Phone Case for Gen Z

Phone Case for Gen Z

Best Phone Case for Generation Z?

Keebos are the phone case that Gen Z loves. And why do they love it? Because they’ve got great taste (most of the time)!

Whether you’re Gen Z or you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone in that generation, you're in the right place. They’re stylish, they make life easier, and they’re great whether you’re in college or at a festival. Read on to find out more!

phone case for gen z

Keebos for Your Daily Drip

Whether your style is classy, sassy, or a bit of both, Keebos has the phone case for you. We’ve got a variety of colors and styles so they’ll match what you’re wearing. Here are some of the colors you can get them in:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Pine Green
  • Camo Green
  • Light Pink
  • Vibrant Pink

You can get Keebos with a premium cord, a chain, or detachable industrial straps. Phone cases come in clear, black, and pink. No matter what Keebos you choose, you’re guaranteed to love them. Our Gen Z phone cases are not just fashionable but even more functional. 


Gen Z Phone Cases - Live Hands-Free and Carefree

Keebos make life easier in a number of ways. You won’t drop your phone and you’re far less likely to have it stolen since your phone will be on you at all times. Instead of stressing about dropping or losing your phone, you can enjoy more of your life. Whether you’re using your phone for directions or because you want to show your Insta followers you’re a snack, you’ll have it with you. 


gen z phone cases

The Best Phone Case for Students

Going to college is harder than ever before. Not only do you have to deal with your studies - you also feel like you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders because of everything going wrong the past few years. 

Keebos help make the college experience a bit easier, though. You’ll have Google calendar at the ready so you can keep your classes and appointments, and you’ll look great walking across campus with your Keebos crossbody phone cases. 

Part of Your Festival Survival Kit


You work hard in college, but you play even harder. Keebos are one of the best parts of any festival survival kit because they help keep your phone safe while you’re listening to all those bops. The wallet in the back is awesome at keeping your ID safe. And if you consider yourself more old-school, you can toss your cash or credit cards in there. 


The elastic band helps you keep your grip while you’re dancing the night away with friends or being bumped into by random strangers because the crowd’s so massive. Keebos reviews are full of people saying it saved their lives during festivals - so it belongs in your festival survival kit!

We Care About the Environment

Some crossbody phone case brands do little or nothing to help the environment, but we work with One Tree Planted to make sure we do our part. With every phone case purchase, a tree is planted somewhere in the world, whether it’s in the Americas, Africa, Asia, or Europe. We love working with One Tree Planted - it’s part of the Keebos promise!

Our packaging is all biodegradable too - we avoided using plastics or fancy colors because we don’t want our packaging to lead to more waste. You deserve a clean and healthy earth as much as the generations that came before you - maybe even more since you care more about it than any other generation has. 

Samsung or iPhone? We’ve Got You Covered


All you need to do is look at our crossbody phone cases to see that our phone cases are compatible with almost any phone out there. 

Keebos are the iPhone case for Gen Z. We’ve got cases for the most recent iPhones all the way to the iPhone 5/5S/SE First Generation. 

If you’ve got a Samsung, we’re looking out for you too. Our cases are compatible with the most recent Galaxy to the S9 or S9 Plus. 

If you’re not sure whether we carry a case for your phone, just message us!

Charmed, I’m Sure


Want even more options? Our beaded phone charms can be worn on your wrist like a cool friendship bracelet. Not only are they adorable - they also keep you from dropping your phone and cost even less than our crossbody phone cases do! We have two designs for our beaded charms: Peace and Love

Just remember: our phone charms don’t come with a phone case. If you want, buy a wallet case to go with it. 

Gen Z Phone Cases

All you need to do is look at our Instagram page to see how much Generation Z loves Keebos. It’s the perfect accessory for college students, festivalgoers, and those who love the environment. We make Keebos for Samsung and iPhones, so you’ll be able to easily order the one you need.

Even if you don’t like our crossbody cases, you’re bound to love our simple beaded phone charms along with our wallet case. They’re as chic and fun as it gets! Check out our collection today for more info! 


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