The Cute Lanyard ID Holder for Phones

The Cute Lanyard ID Holder for Phones

Cute Lanyard ID Holder for Phones

Let’s face it: in a world where phones reign supreme, there are an astounding number of ugly phone cases. If you love a good aesthetic and are tired of bulky rubber brick-style phone cases, we’re happy to inform you that Keebos aren’t like other phone cases. These super-useful phone cases are also very cute!


Lots of people love Keebos" cute lanyard ID holder , but in this article, we’re going to talk about why teachers, teens, and moms love Keebos. After that, we’re going to hone in on some of the specific phone colors that Keebos are available in, highlighting what makes each different phone case style special.

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The Cute Lanyard ID Holder for Phones

The Delightful Teacher Lanyard with ID Holder

Teachers are always looking for ways to simplify their busy lives and look cute doing it. Keebos phone cases are where style and functionality meet. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing Keebos as your teacher lanyard with ID holder:

cute lanyard id holder

cute lanyard id holder

  • They’re easy to clean. Classrooms are a germy environment, but all you need to do is take a trusty Clorox wipe to our clear cases and you’ll be good to go!
  • They go where you go. No more worrying about where to set your phone down and how to keep it safe while you’re instructing students in the classroom. 
  • They’re durable. You need a phone case that can handle everything you can - and Keebos has several features to keep your phone protected!
  • They’re super-cute. For more on our lovely color and style options, check out the sections below! We’ve provided a lowdown on all the varieties we offer.  

    Lanyard ID Holder for iPhones

    Other People Who Love Keebos

    Keebos aren’t only great for teachers - they’re fantastic for any group of people who loves to look cute as they stay hands-free and carefree. Teenagers, busy moms, nurses, festivalgoers and celebrities can’t get enough of our cute phone cases!

    The Fun Phone Case Lanyard for Teens


    Generation Z knows that Keebos can help them live hands-free and carefree. It’s a great phone case for students, whether you’re still in high school or on the way to college. Here are some of the features that teenagers love most about Keebos:

  • You won’t break your phone. For teens that want to avoid being grounded by their parents, Keebos is an awesome choice. You get to keep your phone close and you won’t go broke using your first paycheck to cover the cost of a phone that you broke. 
  • Lanyard Holder with wallet for ids
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Keebos is an eco-friendly company - not something you see too often in phone case brands. We make sure that a tree is planted with every purchase, and we ship our phone cases in recyclable craft paper to minimize waste.
  • cute-lanyard-id-holder
  • A phone case for any phone. Are you an iPhone person? We’ve got a case for you. Do you prefer Android? We’ve got cases made for that, too. Our cases are compatible with virtually every generation of iPhone or Samsung you can imagine.  
  • Id Lanyard Holder for Phones
  • Plenty of style options. The style options are listed below, but if you prefer a throwback look and don’t need a lanyard-style phone case, check out our phone charms! (Don’t forget to get a wallet phone case to go with them.)
  • The Best Crossbody Case for Busy Moms

    Lanyard ID Holder for Phones for moms

    Being a mom is the most rewarding and most taxing job there is. New moms have to struggle with constant sleep deprivation as they enjoy their sweet little ones, and moms of school-aged children often find themselves rushing around at nearly breakneck speed to get their children to after-school activities. Here’s why moms appreciate Keebos phone cases:

    phone lanyard for busy moms
  • You won’t lose your phone. When you’re tired or busy, the last thing you want to do is go out of your way to find your phone after you set it down somewhere. With a hectic schedule, it could be anywhere, and you have limited time to find it. Enter Keebos: the phone case that stays with you. Forget frantiically turning your house upside-down. You can be hands-free and carefree with our phone cases. 
  • Simplicity and elegance. Have you looked at some of the bulkier phone grips and liked the idea, but wanted a better way? Keebos come with a luxurious elastic band that you can use to hold your phone. It’s a simple yet elegant solution.
  • Shopping convenience. If you don’t like the idea of putting your wallet in your purse or diaper bag, just use the wallet on the back of our phone case. You’ll be able to pay more quickly, so no more holding up the checkout line. Our phone case wallets enable you to store up to 6 cards - so you can easily fit your ID and credit cards (or cash) inside!
  • They go with anything. One of the main struggles for moms is finding the right outfit that will fit after the incredible changes your body has undergone. Our phone case with lanyard and card holder  look cute with any outfit, and you won’t have to worry about it not fitting on you right, because our lanyard phone cases are adjustable! Our cute lanyard with ID holder with help you stay handsfree and carefree in style, no matter the occasion! 
  • Our Black Lanyard with ID Holder

    Our Black Lanyard with ID Holder

    We have plenty of options available if you’re looking for black lanyards with ID holders. Our Sunset Case is the most popular option: it’s got a clear case and a black cord with gold accents. We consider it the “little black dress” of phone cases. Want a more subdued look? Our Midnight phone case has a black case, black cord, and black accentsAlthough luxurious cords are the most common method we use to keep your phones close, they’re not the only ones. We also have Royal Onyx Keebos, which have elegant black chains that are as durable as they are stunning.

    For those who like options, we have two more black lanyards: the Clear Voyage (with a clear case) and the regular Voyage (with a black case). All of these cute options come with an ID holder so that your cards, cash, and ID card can stay safe. 

    Our Pink Lanyard with ID Holder

    Although we don’t have as many pink options as we do black lanyards, we do have two different types to show you.

    The first is the Rose Keebos phone case, which comes with a light pink case, light pink cord and light pink accents. It’s a favorite of Eva Longoria’s - she’s been spotted wearing it while on walks during COVID in 2020. 

    Even Scarlett Johansson has been spotted with her green Keebos. The iPhone case with lanyard and cardholder is really the perfect mix of fashion and function. 


    The second is the Keebos Flower Case. The phone case is clear and the cord is brighter and more vibrant than the cord from the Rose case, and it has gold accents. Both of these adorable pink cases are available on our site and are compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones!

    lanyard id holder phone case

    Other Cute Colors to Choose From

    Besides black and pink, we have several other adorable colors:

    Keebos: The Cutest Phone Case Around!

    The Cute Lanyard ID Holder for Phones

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this special feature post about why Keebos are a great option for anyone who wants to look cool, cute, and stylish. 

    We offer a striking alternative to bulky phone cases that are designed to protect your phone from drops - and the best part is that you don’t even need to worry about dropping your phone with Keebos, so you can enjoy a sleek and stylish design. Many of our phone cases are clear to allow you to show off your beautiful phone’s finish - an option that’s not readily available to “foam brick phone case” owners. 

    In this article, we covered why teachers, teenagers, and moms love Keebos, but we have a lot more fans! Influencers, celebrities, models, festivalgoers, college students, and more rave about Keebos. They work great for seniors, disabled people, and other groups with limited mobility. Active people love Keebos too: ATV riders, horseback riders, bicyclists, dog walkers, hikers, nurses on the front lines all enjoy Keebos. 

    phone lanyard wallet holder keebos

    Want to see what everyone is talking about? Grab a Keebos phone case today! As we said, we’ve got plenty of options available for iPhone and Samsung users, so you’re sure to find the phone case you need. 

    cute phone lanyard keebos

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