What is the Best Phone Case for Traveling?

What is the Best Phone Case for Traveling?


Best Travel Phone Case

There’s nothing quite like exploring a place you’ve never been before (or revisiting a location that’s an old favorite of yours).

Absorbing the culture and enjoying the local food is part of the draw of traveling, after all.

But what phone case would work best for you when you’re traveling?

If you’ve got the heart of a wanderer, we’ve got a fantastic travel phone case for you.

Read on to learn what makes Keebos the best phone case for traveling, whether you’re traveling abroad or visiting other states. 


1. You Have What You Need, Nothing More

With Keebos phone cases, you get a slim wallet that holds up to 7 cards. You can put your ID in there, cash, or cards to keep them safe and prevent you from carrying too much baggage as you travel and sight-see. 


Even the heaviest phone is only half a pound, so you can keep everything lightweight and chic as you commemorate your trip with plenty of photos. Being able to keep your card on the back ensures that you won’t have to deal with any awkward moments digging your wallet out of an oversized backpack, which brings us to the next point…

2. Travel Phone Case - Make Them Think You’re Not a Tourist

Tourists are known for several things: oversized bags, carrying cameras and maps around, jean shorts, and sneakers. While some telltale signs of tourists are harder to help because they’re second nature (like talking loudly or smiling at people), you can start with what you’re wearing. 


Crossbody phone cases allow you to be more subtle in your look. You don’t have to carry giant bags around when you’re enjoying another country - just wear your Keebos. Especially if you have a new phone, it’s already equipped with a fantastic camera, so there’s no need to carry one around. You’ve got a GPS or map app on your phone as well, eliminating the need for an oversized map - the dead giveaway of a tourist. 


Why would it be important not to look like a tourist?

One of the main reasons not is because looking like a tourist can make you a target. A study in Italy showed that there was a 1% increase in tourism led to a 0.18% increase in crime in Italy. Tourists are sometimes targeted since they’re unfamiliar with the area, customs, etc. 

If you are careful to present yourself as one of the locals (or do everything you can to assure people that you’re not a tourist), you’ll be less likely to be targeted. Keebos are another great way to do this, since Keebos keep your phone and cards close and most thieves won’t be likely to take a chance on stealing something in the open.  

3. Your Phone Won’t Break on Your Break - Keebos Keeps it Safe & Accessible

Most people travel while on vacation or during a spring or summer break - and the last thing you need to worry about it dropping or losing your phone while you’re abroad or visiting. Having a crossbody phone case will allow you to keep your phone close at hand and prevent you from dropping it from the top of the Eiffel Tower in France or down into Lough Leane in Ireland.


If you don’t want your phone to break on your break, Keebos will keep your phone protected so you can be hands-free and carefree wherever you travel. It’s the best iPhone case for traveling because you’ll be able to document your trip without losing or dropping your phone. 

4. Traveling Phone Case - Handsfree & Carefree

There’s a difference between looking like a tourist and a polished, world-wise traveler. With Keebos, you can nail the look by wearing our subtle iPhone travel case. 


If you’d like to show up in a new place with sophisticated grace, below are some pointers:

    • Choose subtle colors. Bright clothes and loud patterns scream “American!” 
  • Avoid logos and brands. Other countries don’t feel the need to advertise what they’re wearing like we do here in the States. 
  • Wear sustainable clothing. Fabrics like polyester and other non-breathable fabrics aren’t very popular overseas. If it’s cotton, wool, or linen, you’re good to go. 
  • Check your footwear. Certain shoe choices (like heels on women or sneakers on, well, anyone) are more popular here. Find an elegant and sensible shoe that won’t kill you to walk on for hours but also won’t look like you’re at a sporting event. 
  • Keep the jerseys at home. Speaking of sports events, jerseys, baseball caps, etc let people know that you’re not from around here. 

  • Some of our most popular travel iPhone cases are our Sunset and Midnight cases. They are basic black cases that won’t draw too much attention while you’re enjoying life abroad. 

    5. Keep Making the World a Beautiful Place

    The final reason why Keebos make amazing travel iPhone cases is because we ensure a tree is planted with every purchase. One Tree Planted, our partner organization, plants trees around the world - so every time a phone case is purchased, a plot of soil gets a tree.


    We also send off our phone cases in sustainable craft paper packaging in order to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

    This is the iPhone Case travel that you need if you don't want to lose, misplace your cell phone on your next trip!

    Keebos crossbody phone cases are made for Samsung phones as well as iPhones - so travel phone case today!


    What is the Best Phone Case for Traveling?

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