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Our Phone case with chain will help you stay handsfree and carefree. Never drop or misplace your phone again. The phone case with strap make it easier for you to carry your phone.

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1. Free US-Shipping
2. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!
3. Cardholder Keeps up 7 cards 100% secure.
4. We are real humans and always be there to support you with any questions or feedback.
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Crossbody Phone Cases - Free & Fast Shipping from LA
Our Iconic Crossbody Cell Phone Cases Come with a Sleek Wallet for Cards. For iPhones & Samsung. Phone Crossbody Case is Shipped from Los Angeles. The Best Phone Case with Chain for you to never misplace or drop your phone again.

Our customers love to stay handsfree in style and our cell phone case with strap has been featured in Elle, People, Marie Claire, Star and more.

Customers' Feedback on our Crossbody Phone Cases..

Keebos keeps me handsfree and carefree plus I get compliments all the time!


My favorite phone case of all time. I haven't lost or dropped my phone since! Also love the gold chain.


Love the case for shopping and going out with my puppy. Bought one for m mom as well. What a great invention!


Fashionable and functional. Perfect for everyday, but especially traveling.


Keebos crossbody phone cases are a must have for anyone that loves to combine fashion with functionality. Staying handsfree creates endless opportunities to feel carefree and confident in unexpected situations. Through the secure wallet on the back of the phone case you won't have to bring a purse or a bag. No matter your style and color preference, we will have a crossbody cell phone case that you will love. This Phone Crossbody is made to make your life easier. Stay handsfree in style!