What is the Best Motorcycle Phone Case?



Best Phone Case for Riding a Motorcycle

Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom that comes with riding a motorcycle. Everything from the purr of the engine to the feel of the wind in your hair makes you feel alive. If you love the adventurous thrill of taking your motorcycle for a spin on the open streets but don’t want to be weighed down with worry about your phone, this article is for you. 

Read on to find out why Keebos are the best motorcycle phone case!

1. Take a Walk on the Wild Side With Our Crossbody Phone Case

In the same way that everyone has a different riding style, everyone has a different fashion sense. Although few things look cooler than a black motorcycle jacket, we offer several phone case styles just in case you feel like bucking the norm. 



Here are some of the more colorful styles we offer:

  • Royal Gold - a clear case with a gold chain
  • Beach - a clear case with a woven red (beige, and blue) cord
  • Venice - a clear case with a pine green cord
  • Rose - an all-pink case 
  • Abbot Kinney - a camo green case
  • Flower - a clear case with a vibrant pink cord



And if you love black motorcycle jackets, that’s cool too - we have five different kinds of black cases! Here they are:

  • Sunset - clear case, gold accents, black cord
  • Midnight - all-black case
  • Royal Onyx - clear case with a black chain
  • Voyage Clear - clear case with black removable straps
  • Voyage - All-black case with removable straps

2. Don’t Send Your Phone Flying

We never think it will happen to us, but cautionary tales are there for a reason. Bikers have had their phones fly out of their motorcycle mounts, but if you’re on a side street, the damage should be minimal. Chances are it won’t be run over by anyone before you get to it, and you won’t have been going fast enough to give it a serious pummeling. How do I keep my phone safe when riding a motorcyle? 




The person in this video wasn’t that lucky - as you can see, his phone flew out of his mount without any warning - forcing him to pull off to the side of the road and run back down a busy highway to get to it. As can be expected, it was so badly damaged that it wouldn’t even turn on. 

There’s another reason not to use phone mounts though.

3. …Or Break Your Phone Camera 

If you’ve got an iPhone, you should avoid using most phone mounts. Why? Because your iPhone cameras can’t handle the power of your hog!

Apple has released a statement that “exposing your iPhone to high amplitude vibrations… specifically those generated by high-power motorcycle engines, can degrade the performance of the camera system.” IFIXIT published the article linked above about this warning and how Brian Chen of the New York Times had to learn his lesson the hard way: via two broken iPhone cameras. He’s not the only one - several other motorcyclists have had the same issue. 


Keebos are a great motorcycle iPhone case because they prevent you from causing irreversible damage to your iPhone camera. Don’t write the headstone for your iPhone camera - just use Keebos. They’ll keep your phone close and prevent you from dropping it, whether you’re on the road or walking around. 

4. Get a Case as Tough as You Are

As a biker, you’ve got to be tough - there’s nothing between you and the road except a helmet and whatever you’re wearing. Like you, Keebos phone cases are tough - our phone cases are shockproof, with 4-corner bumper protection and a raised lip to protect your front screen and cameras. 


Despite all that protection, our phone cases aren’t bulky. Consider our phone cases a little leather jacket for your phone. 

5. Pop Into Biker Bars with Ease 

If we can make your life easier, we figure “Why not?” That’s why we’ve also added a convenient wallet to every phone. Our phone wallets can hold up to 6 cards, including your ID and any credit cards you carry. The next time you hit the biker bars, you’ll have a quick and easy way to pay the bartender.


Keebos wallets can also hold cash, making them an ideal solution whether you’re old-school or prefer Google Pay. (Psst - even if you use Google Pay, your wallet can hold business cards or napkins with phone numbers on them.)

In addition to the wallets, Keebos come with an elastic band to make them easier to hold. This is especially handy for iPhone 13 Pro Max users, but would also be a great idea for anyone who has a Samsung S22 Ultra since they’re both large phones. 

Are you dying to get your hands on the best phone case for riding a motorcycle? Then get a Keebos crossbody phone case today and hit the highway in style. Nothing can stop you now!

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