How to Keep Your Phone Safe at Festivals

How to Keep Your Phone Safe at Festivals

how to keep your phone safe at festivals anti theft

7 Tips To Keep Your Phone Safe at Festivals

Want to know how to not lose your phone at a festival? Festivals are a blast, but nothing will kill that adrenaline and excitement like the gut-wrenching feeling of losing your phone!

In this blog, we’ll share what to do to keep your phone at a festival. Read on for tips on how to keep your phone safe! 


1. Download an App to Track Your Phone


If you don’t have a Find My iPhone or Google Find My Device app on your phone, you need to download it right away. Before the festival, make sure you have it downloaded. These apps help you track your phone and call it so you can either get it back or erase your data on it if you’re sure you won’t get it back.

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need to do this?!” Well, if you want your phone back, you should. If you think that you won’t get your phone stolen at a festival, let us just remind you that in 2017, almost 200 festival goers’ phones were stolen. And guess what? They got them back because they had apps like these installed - so do it!


2. Set a Lock Screen to Deter Thieves


Make sure your passcode is somewhat complex, not something phone thieves will easily guess like “0000” or “1234.” Alternatively, you can use the fingerprint scanner to unlock your phone. 

Losing your phone is pretty bad, but things will get even worse if you’re hacked. If you don’t want your sensitive information to be easily exploited, put a lock screen in place. 

3. Back Up Your Videos and Photos


We know, we know. This is not so much a “how to keep your phone safe” tip as it is a “how to keep your memories safe” tip. But if you’re as sentimental as we are, you know that one of the worst things about losing your phone/all your sensitive information is the thought of losing your videos and photos. 

If you can back them up on iCloud or Google Photos, you’ll feel better about the possibility of wiping your phone in case it does get stolen. You won’t lose festival selfies, family pics, or silly videos you made with your friends. Obviously it’s better if you can avoid it being stolen in the first place, but this is the next-best thing. 

4. Keep Your Phone Out of Your Pockets

how to keep your phone safe at festivals

Thieves love to pickpocket… and having your phone in a pocket makes them want to target you more, especially if it’s sticking out of your pocket. So don’t keep your phone in there. While we’re at it, don’t put your wallet in your pocket either. 

If you’re the kind of person who loves to carry a huge wallet and a lot of stuff, put your wallet in an inner pocket of your backpack or purse. (If you keep it in an outer pocket, you’ll probably end up with the same problem.) If you prefer to pack light, though, there’s an even better option.

5. Use a Keebos Phone Case


Keebos are handy, stylish, and functional. They look great with any outfit and they allow you to be more hands-free and carefree in your everyday life. Festival goers are super-enthusiastic about Keebos because they don’t have to bring heavy bags that weigh them down at the festival - all they need is their Keebos!

They keep your phone close by and they also have a slick mini-wallet in the back. You can store up to 6 cards in it - so forget the bags and bring Keebos!

keep your phone safe at festivals and concerts

keep your phone safe at festivals

6. Hold Onto Your Phone for Better Security

If you’re worried about the security of your phone (even with Keebos), you can always hold it in your hand as you carry it throughout the festival. It’d be an especially good idea to hold your phone if you’re going into a crowded area where other people will be bumping into you, since those are the environments where pickpockets do the most damage. 

Between the premium, reinforced Keebos cord around your body, the elastic finger grip and the fact you’ll be holding onto your phone, pickpockets won’t stand a chance. They’d have to get through 3 layers of protection just to steal your phone, and that’s too much work for them. They’ll move on to an easier target. 

7. Your Phone’s Gone: What Now?

The above pointers are fantastic, but they don’t account for human carelessness. Sometimes you get really into the moment and the first thing on your mind isn’t your phone, but the amazing music you’re listening to or the good time you’re having dancing with your friends. It’s completely understandable - but a phone thief may notice that you’re not paying attention and use that opportunity to grab your phone. 

If that happens, use one of your friend’s phones to activate one of the apps we encouraged you to download at the beginning of this article. See if you can hunt down your phone. If there’s a chance it’s been lost, call it and see if the person who found it will meet you somewhere to return it. You should also check out the festival’s lost-and-found, just in case you left it somewhere and a kind person took it to the lost-and-found for you to find. 


If you’re sure your phone was stolen and not lost, call the police. File a report with them to explain that it was lost and share the information provided by your phone-finding app. 

If it’s clear that the phone won’t be returned to you and there’s no way you can get it back, delete all your data and change your passwords. See what the officers say first, but if they have no luck and it looks like the thief will get away with it, wiping your phone may be your only option. Once you’ve done that, contact your service providers and credit card companies to let them know that your phone was stolen and there might be fraudulent activity on your account. 

(You may think we’re overdoing it by suggesting that you do these things, but if you use a digital wallet, that means that the phone thief now has access to your accounts. Trust us on this!) 

Even More Reasons to Love Keebos


Beyond the fact that festival goers can’t get enough of Keebos, there are a few more things we want you to know. Keebos aren’t just fashion-forward ways to keep your phone from being dropped.

They’re also eco-conscious, making them a superb choice for people who care about the environment. In fact, the Keebos promise is that with every phone case purchase, a tree is planted through our partner organization. To learn more about One Tree Planted, read our blog about them. 

You may have noticed that, in this article, we were careful to include iPhone and Samsung options for phone location apps and photo and video storage. That’s because Keebos are compatible with iPhones as well as Samsung phones, and we didn’t want to leave anyone out.

Whether it’s old or new, if you’ve got an iPhone or Samsung, you should have no trouble finding the Keebos phone case that’s right for you. So what are you waiting for? Grab a fantastic Keebos phone case that suits your personality today!


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