The Best Crossbody Phone Case for the iPhone 14


Keebos - The Must-Have Crossbody Phone Case for the iPhone 14

best crossbody phone case for iphone 14

If you are looking for the best crossbody case for iPhone 14 - you will love Keebos phone cases. Read on to learn more about what makes Keebos the best phone lanyard for iPhone 14!


Keebos iPhone 14 Crossbody Phone Case Has a Wallet

If you don’t use your phone for Apple Pay (or you like to have a backup plan in case the places you’re visiting don’t accept it), you’ll be happy to know that Keebos have a handy and sleek wallet on the back of every phone case. 

The Best Crossbody Phone Case for the iPhone 14
best crossbody phone case for iphone 14

These streamlined little wallets can hold up to six cards.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can enjoy being hands-free and carefree even more because you can safely store your ID, credit cards, and/or cash in the sealable wallet on the back. It’s a super convenient way to access your funds at any time, which is why people love it so much. 

Some Ideas for you iPhone 14 Pro Max Crossbody Case

crossbody phone case for iphone 14 pro max

  • Multi-tasking: Whether you’re taking your puppy out, going on a shopping trip, cooking at home, you want to stay handsfree and drop, misplace or even lose your phone.
  • Use it for day fees when hiking. Most hiking spots charge day fees if you don’t have an annual pass. Whether you’ve got a card for an annual pass or you need a place to put three bucks for your day fee, Keebos has you covered. You can pack light and enjoy your hike - and with Keebos, you can easily have your phone nearby for nature shots. 

  • best cross body phone case for iphone 14
  • Have a night on the town with friends. Keebos are a great accessory to bring to bachelorette parties. When you’re going bar-hopping, you don’t want to be so tipsy that you lose your phone or money at the bar! Keep it all close by with Keebos. 
  • Enjoy a festival. Whether you’re going to Coachella, EDM, or another fun festival where there’s going to be music, food, and good vibes, you’ll stay hands-free and carefree with Keebos. 
  • You're a busy mom.  If you're a busy mom than you always feel the need to have an extra pair of hands. Keebos crossbody phone case for the iPhone 14 will help you keep your phone accessible ini style. 


    • Travel. When traveling you want everything in one place and close to you. Keebos are perfect for security checks but also for adventurous trips when you want to have your phone close and accessible for the perfect picture. The iPhone 14 pro case with strap will make your life a lot easier!

    best crossbody phone case for iphone 14 Pro

    Keebos iPhone 14 Pro Crossbody Case - Celebs Love it Too

    Keebos phone cases are extremely popular with celebrities, influencers, models, etc - and we’re sure that, when the iPhone 14 comes out, it won’t be any different!


    Here’s a rundown of some of the celebrities who have been spotted wearing Keebos:

  • Eva Longoria. The actress best known for Desperate Housewives has been spotted wearing Keebos during the pandemic as she walked her dog and took a quick jaunt around the neighborhood with her husband and child. 
  • Tori Spelling. 90s kids will remember Tori Spelling as Donna Martin from Beverly Hills, 90210. She’s also appeared in the remake and on The Masked Singer. She’s a huge fan of Keebos and can be seen showing off her case on her Instagram account!
  • Maria Menounos. Like the other celebrities on this list, Maria keeps busy by doing more than just acting: she also hosts a TV show called “Better Together with Maria” and is a NY Times bestselling author and Emmy award winner. 
  • Elizabeth Weber. The model and co-host of After the Island (Love Island’s after-show) looked stunning with her Royal Gold Keebos. 
  • Gina Rodriguez. Best known for starring in the Netflix series “Jane the Virgin,” Gina has recently been seen at the House of Intuition wearing her Keebos phone case!
  • Joy Corrigan. Supermodel Joy Corrigan has shown off her Royal Gold Keebos twice - the first time, in comfy-looking pewter-blue workout clothes, and the second time in a fun orange terry cloth bikini cover. 
  • Domitila Barros. We adore all Keebos celebrities, but Domitila carries a special place in our hearts because of her mission to help people. This Brazilian-German entrepreneur and artist founded She is from the Jungle to create jobs for Brazilian women. She was also recently crowned Miss Germany 2022!

    best crossbody iphone case for iphone 14 celebrity keebos 





    Picture below Scarlett Johansson with her Venice Green Keebos. 


