you’re hiking or bar-hopping, you can fit up to 6 credit cards into your Keebos phone case. Your cards will be secured with the flap, and the cards can slide in and out of the wallet easily due to its design. 


5. The Elastic Strap Keeps Your Grip

Even if you’re not dropping your phone on the ground, you don’t want to drop it onto a counter or table. And if you’re lying in bed and scrolling through your phone, you really don’t want to end up being smacked in the face by your phone because you lost your grip. With Keebos, we have an elegant solution: a luxurious elastic band on the back of your phone that enables you to keep your grip without clashing with your phone or phone case. 


6. Tough Enough to Withstand You

Keebos phone cases are tough enough to withstand the daily wear and tear you’ll throw at it. Each Keebos phone case is attached to the premium cord with strong metal connector rings that hold your phone in place. The premium cord features a strong, reinforced core, so you won’t have to worry about it becoming unraveled or frayed. 


The case features four-corner bumper protection, and there’s a 3-millimeter raised lip on the case to protect your front screen and camera. All of these features, combined with the fact that it’s a crossbody phone case, mean that your phone screen won’t end up being cracked, dented, or otherwise damaged. 

7. You Can Act More Quickly

No matter what you’re doing with your phone, you can act more quickly with Keebos. Influencers love it because they can snap a perfect shot that they’d have otherwise missed if they had to dig their phone out of their purse or pocket. Fishermen love it because they can grab their fishing pole the minute they get a bite (without dropping their phones into the water). Festival goers love it because they can grab a drink or a snack and then snap a picture quickly.

Best Phone Case to Make Life Easier

Keebos have so many uses, but one of the best things about them is that they enable you to get things done quicker. 

8. A Tree is Planted with Every Purchase

Whether you’re Gen Z or a millennial, chances are you care about the environment. It can be hard to get behind a company that doesn’t seem to care about their impact on the environment, and we get that. At Keebos, we’ve promised to make sure a tree is planted with every purchase of our phone cases. We do this through our partner organization, One Tree Planted.

Best iPhone Case to Make Life Easier

We also make sure that our packaging materials are free of fancy dyes and plastics. Your phone case will be sent in eco-friendly, biodegradable kraft paper. We do this to make life easier for the planet and for future generations. 

Keebos: the Ultimate Phone Case that Makes Life Easier

Best Phone Case to Make Life Easier


Keebos phone cases have been designed to make life easier. That’s why we encourage you to live a life that’s hands-free and carefree! With Keebos, you won’t drop or lose your phone, and you decrease the likelihood that anyone will be able to steal it. There’s a useful wallet on the back and an elastic strap to keep your grip on the phone at all times. Our phone cases are tough, help you act more quickly, and we even make life easier for future generations by ensuring a tree is planted with every purchase. 

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at all we have to offer and get your Keebos phone case today!

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