Ergonomic Phone Case for People In Physical Therapy


Ergonomic Phone Case

The job of a physical therapist is to get their patients back on track, rebuild muscle and strength lost from injuries, and manage patient pain while improving their movement. The process can be frustrating and discouraging for patients, so physical therapists are important cheerleaders on the road to recovery. 


ergonomic phone case

In this article, we’ll talk about why physical therapists love Keebos phone cases - and why Keebos are the most ergonomic crossbody phone case available. 

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You Don’t Have to Hold Your Phone All Day

Rule number one of recovery from a hand injury is to rest it - but for most people, being able to access their phones all day is non-negotiable. Although physical therapy may be required to regain the full function of your hand, that information may not be enough to persuade you to get off your phone. 


After all, if you’re like the average American, you check your phone upwards of 262 times a day (or every 5.5 minutes or less)! A physical therapist trying to get you to rest your hand has only two choices: 

  • Remind you that you shouldn’t be on your phone until you’re both sick of hearing it
  • Find an ergonomic solution that will cause the least damage possible as you recover

ergonomic phone case

Physical therapists who know not to skate around inevitable phone use recommend Keebos. In fact, one of our clients recently reached out to us to say that she loves our product because it’s the only crossbody phone case that comes with a finger loop. 

Here a great message from one of our customers who explained why Keebos is such an amazing case for people in physical therapy:


She says, “I’m a physical therapist and tell my patients they cannot hold their phones all day in their hands… with a child and a puppy I now need to be hands-free all the time! The other big brand people wear doesn’t have the sling to hold the phone more ergonomically. Thank you for designing something for all of us practical yet cool moms!”

Your Phone is Safe from Mishaps Caused by a Weak Grip

When you’re struggling to recover from an injury, it takes time to rebuild the muscle that you lost. During that interim period, you might find yourself dropping things more often.


Phones can be extremely expensive, though, so the last thing you want to do is to drop your phone on the ground and watch helplessly as the screen cracks. Phone repair also costs a pretty penny, whether you’re fixing the screen, repairing a damaged port, or something else. 

Depending on your provider, it can also take a long time for your phone to be repaired (weeks at a time, possibly) - and you don’t want to be out a phone for all that time. 



Keebos ergonomic iPhone case prevents all of that from happening because you don’t have to worry about dropping or damaging your phone when you’re wearing it. Keebos can also deter potential thieves from stealing your phone since your phone case is out in the open and you’d know right away if the phone was missing.   


The Practical and Stylish Choice for Everyone

As our new customer said, physical therapists love how practical and cool Keebos are. They’re an awesome choice for people who want to look great without worrying about where their phones are all the time. 


Many of the style and color phone case options that we carry go well with any outfit, but if you’re ever unsure of which phone case you like best, they’re priced so reasonably that you could get both! Here are our favorite style suggestions for Keebos:

  • Sunset and Midnight cases go with everything. Sunset has a touch of elegance to it, so we call it the “little black dress” of phone cases. 
  • Royal phone cases achieve a more elegant or formal look. Both the Gold and Onyx Royal case would be great for weddings.
  • Feeling casual? Beach and Abbot Kinney cases will work great for you. The Abbot Kinney has a bit of a “tough girl” feel to it while the Beach is a more “free-spirited” vibe.
  • Want to rock your femme side? Then get an all-pink Rose case or gold and pink Flower case. The Rose case is a lighter shade of pink, while Flower is more vibrant. 
  • Want to make your friends green with jealousy? Then get the Venice case, which is a nice pine green color with gold accents. 
  • For an urban look, check out the Black or Clear Voyage phone case. Our Voyage cases have detachable straps so you can wear them as wallet phone cases or crossbody phone cases - whichever you feel like doing at the moment!
ergonomic phone cases

Here at Keebos, we’ve got every phone case you can possibly imagine - so get an ergonomic crossbody phone case today and enjoy the hands-free and carefree lifestyle (without making your physical therapist mad)!

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