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Want to know the best iPhone case for college students? At Keebos, we’ve got the answer to all your phone case needs!

As a company that cares about the planet as well as our healthcare heroes, we protect your phone in style. Read on to find out more information on why Keebos are the best crossbody phone case for you!

Keebos Help Save the Planet

If you’re a current college student, chances are you care about the planet, which is amazing compared to other generations! In fact, a recent poll shows that 83% of Generation Z  care about issues like climate change and the environment. If that’s you, you’ll be happy to know that Keebos cares, too!


In fact, with every Keebos phone case that’s purchased, a tree is planted through our partner organization One Tree Planted. That’s the Keebos promise!

We also make sure that our phones come to you in eco-friendly, biodegradable kraft paper packaging. We make sure we don’t use plastics or any fancy colors in our packaging either, because we want to be conscious of the ecological footprint we leave on the earth. 


Keebos Protect Your Phone

Every Keebos phone case has 4-corner bumper protection, in addition to a 1-millimeter raised lip to protect your front screen and camera. In addition, Keebos phone cords are made with a strong, reinforced core that won’t tear apart, and covered with silky, luxurious fibers that won’t irritate your skin. Keebos have strong connector rings to make sure that the cord stays attached to the case. 


You’ve already got your courses and student loans to worry about - the last thing you need to worry about is cracking your screen!

Royal and Voyage cases are also made of tough stuff: the Royal cases feature strong, thick chains that are as appealing to the eye as a nice piece of jewelry, and Voyage cases come with a nice industrial-looking strap to keep you from dropping your phone. Speaking of dropping your phone...

Don’t Drop Your Phone Ever Again

The most common cause of phone damage is when they’re dropped. It doesn’t matter if it’s dropped in a sink, a toilet, or on hard concrete - dropping your phone will result in damage.

Thankfully, Keebos can keep you from dropping your phone since it’s worn like a crossbody bag or lanyard! Not only does this keep you from doing serious damage to your phone, but it also ensures your phone stays close to you so that you won’t lose it again! 



Want to update your socials? Just grab your phone, snap a photo and post on Instagram. (Tag us if you want a chance for you and your Keebos to be featured on our page!) Once you’re done, you can put it back in its resting position. You don’t have to wonder anymore where you set it down, because with Keebos, your phone is always wherever you are!

Keebos Cares and Gives Back

We love giving back. It’s why we partner with One Tree Planted and it’s also why we do our part to help those who have made positive impacts in the communities around us. During the pandemic of 2020, we felt for the frontline nurses and doctors working in nearby Los Angeles at Skyline Healthcare Center. We decided to donate some of our Keebos to them so they could keep their phones close at hand without needing to set them down on potentially unsanitary surfaces. 



The healthcare workers we donated to were extremely grateful, and we were happy to help the people who put their lives on the line for the health and wellness of others. If you have other ideas on how we can give back, let us know!

iPhone or Samsung, We’ve Got Your Case

No matter what phone you’ve got, we’ve got a Keebos for you! Our cases go from the latest iPhone down to the 5/5S/SE first generation, and from the latest Samsung down to the S9 and S9 Plus. We’ve even written blogs about how they’re perfect for Samsung and iPhone! No matter where you line up on the iPhone vs. Android debate, we’ve got you covered. 



Keebos are Colorful and Stylish

One of the coolest things about Keebos is that you’ve got so many options. We’ve got cases with cords, straps, or chains to hold them in place. They come in a bunch of colors too - black, red, green, camo, pink, and gold! If you want Keebos with detachable straps, we’ve got that too! You can choose from a black Voyage case or a clear one.


Stay Hands-Free and Carefree with Keebos

As a college student, you have a lot to be stressed out about. Like we said before, environmental concerns, mounting pressure about student loans/debt and all of the things you need to balance can take their toll. Adding worries about losing your phone could end up being the straw that broke the camel’s back. Luckily, Keebos save you from that worry and concerns about dropping your phone and damaging it. 

As long as you keep the phone on, you’ll be able to enjoy having it when you need it without potentially losing it. Keebos even has a convenient wallet case on the back that can store up to 6 cards, so you’ll have your ID, credit cards, and cash in the same place - right there with you - at all times. 

Keebos: The Best Student Phone Case

When it comes to college phone cases, Keebos are the best! They’re sturdy, dependable, and prevent you from dropping or breaking your phone. They come in as many styles and colors as you can dream up and are compatible with Samsung phones and iPhones. We’re an eco-friendly company that gives back to causes you care about - so grab a Keebos: the best phone case for college, today! You deserve a hands-free and carefree life. 


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