    Keebos have been featured on TV (Emily in Paris), in countless magazines, and in online publications as well, so the much-anticipated iPhone 14 will be in good company when paired with a high-demand Keebos iPhone 14 case!

    Keep Your Grip With Phone Case With Strap for iPhone 14

    cross body case for iphone 14
    The design of Keebos crossbody phone cases prevents you from dropping it while you’re out and about - but did you know that it can also keep you from dropping it at the end of the day, when you’re tired and scrolling in bed?


    The reason: every Keebos case comes with an elegantly simple elastic band on the back. This elastic band serves two purposes: first, it keeps your Keebos wallet sealed shut, and second, it enables you to hold your phone without dropping it.

    This is a great feature to have, since the iPhone 13 Pro Max is 3.07 inches wide and 6.33 inches high, and there’s a good chance that the iPhone 14 will have a larger, Pro Max version as well. Here at Keebos, we’ve been protecting people from dropping their phones on their faces for years, and we have no plans to stop doing that!

    best crossbody phone case for iphone 14 pro max


    This iPhone 14 Crossbody Phone Case Plants Trees

    If you’re looking for an earth-conscious company, look no further than Keebos. There are two actions we take with every phone case purchase that set us apart from our competition, and we’ll talk about both in this section. 

    best crossbody phone case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

    First, we partner with One Tree Planted to ensure that a tree is planted with every phone case purchase. We do this because we believe in their cause. Here’s a bit more information about what they do specifically: 

    • They plant trees all over the world.
        • North America - They’ve planted trees in over ten states in the US, four Canadian provinces, and in Mexico.
        • Latin America - They’ve worked to rebuild the Amazon Rainforest in addition to planting in the Andes, Brazil, Columbia, and other Latin American countries.
        • Africa - They’ve rebuilt animal habitats for chimpanzees and other animals in Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and more. 
        • Asia - Their work in Asia is helping create jobs and sustainable income in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
        • Europe - They’ve planted trees in Denmark, Iceland, Romania, and in Spain.
    • They use an effective planting system. 
        • One Tree Planted partners grow the saplings using donated funds.
        • The site is prepared for planting. 
        • Teams plant trees by hand during the rainy season. 
        • Trees are maintained and monitored.
        • One Tree Planted generates reports on the impact of your efforts.  
    • Planting trees helps six important pillars thrive.
      • Air - Trees take in pollutants and release oxygen.
      • Water - Trees filter water, prevent floods and maintain water cycles. 
      • Biodiversity - Forests are homes for many living things: animals, birds, insects, fungi, moss, and plants. 
      • Social impact - Trees provide jobs and food security to communities.
      • Health - Being in nature reduces stress, helps with recovery, and provides overall feelings of wellness. 
      • Climate - Trees absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants, helping clean the air and regulate the climate. 

    The second thing we do to help the environment is to ship all of our phone cases in eco-friendly, biodegradable/compostable packaging that’s free of fancy dyes or plastic. 

    Keebos: The Phone Lanyard for iPhone 14 Ships Fast!

    best iphone 14 crossbody phone case

    Speaking of shipping, have we mentioned how awesome our shipping process is?

    If you order before 12 PM PST, we’ll send your Keebos out the same day you purchased it. If you buy it after 12 PM, we’ll ship it no later than 12 PM PST the next day. We offer free US shipping and you can usually expect your Keebos within 3-5 business days. We offer tracking as well, so you’ll be able to know where your Keebos are throughout the entire process.

    Keebos phone cases are poised to be the best crossbody phone case for iPhone 14 - so get your Keebos today!


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