Best Phone Case for Traveling in 2022

Best Phone Case for Traveling in 2022


7 Reasons Why This is the Best Case for Traveling

The secret is out - Keebos are the best phone case for traveling. Keebos are among the best travel accessories for several reasons. You can keep your phone accessible in case of emergency, store cash and ID cards, and take plenty of travel photos for your Instagram with the help of Keebos. 

1. Take Plenty of Travel Shots

Best Cell Phone Case for Traveling

Since you’ll be wearing your Keebos, you never have to worry about missing out on photo opportunities while you travel. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, Keebos can keep your phone safe. While you’re out exploring the world, you can catch that perfect beach sunset or shots of your friends being ridiculous. 

2. Store Your Cash and ID


When you’re traveling, you want to experience all that your travel experience has to offer, without lugging around a heavy bag all the time. Keebos are perfect for events like Coachella, where you’ll need to have your ID, cash, and cards on hand. It’s lightweight and fits on you just like a crossbody bag or necklace would. It’s a great solution, whether you want to buy some merch from a vendor or grab some tasty food while you enjoy your favorite bands!

3. Keebos Keep Your Phone Accessible


With Keebos, you’ll have less to worry about when you’re scrambling to make it to the next TSA security checkpoint. Instead of being stressed that you’ll lose your phone, ID, or cards, you’ll have them physically on you and available. You can even show your boarding pass using your phone and then let your phone swing back to its place on your hip!

Keebos owner Chelsea Moon was visiting her friend in Germany and noted that Keebos helped on the trip. She realized that the doorbell in his lobby was broken and that she’d need to call him to get in the building. She had layers of clothes on, and if she weren’t wearing her phone as a necklace, she would have missed the call because her phone was on silent. Keebos help make sure you’re never left out in the cold! 

4. Wear It However You Want


Whether you prefer to wear your Keebos as a necklace or a cross-body bag, Keebos will keep your phone safe and close by. Feel free to switch it up as needed, too, alternating from having it rest on one shoulder to the other, or wearing it as a necklace. We’re all about versatility here, which is why we made sure our cases were durable enough for a long night out with the girls at a bachelorette party

5. Multitask Like a Pro with Keebos


Multitasking can be rough, especially for new parents with several little ones. There’s nothing more valuable than time spent with your kids, so your phone is usually the last thing you’re thinking about. With Keebos, you don’t have to overthink where you’ve got your phone. It’s there, whether you need to ask for directions or take a photo of your adorable kids! That’s why Keebos are a great choice for traveling moms who need to multitask!

6. Match Every Outfit You Pack


Women love to have options, and there are plenty of options with Keebos! All you’ve got to do is visit the Keebos product page to see that we offer nearly every color imaginable for our cases.

Some of the options available are: 

  • Black cord, gold accents, and clear case (Sunset)
  • All black case (Midnight)
  • Woven red with clear case and gold accents (Beach)
  • Pine green cord, gold accents, and clear case (Venice)
  • Camo green cord, gold accents, and clear case (Abbot Kinney)
  • All pink case, cord, and accents (Rose)
  • Pink cord, gold accents, and clear case (Flower)
  • Gold chain with clear case (Royal Gold)
  • Black metal chain with clear case (Royal Onyx)
  • All black case with detachable straps (Voyage)
  • Clear case with black detachable straps (Clear Voyage) *NEW!*


7. For Nearly Every Phone Type


We’ve got Keebos that are compatible with iPhones, as well as cases for Samsung users. Our cases work with the newest iPhones all the way down to the iPhone 5/5S/SE first generation. That’s right, we have plenty of the best iPhone case for traveling! Our Samsung Cases are compatible with everything from the S21 down to the Samsung S9 or S9 Plus. If you’re not sure what phone model you have, message us. We’d be happy to help you figure it out! 

Keebos: the Best Phone Case for Traveling

Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re hiking or snowboarding, Keebos is the best travel accessory you could ever need! You can get plenty of travel photos to upload on Instagram, securely store your valuables, and wear it any way you want. Not only that - they match practically any outfit and are compatible with almost every phone type. They’re the perfect phone case for traveling, and at just $34.90, they’re super affordable too. Get your Keebos today!


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