How to Keep your Phone Close at All Times

How to Keep your Phone Close at All Times

Are you wondering how to keep your phone close?

This quick article is for you! We’ve got a few recommendations on how you can keep your phone nearby. You can get a magnetic wireless power bank so you’ll never have to leave your phone charging against the wall again, use a Tile to try to hunt your phone down, or just get Keebos! Read on to learn more!


1. Keep Your Phone Close with Crossbody Phone Cases


Instead of going on a hunt for your phone every time you lose it, you could embrace the hands-free and carefree lifestyle with Keebos. Our crossbody phone cases are awesome at taking care of your phone while looking fashionable, and are a huge sanity-saver. Just set it down at night on your dresser, wear it in the morning, and forget it the rest of the day! 



Keebos are a great option for so many groups of people. Celebrities love them because they’re chic and simple, and busy moms love them because they can hold their little ones’ hands and still get that perfect photo to update their Instagram profile. Festival goers even like them!


Disabled people like Keebos because there’s a nice grip on the back to make holding the phone easier, and they can use their phone hands-free. Nurses love them because they don’t have to set their phones down on potentially-contaminated surfaces or worry about forgetting them with their last patient. 


Keebos stand out because they’re the perfect mix of affordable and fashionable, and unlike Bandolier, they’re available for iPhone and Samsung phones. And of course, there’s the Keebos Promise: with every phone case purchase, a tree is planted through our partner organization, One Tree Planted. 


Keebos come in many colors and styles. We’ve got all pink cases, cases with gold or onyx chains, pine and camo green ones, and more! Some have premium cords, some have deluxe chains, and our Voyage cases have straps. Whether your aesthetic is classic, elegant, or utilitarian, we’ve got the right look for you!


Every Keebos phone case comes with a handy wallet compartment at the back, where you can store up to 6 cards. In fact, the wallet is part of what makes Keebos so popular, since you can store your most important things right there with you and your phone!


All of these features just go to show why Keebos is the must-have item for anyone who loves to have their phones nearby. They’re the perfect combination of style and functionality for iPhone and Samsung users. Are you itching to get your hands on your very own Keebos? Order yours today! We’d be happy to hear from you.

2. Get Magnetic Wireless Power Banks


Magnetic wireless power banks are awesome for several reasons. Number one - you can use them even if your charging port is damaged. This is a huge advantage because charging ports can be damaged very easily. It only takes a brief Google search to find out that it happens often enough for there to be plenty of people talking about it. 

Not even iPhones are immune to charging port damage, but when you invest that much money into a phone, you may want a better option than having it serviced (and being without your phone) or swapping it for a new one. That’s where wireless power banks come in. 

You can carry them with your phone as you walk, letting it charge as you scroll through your social media feeds. If you’re in the market for a magnetic wireless power bank, one that we really like is the MagBank by Trae Goods, which is compatible for iPhone and Android. It comes in black, blue, green and white, and you can buy multiple packs if you want. 



As we said earlier, the best thing about these is that you can walk around while your phone’s charging and without needing to use your port. 

3. Use Tiles to Find Your Phone

If you chronically forget where you put your phone, Tile is a pretty decent option. Although you’re likely already familiar with them, we’ll offer a quick refresher in the off-chance that you haven’t heard of them.

Tiles are really useful, small electronics that you can stick to virtually anything. They make Tile keychains, Slim Tiles and Tile Stickers. They work with your phone and allow you to track things. You can use your phone to track down other Tiles in your house, or, if your phone is missing, you can double press the Tile logo button (or the side of the Sticker) and it’ll make your phone ring. They even have a GPS feature for when you lose things while you’re out and about. 

However, if you find yourself losing your phone super-often, there’s a better solution available to you: Keebos!

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