Best Phone Case for Apple Pay and Contactless Payment in 2024

Best Phone Case for Apple Pay and Contactless Payment in 2024

Contactless Payment is an increasing trend, especially since the beginning of COVID-19.

We have the perfect phone case for contactless payment, but first let's look why this trend on the rise. 

According to a recent article on CNBC, more and more merchants as well as customers prefer contact less payment like apple pay to avoid the chance of getting into contact with germs and viruses.




"Shoppers are increasingly paying in ways that don’t involve touching cash, or handing over a credit card, because of fears of the coronavirus, according to Mastercard. The credit-card giant reported a 40% jump in contactless payments — including tap-to-pay and mobile pay — during the first quarter as the global pandemic worsened."

Source: CNBC

Many of our customers have told us that Keebos is the perfect phone case for apple pay and other contactless payments.

Here are the reasons:

1. Phone Case for Apple Pay



Keebos phone case is attached to a soft but durable lanyard. This means that you can effortlessly wear your phone around your neck, and when it's time to pay you just grab your phone and hold it against the credit card reader. Game changer!

Also, instead of having to look for your phone in your purse, or get it out of your pocket, it's already on you and accessible.

2. Card in the Back of the Case

Right now during COVID, face ID for contactless payment is a hassle. you have to take off your mask, make sure it doesn't catch your sunglasses, juggle your bag, etc. To avoid this hassle, put your contactless credit card in your Keebos cardholder, seal the flap, and now you can tap your phone to the payment portal easily again!


3.  Don't Place your Phone in Random Spots

best phone case for apple pay and contactless payment


As mentioned in our recent blog about our donation to the Skyline Healthcare Center's frontline staff - Along with best practices like hand-washing and wearing a nose/mouth covering, reducing the number of times you rest your phone on unsanitary surfaces also might help stop the spread of microbes on those surfaces. 

4. Elastic Finger Strap

apple pay phone case


The elastic finger strap on the back of the case make it much easier to hold your phone in one hand without accidentally dropping it. When making a wireless payment, you can hold your smart phone easier while having something else in your other hand. 

“We are seeing an increase in the use of contactless transactions, and we think this trend will continue after the pandemic,” Banga said Wednesday on Mastercard’s first-quarter earnings call with analysts." CNBC

Are you a fan of contactless payments? One quick tip is that if you get the Apple Credit card, you will get 2% cash back on all purchases when using Apple Pay, that's one of the main reasons why I use it.

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