What is the Best Phone Case for the Samsung S22?

What is the Best Phone Case for the Samsung S22 Ultra

The Best Phone Case for Samsung S22?

Need to know what is the best phone case for S22 Plus, S22, and S22 Ultra? You’re in luck! In this article, we’ll go over all the benefits of crossbody phone cases, the best phone cases out right now!

Some of the advantages are never dropping your phone, being able to hold even large phones in one hand, and keeping everything in one place. Read on for more information!


1. Never Drop or Lose Your Phone Again

The best Samsung S22 phone case is more than just a rubber brick that protects your phone while preventing you from showing off its finish. Rather than a phone case that’s built with the expectation of being dropped, our phone cases prevent you from dropping the phone in the first place. We do this by adding one simple element: a cord, strap, or chain for each phone case. 

Whether you’re notorious for dropping the phone in the washing machine or on hard concrete, Keebos phone cases for the Samsung S22 will prevent you from ever dropping your phone at all.


With Keebos, you won’t have any more broken screens and you’ll drastically reduce the number of times you’ll need to get your phone repaired - protecting the investment you made on your S22. 

“Hands-free and carefree” is a way of life for us here - and part of that is also the ability to know where your phone is at all times. For those of us who are forgetful (or just so busy that we don’t have time to keep track of everything), Keebos are an amazing way to make sure your phone is with you at all times. You won’t have to set your phone down ever again! 


2. Has a Sleek Wallet (Everything in One Place)

At Keebos, we wanted to keep you from having to dig your phone out of your pocket or purse, but we also took it one step further by adding a wallet on the back. 

That’s right - you won’t have to unearth your phone or wallet from the depths of your purse, diaper bag, or backpack anymore. Our phone case wallet has room for up to 6 cards, making it easier to pay in the checkout line than ever before. 

best phone case for Samsung galaxy s22 ultra

The Keebos wallet has an opening that allows you to easily slide cards in and out, enabling you to keep your ID, credit cards, and cash inside. The wallet comes with a flap that you can tuck in to keep everything securely in place as you go about your day. Our customers call it the best s22 case, which we are grateful about. 

best phone case for samsung s22

3. Easily Hold Your Samsung S22 in One Hand

What is the best phone case for S22 Ultra? Keebos, of course! Keebos have a special feature that other crossbody phone case brands don’t!


The S22 Ultra is a very large phone and can be unwieldy when you’re trying to hold it in one hand. We fixed that problem with our simple and chic phone straps. They’re so effective at helping you hold your phone that they’re recommended by physical therapists because they prevent patients from hurting themselves as they hold their phones all day. 

what is the best phone case for samsung s22

4. One Tree is Planted with Every Purchase

Keebos are the environmentally-friendly phone case choice because we make sure a tree is planted with every phone case purchase. We’re happy to partner with the organization One Tree Planted to make it happen. Their tree-planting efforts have far-reaching benefits, not just to those of us in North America, but also in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. 


s22 samsung best phone case keebos


Most recently, One Tree Planted has been helping with reforestation efforts in British Columbia, helping to restore areas that have been ravaged by wildfires. Our commitment to replanting trees is a natural extension of our gratitude for our customers, who are often hikers and love being out in nature. 

Another thing we do to contribute to the earth is to send our phone cases out in eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable packaging. We do this to reduce waste and hopefully make the world a better place through our efforts.

5. The Stars Love Keebos Crossbody Phone Cases

If you love seeing what the celebrities are up to and trying new products that they love, you’ll be excited to know that Keebos are popular with celebrities! In fact, several celebs have been spotted with Keebos, including Eva Longoria, Tori Spelling, Maria Menounos, and more!





Most recently, actress Gina Rodriguez and influencer Lezl Koe were seen with Keebos. Keep an eye on our Instagram page though, we’re constantly updating it as we find new pictures of celebs, models, and influencers wearing Keebos!

6. The Perfect Samsung S22 Phone Case for Any Situation

Keebos are popular with celebrities and everyone else because they work great in nearly any situation. Whether you’re traveling, going to a wedding, hiking, or just need an all-in-one phone case, we’ve got you covered. There’s a reason why we consistently get rave reviews from mommas, fashionistas, festivalgoers, and more! 

Want to get the best phone case for S22 on the market today? Then get your hands on Keebos, and start living hands-free and carefree!


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