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Crossbody Phone Cases for All Samsung S21 Models

The S21 Ultra is the gold standard in Samsung phones right now, with amazingnew  capabilities. It’s far from Samsung’s only masterpiece, though. The S21 Plus and S21 are also great phones to have, with special features all their own. 

Each S21 has specific advantages that make them ideal for different types of people. What can we say - we love our options! If you like having several customizable choices, not only will you love your Samsung phone, but you’ll also adore keeping them in your brand new Keebos phone case! Read on for more information on how Keebos are the best crossbody phone case for S21 phones!


Get Creative with Your Samsung Phone Case

Keebos phone cases come in a wide array of colors to give you plenty of options. Are you a matchy-matchy type, or do you like mixing it up? Whatever you prefer, we’ve got ideas.

If you like matching your phone case to your phone, we recommend:

    • Clear Voyage or Sunset Keebos for your Phantom Black S21, S21 Plus, or S21 Ultra
  • Royal Onyx Keebos for your Phantom Navy or Phantom Titanium S21 Ultra
  • Royal Gold Keebos for your Phantom Gold S21 Plus
  • Camo Red Keebos for your Phantom Red S21 Plus
  • Vibrant Pink for your Phantom Pink S21


    Many of the phone cases listed above also have clear cases, so you can show off your original finish while you keep your phone secure.

    Not a fan of being too matchy? Use any of the above cases for a different colored phone. We also have Venice (pine green) and Abbott Kinney (camo green) phone cases if any of those colors tickle your fancy. Mix it up and enjoy showing off the silver, violet, gray, white, or brown finish on your S21! (Personally, we think the Venice Keebos would look really cool with the brown S21 Ultra. Earth tones for the win!)


    Keep Your Money’s Worth with Keebos

    Samsung S21 phones are tough. They can handle dust, dirt, sand, and are water-resistant… but they’re not completely indestructible. Keebos are a fantastic choice because they are drop-proof. The crossbody design allows you to keep your phone close and secure, so you won’t lose out on your investment. Samsung S21 prices range from about $250 to $600 online right now, so you’ve got plenty to lose if you drop them!


    Not only do Keebos help your phone from getting dropped, but they also allow you to keep your actual money and credit cards close at hand. When you go out for a jog or have a walking meeting at work to that coffee shop around the corner, you’ll be able to take notes on your way and pay for your coffee when you get there. Our handy 6-card wallet helps you keep your ID, cash, and/or credit cards close by. No matter where you go, your money is safe with Keebos. 


    Considering that identity theft and credit card fraud is becoming increasingly common (with 4.8 million cases in 2020 alone), Keebos are another way you can make sure your cards are secure. 

    Hold the Phone and Get More Done

    Now you know about how Keebos protect your costly Samsung S21 phones from being dropped or cracked, did you know that Keebos also help you keep your grip? Every Keebos comes with an elastic strap on the back to help you hold your phone more securely. The simple design is elegant and not nearly as in-your-face as other phone grips are. 


    Kiss Phone Anxiety Goodbye: Look Your Best

    There are several causes of phone anxiety, including nomophobia (the fear of losing/not having your phone) and the fear of dropping your smartphone, especially in places where you definitely don’t want to. The thing is, all of this anxiety isn’t good for us. Being stressed can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and wrinkles. 

    We’ve got good news for phone anxiety sufferers: you can be hands-free and carefree with Keebos! No more wondering where you’ve got it - it’ll be right there with you in the form of a crossbody phone case or worn as a lanyard. No more stressing out about dropping it - it’s impossible to drop! 

    The Best Phone Case for Samsung S21 Ultra - Never Miss a Moment with Keebos

    Samsung S21 phones have a ton of cool features, and most of those are related to the cameras. You can take 8K video footage and snap crisp photos up to 33 megapixels out of every video. The S21 Ultra has even more perks, with a 12 megapixel ultra-wide lens, 108 megapixel wide-angle camera, and 2 10-megapixel telephoto lenses. It’s even got the most powerful zoom on a smartphone: 100x space zoom! 


    All of that can’t help you, though, if you’re speeding by as a passenger and can’t free your phone from the bottom of your purse in time to get the shot. That’s where Keebos come in. With Keebos, you’ll be able to get the perfect photo or video every time, because your phone will always be close at hand. And with the help of Samsung’s Super Steady feature for videos and Zoom lock for photos, your images and videos will be flawless. 

    The Best Phone Case for Samsung S21

    Keebos are the best crossbody phone case for S21 Plus, S21, and S21 Ultra phones. They’re stylish and fun to use with any S21 finish, they keep you on your toes to get the perfect shots for Instagram, and they help you look your best since you don’t have to stress about dropping or losing your phone. You can keep your grip on your phone and protect it from being dropped, and they’re eco-friendly too! 


    Are you itching to get your hands on a Keebos Samsung crossbody phone case? Get yours today!


    PS: Crossbody Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy S22 now also available :)

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