Phone Case for People with a Broken Arm



Phone Case for People with a Broken Arm


Hurting your arm or wrist is a painful experience - and adjusting your life to accommodate for the injury is tough too. You’ve got to re-learn how to get dressed in the morning, how to shower and bathe, how to apply makeup with one hand, and more. Anything you can find to make your life easier during this time of transition is welcome - which is why we wanted to write this article. 

Keebos are an ideal phone case for people with a broken wrist or a broken arm. It allows you to get more done with one hand, making it a helpful phone case for people with one arm, whether it’s because the other arm is paralyzed, immobilized due to a cast, or completely gone due to amputation, etc. 

In this article, we’ll talk about why Keebos are an important addition to your daily routine as you adjust post-injury. Keebos can prevent you from dropping your phone, allow you to keep a better grip on your phone, and provide easy access to your ID cards and wallet. You can still be as gorgeous as ever while you rock your Keebos, and you can take calls from friends and family more easily with Keebos phone cases.

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Don’t Make Dropping Your Phone More Painful

phone case for people with broken arm wrist

Nobody wants to drop their phone, but when you can only use one of your hands to hold the phone, it’s more likely to happen. If you’ve got a larger phone (like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which has a 6.7 inch display), it can be especially difficult to keep your grip.

When most people begin to drop their phones, they immediately move to rescue the phone. Injured or not, phone users want to avoid getting a cracked phone screen. If you’ve got a broken arm, this means you could wind up trying to use the hand on your hurt arm to catch your phone - making your condition even worse or causing a flare-up of pain. 


It already hurts to drop your phone because you end up with a cracked screen and a potential phone repair bill - but when you’ve got an arm injury and you try to catch it, you could end up in far worse shape than your phone would.

With Keebos crossbody phone cases, you don’t need to worry about dropping your phone, which means that you’ll minimize the risk of re-injuring yourself like you would if you lost your grip without Keebos. If you “drop your phone” with Keebos, the worst that happens is that your phone swings back against your body, landing against your hip or on your chest/stomach area (depending on how you wear it). No more stress, and no more hurting your injured arm by trying to salvage your phone!

A friend of our founder, recently sent us this text message:


Avoid a Case of “Phone Face”

Picture this: you’re laying down in bed, relaxing after a long day. You hop on Instagram, scroll through your feed, then decide to watch Emily in Paris on Netflix. You’re looking through the episode list, trying to find where you left off, when you lose your grip and - BAM! - your phone lands right on your face. Smacked in the face by your own phone.


Has that ever happened to you before? (No? Just us?)

Well, if you’ve ever been a victim of “phone face” like the rest of us, you’ll know how badly it hurts (even if you don’t end up in the hospital for the injury). One of the great features of Keebos phone cases is that they come with a luxurious elastic band in the back so that you can keep your grip on your phone.

When you can only hold your phone with one hand, the elastic band is even more important, safeguarding your beautiful face from being pummeled by your phone! Avoid an “Et tu, Brute?” situation where your phone adds insult to injury. (Honestly, how dare your phone try to smack you in the face when you’re already recovering from a broken wrist or arm?!)

Pay Anywhere with Just One Hand


When you go from being able to use both hands to having only one hand to complete tasks, it can be a tough adjustment. Things as simple as paying for your coffee order can become complicated. First, you need to unzip or unsnap your purse, then fumble around in it looking for your wallet. Once you’ve grabbed your wallet from the depths of your purse, you open it up (another zip or snap), slide your card out, and then hand it to the cashier. 

Once you’ve paid, you’ve got to do it all over again (but in reverse). Put your card away, close up your wallet, shove the wallet into your purse and close up the purse. Congratulations - you barely started your day and you’re already exhausted!


With Keebos, it’s easy to pay for your coffee. Simply open the wallet on the back of the phone case and slide your card out, hand it to the cashier, and put it back when you’re done. It’s so simple that you can easily do it with one hand without flubbing (or dying of embarrassment because a line is forming behind you). 

The Keebos wallet can hold up to 6 cards, so you can use it even if you’re buying drinks for happy hour and the bartender asks for ID. How’s that for convenience?

Take Calls from Friends Checking on You

Along the line of the earlier example, you’re going to need a way to quickly answer your phone when you’ve got one arm out of commission. Keebos lanyard phone cases allow you to pick up your phone at a moment’s notice, instead of attempting to dig it out of your purse one-handed.

Not only will you be able to take calls from friends who are checking in on you to see how you’re doing, but you’ll also have your phone nearby in case you need to call or text someone in an emergency. With Keebos, you’ll keep your phone within reach so you can easily get a hold of people while you recover. 

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Keep Looking Cute with Keebos

When you have an injury, it can be difficult to feel cute. It’s not that you’re any less adorable than you’ve always been - you’re still a queen! It’s just that it’s so much more exhausting to put on your makeup and get dressed in the morning. Do what you feel is best during this time - if you wanna rock comfy clothes, be our guest! We won’t judge you. 


Even with your comfortable clothes on, you can wear Keebos and know you look put together as you keep your phone close by. Keebos are a super cute lanyard ID holder for phones that you can coordinate with your outfits - whether you choose a basic black phone case, a pink one, or another color. In fact, we’ve even released a Keebos style handbook based on the looks we’ve seen our fans sporting with their phone cases!

Broken Arm or Wrist? Use Keebos!


Keebos are a great phone case for people with a broken arm, broken wrist, or those who only have one arm free for their tasks. We’ve talked before about how Keebos are the best phone case for people who are disabled because they’re a phenomenal way to keep your phone, ID and cards within reach. Our goal is to enable you to be hands-free and carefree, whether you have full use of both arms or not!

Keebos phone cases are available for nearly every model of iPhone and Samsung and come in a variety of colors and styles- so grab one today to make your life a little easier!

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