What to Bring for a Walking Meeting?

What to Bring for a Walking Meeting?


What to Bring for a Walking Meeting

Walking meetings are gaining popularity in business, and there’s good reason for it. Not only does it contribute to better health for employees and employers, but it also allows meetings to be more focused and productive.

Walking meetings are a great idea for small groups and one-on-one interactions, but what accessory would make your walking meetings more successful? Below we’ll cover the best accessory for walking meetings, along with tips on how to have a successful walking meeting. Read on for more information!

Keebos at the Ready for Note-Taking


Walking meetings can take a variety of forms. Maybe you’re starting with a large group and then splitting up into smaller groups for the walking meeting. If that’s the case your group might be tasked with covering a specific topic or finding solutions to a particular problem. It can be cumbersome to dig your phone out of your pocket every time there’s an idea to type down or record in your phone. With Keebos, all you need to do is pick up your phone, jot down or record the note, and then place it back where it was resting. Easy!


Avoid the Dreaded Dropped Phone

The last thing you need to deal with at a walking meeting is dropping your phone, but as we said earlier, all the activity of taking your phone in and out of your pocket could lead to just that.

It’s bad enough dropping your phone and potentially breaking it, but imagine dropping a company iPhone 13 in front of your boss! They might look at you and say, “I just paid for that!” If that happens, you might as well hide out under a rock on the side of the road and hope no one notices you’re gone.

Instead of going the route that can only end in suffering for everyone, just get a Keebos. Between the strong, premium cord and the elastic band on the back to help you keep your grip, there’s no way you’ll drop your precious company phone!


Refer to Your Phone Anytime

Having Keebos close by allows you to act quickly if you’re in a walking meeting and the discussion brings up something you need to share. If your partner or small group doesn’t know about the study or data you’re referring to, you can quickly pull it up on your phone without wasting too much time at the meeting.

Keebos act as a meeting “quickdraw” of sorts, because you can quickly and safely take out your phone any time you need it! 


Keebos Are the Perfect Icebreaker

Business meetings can be stressful, particularly if you’re being paired with a person you’re not familiar with or are showing up to a walking interview. In those situations, it’s ideal to have an icebreaker handy. Enter Keebos.

Keebos are a great way to strike up a conversation with the person you’re meeting with since they’re very likely to notice and comment on your super-stylish phone case. It’ll give you just enough conversation to get the ball rolling. 

You don’t need to talk about the weather because everyone will be talking about your awesome Keebos crossbody phone case instead!



Walking Meetings Allow You to Be More Innovative

As walking meetings become more of a part of the business world, employers will doubtless find more ways for employees to participate in them. For example, there are seemingly endless possibilities for an employer to explore when it comes to team-building activities. Walking meeting scavenger hunts may become a popular activity. With Keebos, you can snap the pictures to send to your boss more quickly because your phone will be at the ready. 

Or maybe you work at a local business and your boss wants you to stroll through a local neighborhood and make observations. You can observe the daily goings-on of your target group and share your insights with your employer through a video or a voice recording. Find a need that your company can fill and explain to your boss how you think it can be done. 

When you’ve got your phone close at hand, you don’t need to worry about remembering that vital bit of information you wanted to share. Keeping your phone nearby helps you avoid the “doorway effect” that we commonly experience when we walk through a doorway and forget what we’re doing. You’re more productive when you can grab that information quickly - and Keebos allow you to do just that. 


The Best Accessory for Walking Meetings

If you’re planning to make it to a walking meeting, you’ve got to do it with Keebos on your side. They’ll help you stay organized throughout the meeting, ensure that you don’t drop your company phone, and help you stay at the top of your game. You can take notes and refer to your phone if you need to look up something specific as you go, and it’s a great way to break the ice! We hope you’ve enjoyed these walking meeting tips and will consider getting a Keebos phone case! 


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