The Best Shoulder Strap Phone Case

best shoulder strap phone case

Shoulder Strap Phone Case 

Want the best shoulder strap phone case money can buy? Keebos are a stylish choice that gives you everything you need in a small package. Because it’s so eco-friendly, it’s also a favorite of celebrities. 

Read on to find out why Keebos is the ultimate shoulder strap phone case!

shoulder strap phone case

The Fashionable Shoulder Strap with Phone Case

Keebos are a chic and stylish shoulder strap phone case. We offer over a dozen options, with styles ranging from elegant chains to industrial straps to luxurious cords. While many of our phone cases are clear (allowing you to show off your awesome new phone’s finish), we also have black and pink phone cases.


The beauty of Keebos is that you can wear them for a night on the town or on a quick jog, and they never look out of place. People have worn Keebos to weddings and they looked fantastic! Keebos are equally popular among disabled people who don’t have full use of one arm and among mothers, who need a hand free to hold their little ones. 


Here are some of our most popular styles:

  • Abbott Kinney. This green camo crossbody case is great for tough chicks who want a phone that can hold up in any situation. 
  • Sunset. Our bestseller has a clear case and a black cord, with gold metal accents. It’s just the right amount of class and simplicity. 
  • Midnight. This black phone case has a black cord and black accents - for those of us whose favorite song is “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones. 
  • Royal Gold. Do your want your phone to show that you live a glam and luxurious lifestyle? Then the Royal Gold phone case is exactly what you need! 
  • Rose. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of phone case Elle from Legally Blonde would have, look no further. (Bonus: bending and snapping without dropping your phone!)
  • Voyage. This phone case comes with a black or clear case, and the straps can be removed, allowing you to use it as a wallet case or crossbody case as you see fit. 

    A Shoulder Strap iPhone Case That Won’t Let You Down

    Have you ever been let down by a phone case? Maybe you bought one that was super cute, and you were excited to carry it around, showing it off to everyone. However, in your moment of greatest need - when you dropped your phone - the screen didn’t hold up. At first, you look at your phone in disbelief, but after a while, you start to feel angry. 

    You may have felt like the woman below.


    A phone case letdown is a huge disappointment. The phone repair bill that comes after the letdown is even worse. Considering that repairs can cost anywhere from $49 to over $100 to repair, that’s a significant amount. If you want your phone back quickly, it costs even more.

    You may even wonder why you shouldn’t buy a new phone altogether. After all, it’s clear that your old phone case company doesn’t care what happens to your phone. 

    Not to worry: Keebos does care. It’s why we’ve designed an undroppable phone case! As long as you have your phone secured around your neck or worn as a crossbody bag, you won’t ever drop it again.


    That’s right - you can have it all. A cute, stylish, and simple phone case that allows you to keep your phone always within your reach. You won't regret switching to a strap phone. 

    No more dropping it in the sink, the bathtub, or the toilet - yuck! Cracked screens will be relics of a bygone era (at least in your little corner of the world). 

    Another handy feature of Keebos is that they come with a wallet on the back which allows you to store up to 7 cards. This means that you can keep your ID, credit cards, medical cards, or cash on the back of your phone. Next time you’re at a bachelorette party or are grabbing a quick cup of coffee, you can pay for it without holding up the line!

    Keebos even have an elastic band on the back that enables you to keep your grip, even on large cell phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max. When you’re scrolling through your social media feed in bed, you won’t get injured by accidentally dropping the phone case on your face. 

    Celebs Love This Shoulder Strap Cell Phone Case

    When it comes to phone case options for celebrities, the possibilities are endless. Since celebrities tend to make more money than the average person, if they love a product, you can be sure that it’s a high-quality product.


    Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you’ll be pleased to know that tons of celebrities wear, love, and endorse Keebos phone cases. We’ve been featured in countless magazines and TV shows, and we’ve got a nice list of all the celebrities who have been spotted wearing Keebos.


    Here’s a shortened list of all the celebrities who have Keebos:

      • Eva Longoria. The Desperate Housewives star is also an actress, producer, director, activist, philanthropist, and designer.
      • Tori Spelling. Tori shot to stardom in the 90’s when she became Donna Martin of Beverly Hills, 90210. Since then, she appeared on the Masked singer, starred in the remake, and became a writer, producer, and designer. 
  • Maria Menounos. Maria has appeared on Fantastic Four and One Tree Hill, in addition to being a best-selling author and Emmy winner. Our iPhone case with strap is the perfect mix of fashion and function. 
  • Gina Rodriguez. Gina is best known for her starring role in Jane the Virgin, but she also made appearances in Rizzoli & Isles, Army Wives, and has done voiceover roles. 
  • Domitila Barros. This Miss Germany of 2022 winner is also a model, ARTivist awart winner, artist, creator, and entrepreneur. Her company, She is from the Jungle, has made a global impact by creating jobs for Brazilian women.


    We’ve even been featured on a Netflix show: Emily in Paris! We show up in the ninth episode of Season 2 when Madeline meets Emily in a pretty fuchsia mock-cowl dress. Madeline is wearing a Beach Keebos shoulder strap cell phone case in the episode. 

    The Eco-Friendly Phone Case with a Strap

    Here at Keebos, we not only care about our customers: we care about the environment too. That’s why we partner with One Tree Planted to make sure that a tree is planted with every Keebos phone case purchase. 


    Here are some of the benefits trees provide us with:

  • Clean air. Trees take in pollutants that are harmful to humans, releasing clean oxygen for humans and animals. 
  • Water conservation. Trees can filter water and prevent floods by absorbing water through their roots. In doing this, trees also help keep the water cycle going. 
  • More biodiversity. Areas with plentiful trees (like jungles and forests) are homes to insects, birds, fungi, moss, and plants. 
  • Positive social impact. More trees mean more jobs and better food security for communities all over the world. 
  • Better mental health. Being in nature reduces stress and helps people recover from illness and injury faster. Trees and nature make people happier. 
  • Regulated climate. Trees absorb pollutants and carbon dioxide, and the clean air they provide helps regulate the climate. 

  • We don’t stop there, though - we also ship all of our phone cases in eco-friendly craft packaging that’s free of fancy dyes and plastics. Our packaging is recyclable,  biodegradable and compostable, making Keebos an easy shoulder strap with phone case choice for earth-conscious people. 

    Keebos: The Best Shoulder Strap Phone Case

    Keebos phone cases are the right choice for anyone who wants to look stylish while keeping their phone case at arm’s reach. This beloved celebrity phone case is eco-friendly and Keebos are compatible with iPhones as well as Samsung phones. 


    Want to give Keebos a try? Then get your shoulder strap iPhone case or Samsung case today!

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