Bandolier for Samsung Phones (Better Alternative)

Bandolier for Samsung Phones

Bandolier Crossbody Phone Case Alternative for Samsung Phones

bandolier phone case for samsung phones

If you loved Bandolier phone cases before you found out that they don’t make specific phone cases for Samsung anymore, don’t worry. There’s another better option out there for you!

We Love Options: Phone Styles You’ll Adore

Keebos phone cases are gorgeous. We make them in a variety of colors and styles so they’ll suit your individual tastes and you can nail any look you’re going for. 


Do you like a preppy look, or do you prefer a tough girl look that tells the world you can handle anything? Want something classy and elegant, or do you prefer an industrial look? We’ve got something for everyone here, including alternatives to Bandolier for Samsung Note 20 Ultra!

Here are some examples of the phone cases we offer:

  • Samsung Z Fold3 phone case. This phone case is made specifically for the Z Fold 3 using the same chain as the Royal phone cases come with. You can choose between whether you want a Gold chain or an Onyx chain. We even have an option for girls who want to have it all - you can get both! We also have the bandolier style phone case for the Z Fold4 now.


  • Clear crossbody case with black cord and gold accents. This comes with a luxurious cord that has gold accents - making it a phone case you can easily dress up or down. 

    bandolier for samsung phone

    Camo green phone case. The camo case works great for those who love a tough look. It’s got gold accents on it and has a clear case. 
    Red crossbody case. This phone case is woven with red, beige, and blue fibers, making it a great addition to any Fourth of July BBQ!
    Pink crossbody case. This one is cute and feminine, with a vibrant pink cord and gold accents along with a clear case that shows off your phone’s finish!
    bandolier for samsung galaxy
  • Voyage case. Men and women who love versatility get this phone case. It has an industrial look to it with strong, detachable straps, enabling you to use it as a wallet phone or a crossbody phone case. 
  • bandolier-samsung-galaxy-cases

    Style and Grace, All in One Place

    When you’re out running errands, it can be such a hassle to dig in your purse for a phone, and then dig in your purse all over again for your wallet when it’s time to pay. 


    bandolier for samsung galaxy s 23


    Keebos are like a Bandolier for Samsung S21 phones because they have a handy wallet on the back that holds up to 7 cards. You can store your ID and credit cards there, or you can put some cash into the wallet if you’re more old-school. 

    bandolier for samsung galaxy




    Just think how awesome you’ll look when you’re getting your coffee and it’s time to pay. You’ll casually grab your card from the Keebos and everyone behind you in line will love you for getting in and out of line quickly enough for them to be caffeinated too. It’s a win-win! This bandolier phone case for Samsung by Keebos will keep you handsfree and carefree in style! 




    Keebos also come with an elastic band that helps you hold onto your phone - even if it’s a bigger Samsung phone, like the S22 Ultra, which has a screen size of a whopping 6.8 inches. 


    This strap comes in extra handy when you’re laying in bed and scrolling through social media on your phone, or looking at your Netflix queue for something to watch. If you’ve ever accidentally dropped your phone on your face, you’ll know why that little elastic band is so important!

    Considering how badly Adam Sandler injured his face with his phone, maybe you shouldn’t leave it on the end of your bed anymore either. We’ve got some of the best-looking customers on Instagram, and we’d hate for you to hurt yourself!

    Get More Happy Trees: Bandolier for Samsung S21

    Keebos are an amazing Bandolier alternative for Samsung users because we make sure that our phone cases help the planet. With every phone case purchase, we make sure that a tree is planted. We do this through our partnership with the organization One Tree Planted


    One Tree Planted is currently helping with reforestation efforts in British Columbia after a massive fire (the Haceville fire) burned over 590,000 acres in 2017. Natural reforestation has not happened, so One Tree Planted is working to improve the forest soils, ecosystems, wildlife, and water quality by planting more trees in the area. 

    By purchasing a Keebos phone case, you will help with reforestation in the parts of the world that need it most - making the world a better place one phone case at a time. 

    bandolier phone case for samsung galaxy

    In addition to our support of One Tree Planted, we package and ship our phone cases in sustainable craft paper. It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable, and compostable. We do this because we want to reduce waste as much as possible and contribute to a healthier planet. 

    Many of our clients enjoy hiking and being out in nature, so taking measures to ensure that the planet is a healthy place to live is another way that we are caring for our amazing customers.

    Stay Sassy, Hands-Free, and Carefree with Keebos

    Of course, the most obvious reason for Samsung users to get Keebos is that you’ll never drop your phone again. 


    Our phone cases can be worn as a lanyard or on your left or right side as a crossbody phone case, enabling you to get on with your life instead of worrying about dropping your phone. Considering how many people drop their phones every year (74%, according to Statista), Keebos are a fantastic investment. 


    Here’s a play by play of how it would go if you “dropped your phone case” wearing Keebos:

    • You decide not to use the elastic band to hold your phone
    • You start to lose your grip, and your phone begins to fall
    • Instead of crashing to the ground, your phone is “caught” by your Keebos cord
    • Your phone swings harmlessly back to your hip or chest
    • You grab your phone and continue with what you were doing

     bandolier for samsung galaxy S23




    It’s just that easy! No more phone damage - no more taking your phone in to be serviced because the port or screen got messed up, or you dropped it in water. Instead, you get to enjoy your phone as long as possible, knowing that it’s protected and safe. 


    Bandolier Dupe - Nope - Celebs even love our Phone Case with Strap



    As seen above, Eva Longoria loves her Keebos bandolier dupe. We go a step further with our phone cases to make sure your phone is always protected. Every Keebos phone case is durable and comes with four-corner bumper protection that absorbs shocks and impacts to your phone. Keebos crossbody phone cases can be called a bandolier dupe, but it comes with many great features, such as the tough connector rings to ensure your phone case stays attached.

    Also check out our article best bandolier alternative for Samsung users. A new update is that we also have all of our crossbody phone cases now available for Google Pixel phones. The Google Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro are getting very popular right now. 

    Read on to learn more about why Keebos are a great alternative to Bandolier for Samsung S22 phones, along with older-model Samsung phones!




    Our phone cases also have a 3-millimeter raised lip that protects your front screen and camera - so even if your phone did bang against something hard, it’d be protected. Call it a bandolier knockoff, but Keebos its own brand and a better more affordable way to carry your phone.

    Want to get your hands on a phone case like Bandolier for Samsung phones? Then check out our collection of phone cases today. We’ve got everything you could ever want in a hands-free crossbody phone case!


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    Hey Anne and Pearl, on the product page you can select your exact Samsung model. We have Keebos for Samsung phones. Please let me know if you have any other questions :) Thank you, Emily from Keebos


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S23+. Do you have a crossbody for this phone please?

    Pearl Friedman

    I need a size Samsung s22+

    Anne Thiessen

    I love my Keebos case!! I have the sunset and the royal gold one and get compliments on them all the time. Really like this alternative, bandolier for samsung.


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