What Phone Case Does Gina Rodriguez Have?

What Phone Case Does Gina Rodriguez Have?

Gina Rodriguez Crossbody Phone Case


Have you ever wondered, “What is Gina Rodriguez’ phone case?” Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez recently joined the growing list of celebs who have been spotted wearing Keebos, and we’re happy for her to join the ranks of smart customers who carry them everywhere.  See her spotted with her Sunset Keebos at the House of Intuition right her on our Instagram

Gina has had an illustrious career thus far. In this article, we’ll start by talking about what she’s already done and some of the projects she’s been working on before we jump into the benefits of Gina Rodriguez’ phone case.

Let’s get started!

Gina Rodriguez Started Acting in 2004

Gina made her first appearance on Law & Order, with the role of Yolanda in the episode titled “Enemy.” From there, she hustled for more work, playing small roles in TV series’  and shorts like Jonny Zero, Eleventh Hour, and Ten: Thirty One. 

In 2010, she was Marisol Evans in three episodes of Army Wives, but many believe that her breakout role was as Beverly in The Bold and the Beautiful before getting into the movie Filly Brown as Majo Tonorio.

She showed up in Longmire and Rizzoli & Isles before she got her starring role as Jane the Virgin in 2014. Alongside her role as Jane the Virgin, she participated in roles for children’s movies (The Star and Smallfoot).

Since the Jane the Virgin finale, she’s kept herself busy by voicing Carmen Sandiego, Elena of Avalor, and Ginger from Robot Chicken. She’s got plenty of projects in the works, including TV series’ Lost Ollie, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, and Not Dead Yet. 


what phone case does gina rodriguez have?

For now, though, many people still know her as the devout Catholic woman whose life was changed by what should have been a routine visit to the doctor. 

By the way Keebos has also been seen in the Netflix Show Emily Paris, and customers call the the Emily in Paris Phone Case.

Why Does Gina Rodriguez Love Keebos?

We don’t have a specific answer from Gina herself (although we’re totally cool with it if she ever chooses to give us one), but we can speculate on why Gina Rodriguez’ crossbody phone case has become an important daily accessory. Read on to learn why everyone from influencers to busy moms can’t get enough of Keebos crossbody phone cases! Jane phone case in Jane the virgin is a phone lanyard case. See the picture below to see it in action. 


1. Can’t Stop, Won’t Drop Phone Case Straps

Gina Rodriguez’ phone strap enables her to keep going as she goes from set to set. Because her phone is with her constantly, she won’t have to stop to look for her lost phone, or be slowed down due to the fact that she’s dropped it.


This also means that her phone is far less likely to be stolen. It’d take a brazen thief to try to steal a Keebos out from under her nose, especially due to the high risk that she’d catch them in the act and pursue legal action. 

Considering how many paparazzi follow celebs around hoping to expose them for everything from trips to Disneyland to people buying their childhood homes, having a strap attached to her phone is a smart move.


Our phone cases also come with a luxurious elastic band so you won’t drop your phone. For larger phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which weighs 8.5 ounces and is 6.3 inches long and 3.1 inches wide, this is especially important.

No more “phone-face” when you’re watching Netflix in bed and lose your grip!

2. Keep Your Money on Your Phone

Whether you pay via contactless transactions or still prefer to carry around credit cards and cash, Keebos has a convenient way for you to keep your payment method and ID nearby. 


Maria Menounos

There’s a wallet located on the back of the phone case that makes it easy for you to slide up to 7 cards in and out. Prefer to pay with cash? You can tuck that into your Keebos wallet too!

Paying for your morning cup of joe has never been easier. 

3. The Perfect Accessory for Any Outfit

Keebos phone cases are a phenomenal addition to any outfit due to the fact that there are so many colors and styles to choose from. Whether you favor a light pink preppy look or a punk utilitarian aesthetic, we’ve got something for you. Check out our collection for throwback friendship bracelets, glam necklaces, and other fun looks!


4. Save the Environment with Keebos Phone Cases

Not only does Keebos offer undroppable and fashionable phone cases with a wallet and elastic band, but we also help contribute to the earth’s sustainability.


How? By ensuring that a tree is planted with every Keebos phone case purchase through our partner organization, One Tree Planted. When you partner with us, you make a positive impact on the environment!

gina rodriguez accessories style fashion

We also send our products in sustainable packaging made from craft paper. We’ve steered clear of plastics and fancy dyes in an attempt to encourage you to recycle or compost your phone case packaging. We aim to reduce waste and keep our packaging out of landfills. 

Get Gina Rodriguez’ Phone Case for Yourself

It’s clear that Gina Rodriguez knew what she was doing when she purchased a Keebos phone case - and you can make a smart choice by buying Keebos as well.


If you’re tired of dropping and damaging your phone but want a sophisticated choice for your phone case that won’t break the bank, get Keebos crossbody phone cases! We’ve got plenty of options for iPhone and Samsung phones, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.   

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