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What Phone Case Does the Woman in Emily in Paris Have?



We get asked that question a lot, and the short answer is: The woman in Emily in Paris has a crossbody phone case.

Not only does it look fashionable but it's also super convenient! No more breaking your screen and forgetting your smartphone in random places. Not only can you wear your phone like a purse, you can also store cards and cash in the wallet that is attached to the case. 

Everyone’s been talking about the phone case featured on Emily in Paris - but there have actually been two phone cases featured on the show. In this article, we’ll talk about both of the Emily in Paris phone cases, and we’ll tell you more about the episode that features crossbody phone cases. Let’s get started!

A lot of keebos customers have reached out to us since, the spotting of the case. 

The first memorable phone case is the Awsaccy iPhone case. 





The second phone on Emily in Paris is a Beach  crossbody phone case. 

The soft rope is attached to the phone case and helps you stay handsfree and carefree. It helps you carry your phone like a purse. Call it a phone purse!

Not only is the accessory fashionable and will draw a lot of compliments from strangers, it is also super convenient. Are you a multitasker, or constantly misplace, drop and lose your phone? Then this Emily in Paris Phone Case will be perfect for you! 

The soft cord attached to the phone case helps users stay hands-free and carefree. Busy people like Madeline can take it on the go anywhere. Whether you’re at home in the states or you’re traveling abroad, this phone case purse is a must-have.






What is Emily in Paris About?

Emily in Paris is an M-rated Netflix show written by Darren Star, the creator of Sex and the City. The show is about an ambitious 20-something woman who got a dream job in Paris after her company acquired a French luxury brand. As she adjusts to her new life abroad, cultures clash, and Emily struggles to balance her career, friendships, and romantic relationships.

What Phone Case Does the Woman in Emily in Paris Have?




What kind of phone does Emily in Paris use? In show, the person responsible for Emily’s new adventures is her boss, Madeline, who discovers she is pregnant and is unable to travel to Paris for her job. Instead, she offers it to Emily, who is more than happy to take it. The "Emily in Paris iPhone Case" is a trendy and convenient crossbody phone case. 

emily in paris iphone case

Pearl Wristlet From Emily in Paris

Keebos also sells the popular pearl strap from Emily in Paris. 

Our beautifully crafted faux-pearls wristlet is one of our favorite new accessories. 


pearl wristlet from Emily in Paris


The Emily in Paris pear wristlet is a new customers' favorite!

Make sure you get yourself a phone case with connector rings, so that you can attach the pearl strap to your phone. 



*** Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen Season 2 Episode 9 yet***

Emily in Paris Season 2 Episode 9 features a very-pregnant Madeline who makes an unexpected trip to Paris to investigate financial issues with the luxury company they’ve acquired. At the party, Emily’s love interest and Madeline make shocking discoveries. In that same episode, Madeline wears Beach Keebos to hold her phone as she confronts the owner of the luxury brand.  

The Madeline wheeler phone case in season 3, shows how perfectly it combines fashion with function. 

This Mindy Emily in Paris phone case is a real eye catcher and combines fashion with function. 


emily in paris accessories


For Madeline, Paris means pregnancy and problems - but at least her phone is protected!


***Spoiler Alert is over - feel free to read the rest of this article!***


Emily in Paris outfits are known for being chic and fun - and this episode is no exception. It was a nice surprise for Keebos fans to see their phone case brand featured alongside Madeline’s fuchsia asymmetrical mock-cowl dress and red sweater.

Not only do Keebos look fashionable but they’re also super convenient! No more breaking your screen and forgetting your smartphone in random places. You can wear your phone like a purse, and you can also store cards and cash in the wallet that is attached to the case. The Emily in Paris Mindy phone case is a must-have for anyone that loves to combine fashion with convenience. 

Stay handsfree, carefree and happy with a better way to carry your cell phone. 

Get your Emily in Paris phone strap case today! 

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