Best Phone Case for People on the Go

Best Phone Case for People on the Go


Phone Case for Those on the Go

Busy people are always looking for time to carve out of their schedules. When you’re running to and from appointments and meetings, you need to be like a well-oiled machine, which means that you’ve got to have the best tools available.

Crossbody phone cases are the best phone case for people on the go because they provide a huge advantage: your phone will always be right there in case you need it. 

Stay on Top of Your Schedule


If you rely on your Google Calendar to schedule appointments, meetings, and get-togethers with your friends, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of digging around in the bottom of your purse, trying to pull out your phone while people behind you are waiting to sign in or schedule their own appointments. 

With Keebos, there’s no digging required. Simply grab your phone from its place on your hip and schedule your meeting. 

Have Your Phone When You Need It


Whether you need your phone’s GPS to find that elusive 20’s speakeasy where your friend’s throwing her Roaring 20’s party or you want to snap some Instagram-worthy photos of the evening, Keebos make sure you have your phone when you need it. It’s stylish but still manages to stay out of the way while you’re enjoying a night on the town with friends. 

Pay Any Way You Want

What’s your preferred method of payment? Are you a digital wallet person, or are you a bit more old-school, preferring debit or credit cards? Or are you super old-fashioned and prefer to carry around cold, hard cash? No matter what payment method you prefer, Keebos has a place for your money. 

The small wallet on the back is just large enough to hold 6 cards or some cash. Prefer a digital wallet? Your phone will always be close by, so you can pay with a digital wallet whenever you want!

Keep Your ID with You, Too

phone case for people on the go


Even if your preferred payment method is a digital wallet, you’ll need your ID if you’re going bar-hopping or buying drinks at a festival. The wallet on the back of your Keebos will make sure that your ID is safe and secure at all times, whether you’re hitting the clubs or jamming out to some amazing music. 

Keep Your Keys Close By

Keebos are now even more handy than ever, because of our simply stylish gold key clips. With this new product, you can have your keys nearby so you can quickly re-enter your home or vehicle after a quick jog, walk, or hike. 

This safety tip is super-important, especially if you’re walking home in the dark. Shady criminals of all kinds keep a lookout for easy targets, and if you’re looking down into your purse outside your home or apartment building, they may try to make you their next victim. By having your keys clipped onto your phone case, you can make it back inside to a safer area before they have time to think. 

Don’t Lose Your Phone and Slow Down



When you’re busy, you know how precious your time is, but it can be easy to become frazzled as you shuffle from one activity to another. Those high-stress situations (when you’re trying to make it somewhere on time) can be notoriously difficult because they cause you to do things you wouldn’t normally do. 

Setting your phone down somewhere during these moments is a recipe for disaster: soon you’ll realize you’re missing it and need to take another 10-15 minutes to look for it, putting you even further behind schedule. By having your phone on you at all times, you avoid this time-wasting activity. 

Your Phone Won’t Get Stolen

phone case for people on the go

Thieves love to take what isn’t theirs - but not if they’re worried they’re going to get caught. By having your Keebos on you at all times, you reduce the likelihood that someone will try to take it from you - after all, you’d likely notice if someone were trying to steal it out from under your nose. 

people on the go iphone case

Many people don’t get their phones back (and the ones who do may take days to recover them). About half of people whose phones are stolen report a time and productivity loss. Nearly one in 10 had their identity stolen and 12% experienced fraudulent charges on their account. Keebos can help prevent that from happening, so if you want to keep your busy life “full speed ahead,” get Keebos!

Keebos: the Phone Case for People on the Go

people on the go cell phone case

Keebos are compatible with Samsung phones of every type as well as iPhones, making it the best iPhone case for people on the go too! With Keebos, you can enjoy all the benefits of having your phone close by, being able to pay any way you want and keep your ID with you. You can easily grab your keys and you’ll have a lower likelihood of losing your phone or it being stolen - which means you can maximize your time in other ways.

Keebos are the ultimate phone case for people on the go, so what are you waiting for? Get your Keebos phone case today!

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