Keebos Phone Lanyard for Travel - A 2024 Must-Have Accessory

phone lanyard for travel

Have you ever felt stressed at the airport looking for your ID, Phone, boarding pass, wallet and it really stressed you out?

Never again with Keebos Phone Lanyard Case for travel. Your best friend when it comes to traveling. Keep your hands free and your important belongings in one place. 

When traveling the thought of dropping and worst case losing my phone makes me anxious misplacing,. This is why I love to travel with my Keebos cell phone lanyard phone case. 


Here are my favorite 6 reasons explaining how Keebos will help you when traveling:

1. Hang your Phone Around your Neck like a Necklace or Crossbody

phone lanyard for travel

Smartphones are getting bigger and more expensive. Often when traveling, you don't have pockets big enough to fit your phone in, and when you do your phone can still slip out and break. This is why it's so much easier to hang your phone around your neck and have it easily accessible and close to you. 

2. Comes with Wallet for IDs & Cash

When hiking or spending time outdoors, you might not want to bring a purse or backpack. You can just bring your phone lanyard when traveling, store your IDs & Cash in the back of the case, and you're good to go. Often our pants don't have pockets big enough for our phones, so your lanyard case for traveling will be the perfect accessory. Also learn more here on the best phone case for hiking.

3. Keeps your Phone Close and Accessible

Have you ever had the perfect picture in mind, but couldn't grab your phone fast enough? With the lanyard phone case you will have your phone close and accessible and will never again miss that unforgettable picture. BONUS feature is the elastic strap on the back of the case. That makes it easy to hold your phone in one hand, when taking a picture. Especially if you have a bigger phone, this function is a game changer.


4. It's Secure

The phone stays securely in the case at all times. Also the phone case has a 4-bumper protection on the corners, and a 4mm raised lip, so that if the phone should it a surface it's well protected. Having your phone close to you on your body, also keeps it from being stolen out of your pocket. 

phone lanyard for travelling

5. It's Fashionable

Not only is the Keebos travel lanyard phone case super functional, you will also get many compliments on the looks and uniqueness of the product. It comes in many different beautiful colors and just compliments any outfit. Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Maria Menenous and Tori Spelling have recently been seen wearing their cell phone lanyards in public. 


6. It's Affordable 

For all the benefits you will receive from Keebos phone necklace, it's really affordable being under $30. Lastly, for each product purchased one tree is planted by Keebos through their One Tree Planted Promise. 

phone lanyard for travel




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